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Move must be even better then I thought it would be. All these pathetic and desperate attempts to make it look bad shows that the fanboys are really scared that it might be bigger than they thought it would be. It has only been out a few days and it is already selling out with fabulous review and stellar testimonials saying it is better than Wii and super accurate with lots of potential. better get the tissues out because it looks like their is going to be a lot of crying and wailing coming f...

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I agree. Everything he did in the demo seemed clumsy.Even simply walking felt off. The combat wasn't even that good. What made it worse is that he was in such a harrowing situation and it didn't even feel scary, or nail bittingly on edge or even particularly dangerous. the ship he was on was falling from the sky and I didn't even feel the least bit frantic about it. He might have just as well been strolling down a path rather than falling from the sky in a broken space ship.

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I don't get what anyone is going on about. I have watched the beta levels that people have made and I am still amazed. The Geometry Wars, the Blocks Maze,the space shooting game and all the rest. People who are tossing hate it's way have no idea what it is to build a game in LBP and watch it in action. To know you built it from scratch and see the results of your hard work and to see what you imagined come to life.I wish I had the skill to create something like these levels. Confirmed...

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Oh yes. Microsoft and Wii owners act some much differently.
"Halo Reach is not that great a game and Kinect doesn't seem to work"
Response "You bastard, I hope you and your descendants die a horrible death. Don't you know Halo Reach is the greatest game in all of the know universe even greater than God and no game could ever match it? and Kinect will sell a gazillion units and beat the Wii and the Move and the Ipad and sliced bread and the microwave and ...

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No. Don't do it Sony. I will buy it. not everyone will be buying GT5. You have to give us something else. Besides it would be unwise to put it next year when so many PS3 games are coming out. I don't want to have to choose between Sorcery, KZ3, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Twisted Metal and LBP2. it is already hard enough to choose between KZ3 and MS:A

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Oh yes N4PS3Fanboys . We all have seen what you get from building Kinect games from the ground up. Barely functioning,simple minded, on rails, no variety shovelware. Go ahead. Look at their line up. Try to deny it. Sonic Riders was already a crappy game and they thought they could make it better by taking the controller away and making you wave your arms up and down and stand in awkward positions?People, please stop repeating the same stupid thing over and over again. It doesn't make any ...

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Yes. As soon as Sony says the word pay, the haters appear. But as soon as Microsoft says it they say 'it's not that bad' with big smiles on your face, bent over to take another screw up the tail pipe.

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You know what is always funny. That everyone keeps saying that the Wii owners won't pick up the Move but they believe that they will pick up Kinect? Why? Kinect has no killer app,it's whole line up is nothing but simplistic, mindless shovelware, it's getting bad previews, it's doesn't even work right,you look like more of an idiot then the Wii and Move combined and I have been hearing people claiming that using the Move gives their arms a work out and they get sore. So jus...

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Oh yes you 360 people were so vocal about the hacking of the 360. And Microsoft did everything they could to prevent hackers from cracking their crap security. I remember all those posts about how horrible it was that the 360 was hacked. Oh wait. No there weren't. You were to busy seeing how much you could steal from Microsoft and leech off of them.
I love how lowlifes always find a way to make what they are doing seem right. It makes you feel so much better doesn'...

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Kinecet isn't new and fresh. It is the most retro thing I have seen in a while. When was the last time you had to run in place to run in a game? Not since the Power Pad was made for Nintendo eons ago.Also Kinect also needs a controller. Microsoft stated very plainly 'controller less gaming is the future' And now they are here saying they are not trying to replace the controller, the same thing Sony said, boasting Controller/Kinect support and giving you a Steel Battalion controlle...

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Can't we compliment one game without trying to tear another one down for once. GOW3 was a great game and had a lot to live up to from the first two which is why it didn't seem as epic. But it was a solid title and i am sick and tried of haters talking about it being underwhelming and not having multi-player and DLC and every other nonsense in between

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Everytime there is an update everyone jumps to claim that it has a problem. But when I ask anyone if they have any problems with it they say no.I wish people would be able to tell the difference between actual problems and game media trouble making. Just like when the Ps3 when through a slight hiccup with the whole leap year thing and everyone jumped on it like a savage animal speculating and spreading rumors and Sony fixed it in a heart beat. Just more evidence of Sony hate.

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Hey Omega and Bigpappy, they wrote an article about you guys. Come look! You guys are famous.

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Yeah, just cheer them on like all the other lowlifes. Or even better blame Sony when they try to protect their investments. Pirates and hackers aren't self righteous at all. They are just honest citizens who are just trying to help us and we judge them so harshly. *cries a pool of tears*.

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Oh oh! Spaghetti-os

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Right. And I believe in Fairy Godparents. Fairies!!!!!!!! There are real I tell you. Just ask Mircosoft's people. They will vouch for me.

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GT5 and LBP2 they definitely should win. Not because they are PS3 games mind you but they raise the bar of gaming to a new level. They blow my mind whenever I see video of them and have so much content I don't think I will have to buy another game for a long time. I agree GOW3 deserves it to but ignorance rules the gaming nation and they will find some stupid reason to leave it out as a contender like ' it doesn't have multiplayer like Halo Reach does' BTW Halo Reach is nothin...

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Kill. Kill. Kill!!!! Muhahahahaha!!!!!! *lightning flash* Oops...... Sorry about that.

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Rainbow power wands!!!!! No wait, forget I said that........ Spectrum Plasma Rods!!!!!! Okay, that's better.

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I Really don't mind that much when people criticise the Move but when you have to start making things up and being unreasonable that is just pathetic. Really, so what if Move is a great motion controller? How come that bothers Kinect supporters and Wii owners?I have never seen a generation of gamers, reviewers and gaming media that are so hellbent on wanting systems and games to fail they will say anything and even lie their @$$es off to make it happen

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