Tiberius Gill may be drunk, but as long as he's listening to awesome tunage, who cares?


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Going to have to pick up a coke habit to dispose of all your disposable income?
...Or you could just buy the Playstation you've been kicking yourself for not buying over the course of 5 years...

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Yeah, it was a review for the PS2 version.

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You're right. This facade has gone on too long. You even got me to admit it. Congratulations, sir.

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Why is it?
I can't follow up a Shakespeare play with a 2 hour session of watching Jackass all of a sudden? That's against the rules or something?
Enjoying dumb stuff is not a prerequisite to being unable to appreciate good stuff.
I had a mediocre time playing this game. This review is about half positive so it gets a 5/10. Simple.

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Although I agree the formatting was weird (fixed now), headings aren't happening.

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Except for the opinions provided. That's why it was submitted as an opinion piece, rather than news.

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Ummm...this article had no beef with MGR:Revengeance. I mean, it was poking fun at the craziness but there was space devoted to emphasizing that the writer was anxious to see more.
You know, because it looks awesome, and all that jazz.

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I appreciate the constructive criticism.
Although, I don't know that there are many people (if any, necessarily) in the video-game industry who can or should be referred to as 'professional journalists'.

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Gamemarshal wrote that. OWNT wrote this rebuttal.

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As far as I could tell, that song was written for the game. It wasn't an existing licensed property. If it had been, it would have been in the running.

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That implies that they'll get around to fixing the 360 version once their priority is out of the way. Konami have stated (as quoted in the piece) that they have no intention of fixing the 360 sku.

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I have never found Film Crit Hulk appealing.
The worst part is he makes some really good points, but I'll never ever read them because I have better things to do than decipher his *WALL OF ALL CAPS TEXT!*

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That's probably the long and short of it.
Games costing too much and taking too long aren't exactly what an ailing developer wants to keep working with.

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Funny spin. Good work.

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I don't believe Agent is a product. But I'm a bit of a pessimist, so...

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This will probably go the same way as the Amazon Film Studio.
You don't remember that? Me either. What are we talking about, again?

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I pumped too many hours into Skyrim to be able to hold any significant criticism against the game itself. I was captivated. The game was good.

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True. Although I still wonder how much of a big hit Darksiders was. I'll accept that it's an established brand but it always struck me as weird that it's getting a sequel.

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Agreed. They can't make every IP a chance-seller, but they have SR to fall back on right now. They need to test the waters with products like this in order to expand.

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Don't think so. If it is, they're clearly overhauling the character a lot and I don't know that it'd fly.

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