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Yes because we all know that Sony never takes their time to make anything. It was them that rushed out a RRODing system that had a 30% fail rate and took three years to fix.That must be also why they waited one year after the 360 to release the PS3, so they could see if the 360 sold so they could release their console.
It definitely couldn't be that they were trying to perfect their motion controls because they didn't have the Eyetoy long before the Wii ...

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I am calm. This is my opinion.IGN has become a crappy review site as of late and I don't listen to them at all anymore. I have read other reviews that say it is better than they say it is so just pointing it out.

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I think I understand what he means.It seems complicated but if you read it properly you see what he is trying to say.Most of Sony's people always seem to know what they are talking about like Richard Marks. It is much easier to listen to them talk then to stomach the egotism of Greenburg or Peter or the like unprofessional crap from Turn 10. It seems that working for Microsoft turns you into either a jerk, a blow hard or a jackass. I have noticed that anyone who leaves them seem to calm d...

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Move is an improvement over the Wiimote. Buy a Wii if you want but don't pretend that Move isn't more advanced controller. Just read all the positive reviews and the testimonials from Move owners. Like it or not looks like Move is here to stay.

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That is bull, i loved the demo. Best platformer I have played in a while. The only reason i wouldn't pay fifteen dollars for it is because i am broke right now. IGN's reviews really have sucked as of late. That is why I have stopped listening to them and Xplay.Well it's true. As usual people don't adapt to controls anymore. Once I got used to them it was a breeze to control her.Climbing was especially fun. And searching for all the items was even better. It's an at least a...

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These hackers have just proved how pathetic I always knew they where. What type of desperate loser would do that? The point of trophies is the challenge of earning them.

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Like i asked before what do LBP fans care about Black Ops?

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A bigger step forward doesn't matter if it's into a canyon. *yawn* Peter is talking again. Microsoft and their cronies have been doing a lot of talking these days. Listening to them drone on is great when I need a nap.

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Once you go black you never go back.

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zerocool3397 you can call it a Wii mote all you like But it isn't going to make it so. Only the idiots that play with it like a Wii mote are the ones shouting that it is non functional. It has been getting good reviews all around so it may not be your cup of tea but that doesn't mean it is isn't better. Plus if you have no interest in motion controls then stay out of the conversation.It is very rude to jump into a conversation if you have no interest in it,find it boring just so y...

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you are going to have to show me. I read the comments on many game sites, including Joystiq, IGN,Gamespot etc. The reaction to it is basically the same as here, unsure that it will be any good, shovelware games not for the hardcore and so on and so on. I am not sure which general public everyone talks about when everyone says that Kinect is only hated here. I have asked every 360 owner I know if they are going to buy Kinect and the answer is usually either sarcasm or laughter.You people must ...

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Yes! Next question please.

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Yes i really don't see what the the big deal is. If it sells it sells. If it flops, so what? The only person really losing out is Microsoft. Many peripherals, systems, games etc. have failed in the past and we moved on.Despite my observations and opinions of Kinect, and I won't lose any sleep at night if it succeeds or fails. Wii sold millions and I still think it's a piece of Fisher Price crap. They could sell all the SMG and Wii fit they want and it wouldn't change my mind. ...

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Epic Mickey would make an awesome Move game.Paint or erase with the Wand and the colors change depending on which one you use. Hey, Raul Ramirez, how's about sending some of that Disney magic our way. It may look good on the Wii but the PS3 could make it shine.

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They don't have their fanbase to back them up like Nintendo and Sony does. The reason why Wii sold so well is that they had their fanbase plus any new comers. Most of Microsoft's gamers are hardcore so they are more likely to ignore the Kinect leaving only the casuals who don't already have a Wii or Move and any non gamers remaining.Basically Microsoft is getting the scraps. And anyone who wants to argue that Microsoft isn't mostly hardcore check the sales of most of Microsoft...

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IGN is a crappy site. I have known that even before the unfair comparison between ME2 and UC2 comparison and the crappy Tumble score. I ignore their opinions completely and Xplay is next. Tired of their unreasonable, crappy reviews.

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At least admit that it is as good as the Wii. But gamer pride won't let them. Would it kill someone who has a different system to say that the other has some thing good too? I have admitted that the Wii did better than I thought it would. But most would rather die than admit that other systems have value

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I hope it does well. More sales means more support and more games. Yay!

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You guys are exaggerating. I managed to make it to the end and beat the boss so it is functional at least but I admit it did feel clumsy. It almost felt like it could have worked but they just didn't try hard enough

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I fact I just read a preview from a site below called PALGN that said they played it and it was playing a lot better then the last version of it and it was coming along nicely. Don't count it out yet. It might just be worth buying 2 controllers for.

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