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Sony realised that having no buttons was a mistake which is why they made the Move. That doesn't mean they forgot about the Eyetoy. Even if your first car was a piece of junk and you call it that doesn't mean you don't remember it fondly as your first car.I am sure despite the history of Nintendo's failed peripherals they still keep one or two of them around as reminders and momentos

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What crap. Nintendo and Sony have been making and have had tons of casual games on their systems. What does Mircosoft know about casual. Their whole Kinect line up is simple minded, clumsy, no variety, shovelware. What would you like to play? The jump game, the run game, the touch invisible animals game or the shift around game. Mircosoft has had almost no successful casual games on their system. Sleeping casual giant my foot. They are amateurs

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The Move could sell 10 million units and somehow the haters will find a way to put a negative spin on it. BTW could we please leave Kinect out of the conversation and stay on topic for once? The Move is selling well and this even before they have started their ad campaign. Just imagine what sales will be afterwards plus word of mouth. They have a plan and have two and a half months to impliment it. Yay Sony !

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It is an improvement. But gamer pride won't let you admit it. So you clutch and cling to the Wii even more tightly. No one said the Wii wasn't a success in it's own way but Move is a much needed upgrade. Why is it so hard to believe that people aren't impressed by the first version of something but impressed by it's predecessor? How many times have you people brought a product that is an upgrade of the last even if it has only a few extra features? And please don't lie...

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Nintendo had their fanbase backing them up. Kinect doesn't. Most 360 owners hate it as much other system owners do. You can't compare Kinect and Wii. Kinect doesn't even really have any popular franchises at launch. Move at least is integrated in to several well known games. Everything Kinect has is pure shovelware. And to make matters worse they are going after the Move. Move has already sold 100,000+ units. That is more than 100,000 potential customers gone already and Sony has...

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First of all if you can't take people laughing at you on the web for playing Kinect then it's not for you. The type of violent responses Kinect defenders retaliate with when people make fun of them leads me to believe you will physically attack anyone who heckles you when you actually play it. Secondly, what is with the sob stories about giving Kinect a chance? Most of the gaming world was against the PS3 and despite the proof that it worked and was worth the price, no one listened. I...

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3 million by Xmas? Without their fanbase to support them, dozens of negative previews and fail videos, Move two months ahead of them and a line up of pure shovelware with no killer app in sight. No not likely. You can kiss Mircosoft's butt all you like but no. 2 million by the end of 2011/ middle of 2012 maybe. Anything else is delusions

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Forget drool. I have to put on a new pair of pants. See what you caused.

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You know what the best part about this is? This is even before they have put a lot of commercials on television, started putting out Move kiosks and started their Coca Cola deal. Just imagine the sales after they put their campaign in effect. More sales means more support and more games. Yay!

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I never understand. I must have dreamed the whole thing. I could have sworn it was Mircosoft who got up in E3 and said 'controller less gaming is the future'. You guys remember that right? Also wasn't it Mircosoft who made fun of Sony for making the Move and claimed that they didn't want to put a piece of plastic in your hands. Any yet here they are giving you a Steel Battlalion contoller with about 50 buttons, saying the same thing Sony said about not wanting to replace the c...

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Oh the irony. Since the PS3 was revealed everyone has been against it. Developers, reviewers, fanboys, haters and Mircosoft was in the front constantly predicting Sony's failure and spelling out their doom. And they took it all of it and kept on pushing foward. And now the tides look like they might be turning suddenly frantic fanboys are crying big pools of tears and finding as many negative things to say about them as possible. You are so desperate you are clinging to everything to make...

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Not sure what Halo Reach, 3DS or the not yet confirmed Wii 2 have to do with anything with Move. Can't you people stay on topic?

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matey you were wrong so many times there I lost count.

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Why is it that people say the same stupid thing day after day without thought? Do you people really think Sony was developing Move for ten years to compete with Wii now? For goodness sake, Sony is a business that has been in operation for a long time. Does that make any sense business wise? Has Sony said anything about competiting with the Wii? Sony has always taken longer to perfect their tech. That is why the PS3 isn't a RRODing, disc scratching, 30% failure rate console.Ever think tha...

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A Flail is an ancient Middle Age weapon.Comes from the same period as the retro Kinect I do believe.:-)

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Same here. I keep hearing how fun it is and addicting and I can't even afford to buy it. Too many responsibilities.I haven't even brought a new game in a long time. Ah well. That's life. So many other things before entertainment.Oh Well, maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas

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It is hard to listen to these people who claim the games don't work or has lag when we watch people play perfectly and hear positive reviews and claims.No offense but it is kind of strange that reviewers and ordinary people tell me that their kids are playing it just fine with at least average scores and you come out of no where with such a bad score. I can understand if it is not your cup of tea but come on. A 1/10? That is almost as bad as IGN claiming that Tumble is a mess of a game an...

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My guess is that the only ones left are non games and us the PS3 owners. They are attempting to win over who ever was not sure about motion controls at first, those who haven't a console and us the PS3 owners who know Sony makes the best hardware in the business and are reliable. I personally hope Move continues the momentum that it seems to have begun with. I have no problem with move being an option for future games on the PS3. It is too bad I can't afford one at the moment. Sigh.BT...

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I will wait and see if it is any good but to tell you the truth i have had a bad feeling about this game since it was announced. Something about it just doesn't feel right. Oh well if it does well I will go get my spidey senses tuned up but I am not so sure about this one.

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A lot of people here are on the warpath because people are saying it is as good as or even better then Wii Sports resort.Is that true? I want to buy the move but I am broke at the moment. I just want to know is it is really that good and accurate as they say.

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