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Square has already stated that there will be very little presence of ffxv at e3 this year. Advertisement and promotion of the retail release of the game will start at gamescon this year. We might be lucky enough to see some Kingdom Hearts Though. I personally hope they do Kingdom Hearts Full Remix including DDD for PS4

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Let me shut this article down right here.

The past is what they *were* able to do.

The present is what they *are* able to do.

The future is what they *will be* able to do.

Yes 4k tvs are in the wild now. But only a few developers are financially able to sustain themselves while having longer development periods. And considering the price for a new game hasn't gone up in the last 10 years and the accessability to pre owne...

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United States infrastructure for Internet is nowhere near some of the other countries that have better connections. in Japan for instance even out in the boonies they have extremely good internet connections which we're only going to see once Google Fiber actually goes nationwide.unfortunately this is also going to cause a lot of problems with already existing internet providers considering that Google Fiber is going to be offered in such a steep discounted price and most peoples cable an...

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its also the european site so a November release for NA would be expected.

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Best thing they could do as far as a NA release is to launch on October 29th alongside Assassin's Creed IV. It's a AAA 3rd party title that we all know will sell systems. And that will give a 2 week buffer to Watch Dogs. The only thing that realistically complicates the Launch date is being able to guarantee that (x) amount of games will also be available on day 1 as well which is the main reason they haven't announced. Along with the fact that they want to punch Microsoft in the...

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Here's what I have to say to PETA, ... F*** PETA.

PETA:Let's stop accepting history as it was and live in fairy tale BS land.

Just like how there are still some stupid a**holes out there that think the Holocaust never happened.... Yea. Eff that.

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I would spend a grand on a PS4 if it was clearly a valid premium version. I would want unlimited cloud saves. 5 years of PS plus... Versus XIII... 1tb internal memory and FULL BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY. excluding stuff with special peripherals like DDR or games using the guncon.

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I know many people take their feelings to the level of entitlement but are we not allowed to be greatly disappointed? And also looking at this from a business position makes absolutely no sense. A game that did so well going exclusive platform when the desire to play this title just isn't strong enough to force the full audience onto a new platform. I have to believe that a more fine tuned edition will be released later on other platforms. There is just so much money to be made that no fo...

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That game is the only reason I bought the 360. Otherwise PlayStation all day long.

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Anyone else read this and think, Alan wake didn't come out on PlayStation 3

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It is overrated. No question. I'm not saying it's a bad game but people give it way too much credit today. Sure it's a classic but people need to let it go. The reason that people do giver it too much credit because it was the biggest leap in gaming up to that point. I personally don't like the game. But I am greatfull that it set up so many other titles for greatness, like The Legend of Legia. I thought that was a much better game that many people overlook. But to say that it...

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I disagree, and here's why....
Consider how many games were developed by the 1 production team on the ps3 and 360, 3 or 4 that really push the power of those systems. 13, 13-2... that might be it.... However that was also the first time they were working with production values up at the 1080 level, and Square has always been about pushing the limits. I don't think anyone would really disagree with that. It short it was their first true experience with how detailed it can get a...

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What good do you think that will do? Absolutely nothing. The name of the game is the name of the game. it has been marketed as versus xiii for 6 years changing that makes no sense what so ever.

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I am very sick of people restating these rumors of the cancellation of versus xiii when there has still been no confirmation. And there is no reason to rename. 0 benefit to doing that. Use some damn logic. Why would they roll it into a supposed XV only to receive ridicule for doing so. Considering this all blew up from kotaku and their constant made up crap that they can't seem to verify I'm calling shenanigans!!!

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Look let me put one thing to rest. There is no reason to even suggest that they would cancel the game due to financial reasons. Especially after the acquisition of Eidos and other subsidiaries. They are one of the largest publishers in Japan which include the Call of Duty series, Batman, and the Dragon Quest series which is still one of the most popular series in japan today. They have money. With the upcoming release of major titles and numerous conferences I can see things taking a short br...

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Just wanna say this article's content is nearly 2.5 months old, and I would be willing to bet a repeat. He was promoted quite some time ago...

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I am not saying its a bad game, nor criticizing it for turning you onto rpgs, X is my favorite game of all time but I'm not saying its the best game ever made. But to completely remake it would take away what the game really means to it's die hard fans. I know it and logical people know it.

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I can't say this enough, 7 is overrated. Nothing could match the bull crap hype that people build over this game, therefor it has a 99.9 percent of overall dissatisfaction. Adding trophies and achievments to a pc version is one thing but a remake is out of the question from nearly all aspects. I'm in no way saying it won't sell but it will never be able to meet consumer expectations. People need to stop living so far in the past. They say that its out of the question to remake it ...

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The demo is cool, i have played it a few times. I'm a little disappointed they didn't let us see the Dream Eaters leveling menu or any menu. But I will dedicating some serious time to this game, the only unfortunate thing is that once I finish it I will prolly never pick up my 3ds again, I have repeatedly stated to people that I only bought the 3ds for this game and this game alone.

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WOW way to suck ass again nintendo.

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