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Yes, I've been waiting for this~ #7
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Dangit! I wished I could have gotten my hands on that deal err... accident! #21
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This is why I love Monolith~ #9
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They never localized the 1st game which I think they should even if its only digital. #5.1
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Well 77 Million accounts was dubious to begin with because that is more than the actual sale of the PS3 at that time. So mostly were useless dup accounts. (I had like 2 at that time too. lol!)

I agree that the $15M could have been added to a AAA game budget though ^^

This is my last bub so thank you for the civil discussion :) #11.2.2
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Bro, lets face it Sony may not have 100% abandoned the Vita but they are not going to greatly support it either. We'll see something good here and there but that's probably it.

Their strategy for the Vita was just all over the place. From wester centric to Indie platform to Niche Japanese centric. They could never keep the balance and it hurt the Vita quite a lot in the perception of many.

So unless they have something up their... #1.2.3
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I never discounted the fact that anyone could get hacked but everyone is discounting the fact that this type of situations is actually good in the long run. Its a reminder that everything can be improved and become better.

Like you said no one money was stolen except for Sony paying a small fee for damages. So if people can't see the silver lining in all of this then I have nothing more to say.

Oops sorry Cap I was meant to r... #11.2
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@MysticStrummer (above)

You have to remember that the PS2 was selling at a healthy rate during the early years of the PS3. So you have put those numbers by Year on Year not by LTD or you will get the percentage wrong because the PS2 was on the market for far too long.

This is where a lot of people are making a mistake when comparing the sales of each console generation. #1.2.10
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^ But I thought the Vita was the PS4's friend :< #1.1.15
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When you get hack then you didn't do a better job. In the world of security "NOT" getting compromised is the only important word.

In any case this has been a positive for Sony since their network infrastructure is way better than before.

Besides I'd rather have a company that was honest that they were hacked, took whatever punishment they were given and recover with better security and service. (Sony is not alone in this I'm sure)
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I understand what you mean but this is fine. Companies should still be accountable for securing their customers information.

Besides things like this helps as a reminder to every company to continually improve and better their security. #11.1
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Price hike? Nah! More buildings will be sold because of this~ ;)

jk (please don't burn me to death -.- ) #9.1.2
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6 months without any major Japanese centric game since launch would do this to a console. So the PS4 selling under the Wii U in Japan should be expected at this time. #31
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Don't forget guys, our little bubble consist of millions of gamers around the World that spreads the word of mouth on which gaming platform/games are the best to buy (for every generation) and our opinions will hold some weight to those people who has less knowledge but are interested to buy.

So our "society of idiots" has a lot of purchase and swaying power in the end. Don't be little the entire gaming community for a byproduct of competition. #3.3.6
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Welcome to circa 2006-2008 the only difference is the shoe is on the other foot. #1.6.5
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I loved the part where the dev said "...Less talking and I'll get to the Doom faster... Shut up!" and everyone started laughing. xD #35
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That is a possibility. They used the torrent traffic as a gauge for releasing the game in the west. lol!

Silly but possible xD #1.4.1
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There is a possibility that they will re-work a lot of things for the console version and it won't be a simple straight HD port. So there could be scenes that will not fit with the translation of the game.

This is just a theory of course. #9.3
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Too late, its already available for download elsewhere. Should have talked to the translators before hand. #7
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That's only because VGChartz makes adjustments when NPD comes out. You should have seen the last two months on how bad their original numbers are compared to NPD.

For this month they got Wii U and X1 right but undertracked the PS4 by 70k. #10.2
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