When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.


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There is a lot of important things that needs to be done in the world but the UN finds time to waste money of this...

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I'm pretty sure women in Japan has more rights than some other countries out there.

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Strangereal is back :D

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Well Sega still needs to announce a localization for the new Valkyria Chronicle and we do not exactly know what they mean by supporting Shenmue 3 either. So let's not give them too much credit yet. lol!

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Wait are you comparing niche titles to triple A multiplatforms?

The height of JRPGs was 2 generations ago too. So I'm not sure what you are expecting here.

Besides, a lot of us would rather see a franchise go multiplatform and get a sequel then none at all.

Hey! You can always sell your PS4 if that would make you happy. lol!

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^ Bro that's your opinion not facts. I respect it though.

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^ The Shenmue fanbase grew overtime via word of mouth but it wasn't during the time it needed to make money. So its a commercial flop but has a healthy community.

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Sadly, reality made Shenmue a commercial flop that not even Sega wanted to make part 3 of it.

I rather see the game made then not at all.

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Localize these!!!

0, Remake and 6.

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Oh well, I was hoping there would be a Vita version. My PS4 will be happy to have Kat though. :)

Since they are going this route, I hope they bring over Freedom Wars as well. That game deserves a proper ending.

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I'm gonna try that out. Now I just need to track down my buddy that has a MSGV:GZ copy. lol!

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I agree the stupid price of the proprietery cards was certainly a negative.

Its still expensive to this day which makes no sense at all.

Fighting piracy, okay I can live with that but keeping the cards price very high makes no sense at all. I mean the big storage cards cost more than a game.

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That's not fair. He has no way to refute that. :p

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Thanks man, one of your links actually provided evidence of a phishing scheme.

How can anyone fall into clicking suspicious links. I will never know.

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I see this and on another page about PSN being possibly hacked again.

Seriously, there are too many clickbait articles that some are actually buying into.

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No its Quality + Quantity.

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In the US or UK there is a possibility but world wide is another story altogether.

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I guess that would be better than a none fans smearing the campaign and suddenly screaming ethics because it ain't going to their preferred console.

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You know what they say one man's trash is another man's gold/treasure. lol!

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