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Festival of Blood. #1.1
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It comes down to Bundles.
Knack was bundled with a lot of PS4's plus it's an exclusive for a console launch with mostly 3rd party ports of existing games. #4
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Agreed! Still my favourite GTA #1
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Gotta say, and I say this as a long time Zelda fan, with almost every game in my collection, I didn't like Skyward Sword.

I liked the Story and the art style, but think the gameplay relied too much on fetch quests and collecting those bloody tears. #2.2
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Great article!! #1
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Give me Metroid!!!! #1
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One of Nintendo's key philosophies has always been to 'plug & play'. One of the more interesting things about the Wii U is that with the added GB of Ram, means the game won't need to install, it's powerful enough to read from the disc.

That's why the HD's are so small compared to the PS3/Xbox. Hopefully it will be a trend we see in the next gen of Xbox & PS. #2
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I think Miyamoto understands that, he's said they'll only be one version of NSMB on each console, so DS, Wii, 3DS, and the Wii U. Hopefully after that it'll be back to Galaxy or something as awesome!

A 3D HD Mario is just begging to be made #2
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I got hands on with this at Eurogamer this year, it's very God of War, it's more of a hack & slash game than the previous titles.
Not sure if that's everyone's cup of tea, it felt a little too much like GoW if that makes sense, rather than being it's own game...but it was just a demo so can't really judge. #5
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Actually I have played all the games, but since Ubisoft dropped Altair in favour of Ezio I could hardly write about him. #2
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Ha ha!
That's so true.
Unfortunately I can't remember the voices of the soldiers I killed when I played through the demo, but I really hope it's not full of one singular accent.

To be honest I'm not sure that there was much of an American accent back then anyway so might be that everyone has a slight english twang to their voice. #1.1
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I agree with all of your comments, The Wii U will be the first of the new gen to really face a harder economic crowd.
They need to blow the doors off and show that the Wii U is not only affordable but also a must have due to titles like Metroid, Mario and Zelda.
Skyward Sword has only just come out so I'm not expecting a new Zelda tomorrow but at least give me some Samus action.
E3 was a huge disappointment for me, i was heart broken by the end of it, it was like t... #4
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I'm on my third wii, first PS3, I had 2 PS2's, 2 DS's, 3 Gamecubes and 2 NES's.

Not bad really. Most of the rebuyers were second hand, wouldnt pay full whack for an old console. Half the reason I wont invest in a Xbox 360. #3
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Is anyone else getting the impression that they are not expecting the Europe/UK Launch to go terribly well..... #1
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Great article!
Totally agree on Sanity's Requiem and LOK series.
Apparently they are looking at rebooting the franchise again but from Soul Reaver so fingers crossed!! #2
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I think that in order for it to really take off the publishers need to start offering the savings back to the user. Releasing a game on the PSN at £50 when you can buy it retail at a lower price due to their buying power. At the moment Valve/Steam are leading the way with their pricing structure, if MS & PS want a bigger slice of the cake they will have to accept they need to lower the cost. #5
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Not sure if it's the same in the US but in the Uk the Wii's are very low priced now, I picked up a second hand one for less than £100, I wanted to make sure it was an old style Wii so I could still play Gamecube games on it like Zelda: Wind Waker. #4.1.1
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Yeah I agree, the good games that are out for it do make up for the crap that gets turned out! I always made sure to avoid anything of party games or mini game bundles! #1.1.1
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I think for a lot of people it was the control that they couldn't get to grips with, I don't think the term waggle was ever used much before in game reviews.
What I like about these games is that they show that when used correctly and properly the Wii was/is a great console, it just got flooded with shovelware which meant people didnt see the gems hiding. #2
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