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"No whining, b!tching or any BS PM, please. Keep your Chicken Sh!t moves for yourself, Thanks."


I can't wait for Yakuza 5 to come out and I hope Sony/Sega decides to bring over Yakuza 0 in the near future too. #6
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I can understand not allowing modding on multiplayer but singleplayer?

That doesn't affect anybody but the one playing by himself. #32
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Even if you outsource, all policies on how to handle customers are still made/approved by the company that outsourced the support.

So it wouldn't matter either way. The policy is the one that will make or break the support. #6.1.3
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I already said this before and I will say it again:

"Never Underestimate the Big N"


You do need to get updated on Sony's financial though. #11.3
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Yup, the console wars. Its a vicious cycle. #2.2.1
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I am very pleased with this news. :) #7
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Nice!!! #3
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Please don't listen to our National Commission for Culture and the Arts they are stupid in so many levels. #4
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Dude I know you just want to get into the skin of Sony fans in this site but as it has already been explained. The company who is making this game is not an indie.

At least lets get that right. So when you do your console war stuff. You won't look like you don't know what your talking about. ;)

Just a friendly reminder. Carry on, Forum warrior!

Edit: Umm... sorry no, now you are just trying to make a spin of things. Its not... #1.1.6
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They said the same thing against the PC market during the height of the consoles and it didn't happen. Last generation mobile should have killed the consoles that didn't happen either.

Maybe next generation. lol! #57
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I doubt they would since Type-0 HD has no multiplayer option.

Besides this would be useful for those who already finished the game on the PSP and just want to see the updated content. #1.3.3
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No, the PSP did very well when the DS was being awesome. The Vita's lack of success falls on Sony's unclear strategy for their handheld device. I have said these before:

-The Vita was western centric at launch when Japan is the biggest mobile market.
-It did not have any middleware games to bridge the AAA titles that were coming out during the early years. So there were weeks were you had nothing.
-It then became an indie platform when the AAA 3rd part... #14
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The CPUs of Gameindustri meets the console girls of Segagaga academy. Lol! #4
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Their TV division was already spin off and actually posted a profit last quarter. Its no longer the cancer of the company.

Sony's problem now is with their Mobile division which is reportedly planned to be sold or spin off in the near future.

Sony knows what they are doing now unlike before. #1.2.2
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But if what your saying is true and PS fanboys buys games with lack of content ala the Order then TF1 would have sold more on the PS4 than on the X1.

So it would also be true that TF1 sold poorly because it was an X1 exclusive. lol! #1.1.12
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Not exactly $5. It was $6 for PS+ users ($7.50 normal) during the Critics Choice Sale last Feb.

I got the game during the holiday for $9 (none PS+ price). #6.1
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The simple solution is to maybe released it for both but on the Vita first and then bundle 1 & 2 for the PS4 down the line.

That way the Vita owners doesn't feel alienated (since Kat is the Vita's original mascot/model) and the PS4 owners will get to play Gravity Rush and hopefully, expand the fanbase.

Essentially, do the Tearaway route~~ #22
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He was a spy embedded by Sony. XD #1.5.3
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Its like your saying the PS4 is selling because its the best console hardware out there, is that right? #1.1.8
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Actually that's the confusing part. According to the review, its not a broken or buggy game. :/

I think this proves the scoring system in reviews are broken.

Not the opinion of the reviewers, of course. I mean its an opinion after all. ^^ #26.1
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