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telekeneticmantis what do LBP fans care about Black OPS?

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No. If you release this next year I won't be able to buy it. I only have so much money for games and after Christmas I will be saving for KZ3 and MS:A. If you do this you are going to lose out on christmas sales of LBP2 and Move. That would be a bad idea.

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And the variety continues. I can see it now. What game do you want to play on Kinect? The dance game, the dance game, the dance game, the touch the invisible animal game, the jump game, the ugly awkward racing game, the same crappy Sonic Rider game with no controller, the run in place game,the fight awkwardly game or the on rails HP game.Take your pick. They all sound wonderful

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Fortunately they have already said there will be DLC. A few more characters, environments and sports couldn't hurt but I never understand what is with the complaint that SC has no 'personality'. What, unless you don't have fat stubby little characters, rainbow coloured environments and annoying voices and sounds every time you do something that automatically gives a game like SC no 'personality'? SSX 3's charaters and environments were no prize either but I loved t...

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Hope it's not true. Already too many exclusive PS3 games coming out next year. Don't need to have to make any more hard choices like I have to with KZ3 and MS:A

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Yawn. If they could make a system that was equal in power to the PS3 and 360 why didn't they make a non portable gaming system with that kind of power from the start. All I see is a bunch of desperate fanatics still trying to put a Nintendo system at the same level as PS3 and 360. A hand held system cam't match their raw power but everyone will try to convince you otherwise. Everyone is already boasting and they haven't even played it as yet. Call me when it can play games that ar...

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nefertis very good point. Screw Capcom. We still have enough first parties to give us all the exclusive content we need. If Capcom is so hell bent on saying they are not alienating us, where is Dead is Rising 1 for PS3. You skip us to jump to make a crappy Wii port,left us out of Monster hunter Tri even though it was the PSP that made it MH popular and didn't give us Lost Planet and gave us a crappy port of it. So as you can see Capcom has been screwing us for years now and we have the ri...

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They need to add that to Beat Sketchers. It would be epic to watch your pictures glow.Also would make a great effect for spell casting in a game.

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Yes you 360 people never b***h and moan when ever we get something and you don't.Look how long some of you griped and cried about not getting MSG4 or that you didn't get the Joker levels in Batman:AA.It's amazing how it is always us "PS3 fanboys" that are at fault. We must never complain about anything while 360 and Wii owners are free to complain about anything and everything

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That is why I am concerned for it. No one seems to understand that Move requires more skill and precision. When anyone flailed around trying to punch in the Fight they easily got knocked on their @$$es but when they played it like a real fighter looking for weak spots, dodging and punching properly it worked so much better.
I am afraid people will swing wildly like it's a Wii-mote, toss it aside and claim it is non functional and give it a low score. It seems to be more li...

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I think this is why so many people reject or turn away from LBP. When you try to make a level and then someone comes along and makes something like this surpasses your level by leaps and bounds it makes you feel intimidated and inferior. I know I do. You feel like you are wasting your time building levels.But you should try to think outside the box more. It's worth it in the end.

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I am not sure about this game. The demo was very clumsy. Even when he walked there was strange awkwardness about it. Even the combat seemed wrong somehow. Also despite the fact that he was falling out of the sky in burning space ship falling apart, it didn't feel urgent or even frantic. When I played Heavy Rain and the guy was driving down the road trying not to crash against traffic it made my heart race. But the way this was presented he might as well have been skipping down a forest pa...

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Everything on the PS3 has to be perfect or they get chastised for it. Any error or mistake or problem has to be magnified and exaggerated in every way. People like Microsoft though can go on a three year system error with a 30% fail rate and it is forgotten very easily and everyone looks the other way.

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Yeah is that why you never gave us Dead Is Rising and instead gave it to the 360 and a crappy port to the Wii? Right Capcom you have never alienated us before. The PS3 version would have been 10 times better than the Wii version but you still left us out.Developers seem to think 360 owners money is greener then PS3 owners. If you give us Case Zero and Case West you will get our money too. You are not a first party studio or even an independent developer. I don't see why you owe Microsoft ...

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Maybe if you added One piece too I would consider it

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Now that we have lost the format war, who needs Blu Ray right? Fox and the grapes, Microsoft. Your format didn't win, so you pretend that the one that did doesn't matter.If it was Microsoft using Bluray, we would be listening to articles with Microsoft saying that they can't believe Sony is still using old tech while they are using Bluray and how they are 'out of the loop' and that Bluray is the future.

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Strange that me and my friends have never ever had a firmware upgrade mess us up. Maybe you guys are doing it wrong. Not everyone is tech savvy like other people are

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They forgot about Under Siege and Endochorme 2. Everyone is always so eager to say the Move has no games they leave things out.I am crossing my fingers for the Fight. I want it to work well.If it doesn't it will be such a waste. I am glad they held it back to work on it more.

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That can't be right. Are you sure you didn't hear wrong. Most developers say it is easy to integrate the Move controller into their games. Why should Heavy Rain be any different? I don't even remember them saying they didn't do DLC because of Move. I think you guys heard rumors or have some false information or something.

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Does every Move hater say the same things. If your going to diss it at least come up with something original besides the 'no games', Wii clone and WiiHD crap. All the dumb things that you say don't sound any smarter if you keep saying them. they just sound more and more ignorant. doG beLIEfs makes a great point. People act like if the buy a Ps3 with a Move that is all they are getting. The PS3 has so many great features that fanboys still tr...

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