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What the hell is lossless audio?

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Yes I am sure the "Sony should give up" and "If Sony wanted to bury the PS3 they should have said so" and Sony is out of the loop" and "Sony is doomed articles" that were everywhere were just a dream that we "Sony fanvboys" made up too? You must be new here. Sony was attacked from all sides the moment the PS3 was born despite the fact that it was more than worth the price. And ever since all of it's games and Sony's decisions are met with m...

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I suppose. Still sore at you Sony. I was all prepared to play LBP2. But I guess i would rather a delay then a buggy non functional game.Sigh

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First of all I don't know why you people still answer bigpappy. Secondly I read a preview from Joystiq that said it works a lot better then the E3 version, so I am confused to see it not working. Finally i will wait until the final game to pass judgment. I know people still try to play it like a Wii boxing and flail around because gamers are stubborn and refuse to listen that Move is different so it wouldn't surprise me in the least if it is fully functional and it's just some gam...

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Awwwwwwww!!!!! I wanted LBP2 NOW!!!! *stomps foot* No fair!!!!!!. Seriously Sony this is not good. I didn't want to have to choose between certain games. Now I have more then ever to choose from next year. I understand that you need to make it shine but I don't like this one bit.

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Awwww!!!! That's so sweet. Every third party developer and console company is so concerned about Sony these days. That is so cute.Well i think that Sony is a big boy now and old enough to decide what path they want to take with their technology. If they listened to what everyone they wouldn't have the PS3 Slim, the Move or be catching up with Microsoft by only a few million or have the epic first party games we have now. Why don't you just concentrate on your own companies and sto...

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Nothing will Kill KZ3 for me. It's amazing how PS3 games always get so much scrutiny before and after their release.I have lost count of how many glitch and problem videos I have seen for GT5.

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Probably get tons of disagrees for this but from what I have seen Kinect's line up looks pretty weak to me. There killer app seems to be a dance game and all though Move does have shovelware, Kinect is all shovelware. Show me one game in their current line up that doesn't look like grade A shovelware? Now look at Move. Does The Fight look like shovelware to you? Does Socom look like shovelware? Does Sorcery look like shovelware? Or Endochrome 2? Or Undersiege? And these games are righ...

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That's right. That is why it took so long. I couldn't be that Sony takes their time with everything which is why they didn't make a RRODing, disc scratching, easily hacked piece of crap of a console.No of course not it makes more sense that they were researching it, decided to stop, saw the Wii was doing well, picked it back up, dusted it off and used magic to make it work better than then Wii ever did and with 1:1 add in augmented reality and HD into the mix about 5 years later t...

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dchalfont I know some doofus had to say exactly what you just said and you said it. Haters are so predictable. Anyway copying the 3DS is a bad idea. Do you want make Nintendo fans to cry more? They have already cried pools of tears non stop since the Move has been getting good reviews. If Sony tops the 3DS with the PSP2 and 3D they will wail until the end of time. Don't do it Sony. For our sanity's sake. I can't take another 'Nintendo made it first and that's all that matt...

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Apocalypse Shadow don't waste your breath. Logic is something gamers don't use these days. All they care is that the system they are backing wins and the other loses. The end result Anything else in between like quality, performance, the truth, concern, logic, your own eyes or even common sense be damned.

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That was a horrible pun. You should be ashamed. Anyway I don't think Sony is focusing on beating the Wii right now. It's Kinect they have to kick to the curb first then take on Wii. They have a head start,an ad strategy, despite what anyone says a varied game line up, cheaper games and have plenty of third party support due to fact that you can intergrate Move easily into their games. Yep. I think they can do it.

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@ theafroman. Move's line up is bad? So Kinect's all simplistic, no variety shovelware line up is better? How does that make sense. @ Imperator that is why Sony and Nintendo refused the tech. What is the point swinging your hand to play table tennis when you can have a controller to grip on to. People don't understand that Sony and Nintendo have been doing the whole game thing longer then Microsoft has. They know what they are talking about. Compared to them Microsoft are amateurs...

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Oh well that proves everything. Hey judge I think Sony kind of advertised the other OS and I think lots of people used it because there might be more people who aren't saying anything because they think Sony is going to find where they live and eat them up. The people who say it's not a problem are obviously fanboys because everyone else who attacks everything that Sony does and blow it out of proportion have to be telling the truth. It couldn't be that we are sensible enough to s...

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People don't seem to realise that Sony has always catered to both sides and the Move is no different. Shooters, RTSs,puzzles, platforms, adventure etc. It all there. No matter how you try to lie to yourself or put a nice little spin on it or try to deny it, nothing has changed. Microsoft: hardcore. mainly shooters and sports games, Nintendo: casual. mostly mini games, platformers and shovelware. Sony: both sides. games for hardcore and causal and everyone in between, has every genre cove...

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360 owners don't really have much of a choice. They are already in Microsoft's trap and they don't even realise it. You have to pay for Live because most of Microsoft's games are based on multi player. If they gave you more games with a stronger single player, you could ignore Xbox Live if you feel that it is getting too expensive but you need Xbox Live to experience the whole game or your just stuck usually playing 3-5 hour single player. With a PS3 you could ignore online a...

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You mean like Microsoft fanboys who sat for 3 years watching Microsoft trying to fix a glitch as 30% of their systems died and still brought new ones when they died and still rushed out to buy the slim and pretended it didn't happen and try to shut up anyone who reminds them of it? That is pure blind fanboyism at it's best. Other people would have boycotted the 360 but you guys bent over for three years and took up the tail pipe without even taking a break. And now even taking the $10...

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Yes I agree. You people should wait for Kinect. You have so many games. Ummmm. Oh yeah. The dance game and the dance game. oh yeah and the other dance game. And the invisible animals game. Oh yeah how could we forget the Sonic Riders game that was crappy even with the controller. And the ugly racing game where you press pedals with your hands, oh yeah and the other dance game.And that awkward fighting game and the soccer game where you can't run around and you stay still like a statue. Wo...

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First of almost no one used it. Trust me. Most people I know didn't know it existed. Second of all correct me if I am wrong but the contract that you agreed to says that Sony hss the right to change something on the PS3 when ever they feel like it (just paraphasing). Third Sony has the right to protect their investment and this is just the usual case of people trying to cash in on someone's success by acting like the leeches and sponges they are.Ordinary people are greedy too not just...

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Yeah. I think I heard that it was delayed in Japan too not the U.S.

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