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Since we don't know enough about Last Guardian I can't imagine how Move will be used but I am sure it will be fun.People don't agree but the fact that Move is easily integrated into games is good for Sony/third party relations.

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Just the usual rampant fanboyish behaviour. You can't praise one game without tearing down another. What does KZ2, R2 or GOW3 have to do with Halo Reach getting a bad score from a site Arnon. This is why you people start arguments. Halo is just another generic shooter with a laughably short campaign with multiplayer stuffed in to force you to pay for Xbox Live to experience the whole game. The whole GOW series made more sense then the vapid story the Halo series has had and has more chara...

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I agree. It felt wrong. Combat felt clumsy as did climbing and even just walking. Nice effort to try and mix up the gameplay but this definately won't be on my must buy list. Rental or used maybe

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Off topic. Epic Mickey would make a great Move game. It is accurate enough to draw and erase with and the bulb can change colour depending which ever your using. On topic. Saying your, game that hasn't been released yet, is better than a popular game is not very wise. It raises expectations for the game that may not be fulfilled dragging down your game. Be careful

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Don't get all the technical talk but GT5 looks epic to me. I perfer to trust my own eyes then to listen to all this nonsense. Why is everyone so concerned if GT5 looks better then Forza or not? Even if it does what does it matter? People seem to defend themselves losing the opportunity to be a bragging jerk about something very seriously.

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Okay I will use my last of my unfairly taken away bubbles to say it again. First, Sony is getting in good relations with third party developers by making it easy to intergrate Move into their games. These relationships will translate into more Move based games later from them and them being more knowledgeable of Move's functions. Secondly we have already seen what games we get from making games for the Kinect from ground up. Tons of barely functional, simplistic, on rails, no variety gam...

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Aaron Greenberg talking. Yawn. Zzzzzzzzzzz!!!!! *snore* Zzzzzzzzzzz!!!!! *mumble in sleep* hater!!!! Zzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

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It's amazing how no one complained about playing single player multiple times before. I have watched people play Contra, Mega Man, Castlevania, TMNT 2, ESWAT, Final Fight etc. over and over again and having fun doing it. I suppose unless the company cashs in by handing a you whole bunch of basically identical maps, pieces of a game and a bunch of skins I guess something must be wrong. Why give you quality the first time around for you to enjoy when I can squeeze every penny out of you, st...

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Always with the Kinect. You do realize that Kinect's games are 10 times more simplistic then Move's? Not to mention that people are complaining about sore arms using Move, so what do you think people will feel after their whole body is sore after using Kinect. Don't you people ever give it a rest? If Move doesn't sell well Kinect isn't going to do much better.

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pcz you sound like have some real emotional problems there. You should learn to write and not rant so much. So get a tissue, blow your nose and try again. Never get why my bubbles get taken away while ranting foul mouthed haters like you have so many. The mods here are really crappy

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I don't see what was wrong with GOW3. I think that GOW 2 was the best and GOW1 was great too. Therefore GOW3 had a lot to live up too. I mean the fight against the Colussus, the battle against the Fates and the final battle against Zeus and even the battle against Ares in GOW 1 are hard to top. But even though GOW3 is third on my list of the series didn't stop the fact that it was still a great addtion to the trilogy. I liked Jak 2 better that all the others but that didn't mean I...

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I am glad to hear such positive remarks about Move and Sports Champions in general. I really hope it sells well. More support equals more games. BTW just to remark that Wii owners shouldn't take it personally if the Move really is a better motion control device. The Wiimote still has made it's mark on gaming history and was a success in it's own right. I just hope Sony keeps up this momentum. What is even better is all these postive results and Sony hasn't even completely star...

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PS3 first party exclusives are usually the best looking and that's a fact. You can pretend, throw a whole lot of technical terms around, deny it until your blue in the face and call us fanboys but it's true. This doesn't necessarily make 360 games crap or less playable but just looking at GT5, Last Guardian, KZ3 and UC2, there is no denying Sony has raised the bar for graphics this generation. But I am sure some of you will still try to deny it anyway. @ Father Murder X why do you...

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I don't think they will go for any of the new motion controls. People seem to think that the Kinect will because it is different but I think that Wii owners are way to stubborn to abandon it to buy a whole new console. Sony will just have to be satisfied with us PS3 owners and who ever is left.Not desperate but could someone bubble me up at least by one please. I was unfairly relinquished of one because I said that Microsoft lied when they said control less gaming which is the truth. You ...

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Just kidding.... Ha Ha Ha.... Right? I mean if we are talking a special edition then maybe but $180 for the game alone. I don't think people will find that very funny

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Yes that why sites are giving it 9s and 10s and 5/5s Seferoth75. Because it is inferior. Why don't you take your psychotic PS3 hate sonewhere else? Your drone on and on about me and everyone else trolling on articles and here you are. If you hate PS3 and Move so much why don't you get lost.Damn kiljoy.

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The Move is not a Wiimote. The sooner people get that through their heads the more enjoyable it will be. Ignore what the the haters, naysayers and fanboys, especially on this site. Sony worked on this for ten years and the quality shows. They improved on the Wiimote and that a good thing. Of course that doesn't mean we forget the Wiimote in gaming history. It obviously was a success in it's own right. I just wish everyone would stop calling the Move a Wii clone though. That really is...

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First of all Seferoth75 is a crazy PS3 hater who is obcessed with the Wii and has no credabilty in what he says. Second I think what they should have said was if you would sell your Wii to help buy a PS3 with a Move. That would make more sense unless they are talking about Wii/PS3 owners. And and thirdly I don't know why everyone continues to think Sony expects to compete directly against the Wii with Move. Don't you think that if they wanted to compete with Nintendo they would take 1...

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Because Microsoft and supporters didn't give a damn. All 360 owners did was reveal in the hacking of the 360 so they could selfishly get what they wanted while Microsoft left their system wide open to be easily hacked and exploited. If you guys don't care why should anyone else. Why should I write articles about something the owners couldn't care less about?

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Excuse me I have decided not to continue with this stupid flamebait but before I go I would like to say that you fanboys have some nerve calling KZ2 generic. The first time I played Halo it was so generic and boring it nearly put me to sleep. Go ahead and enjoy Halo Reach but don't think for a second it isn't just another generic shooter stuffed with multiplayer so you are forced to pay the Xbox Live fee to get the full effect from the game. Give me all the disagrees you can but it wi...

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