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Please. Half of God of War's enemies would kill you faster if you tried to button mash them. The burrowers with the blades on their arms, the Medusa,the Sayters, the Giant with the club, the Cerberus etc. Never understood what people mean by God of War being simply a button masher. Many times I have tried to strong arm my way through GOW1 and GOw2 only to just die faster and more often.Never understand what people are talking about.

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Yay! We are going into space. BTW in KZ1 didn't we have seas and go into space too? I haven't played that game in so long. I do believe in the end they went into space.

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Well I do believe it's the buyers opinion that matters the most, so this is good news

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F1 just knocked Halo off the UK charts. So just imagine what GT5 will do. Doubt it or hate it or deny it all you want but GT5 will sell big no matter how much people pretend it won't. Japan and UK alone will sell big numbers.

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If F1 knocked it off the charts GT5 will probably send it flying over a mountain.

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Fuuny to see Kinect defenders clinging to the 'hardcore' TGS games announced that they haven't seen how they function or how engaging they are or with almost zero gameplay. That's okay you can just play $50.00 shovelware until then. BTW the way just because I am a causal gamer doesn't mean I am stupid enough to want to bend at the hip to play Sonic Riders, use my hands to break a car in Joyride, run in place to do Track and field or play another stupid dance game that was ...

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First of all, who cares? Everyone acts as if Kinect falls we will fall into some sort of gaming abyss or something. Many peripherals and systems have failed in the past and we moved on. No one except Microsoft will lose any sleep over it if it fails. Secondly, it is really pathetic to have to cling to Kinect hardcore games that you have no idea if they will work, how engaging they will be or even before you even see any proper gameplay. If I remember right Steel Battlion didn't exactly li...

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'Kinect is for games 'we can't even imagine'. Translation: We have no idea what to do with it really, so we are stalling for now until someone thinks of something. Seriously when you ask these people who claim that Kinect has potential they strangely have no examples, no ideas, no tech demos almost nothing showcasing how these things can be done. All I have heard and seen so far so is a bunch of talk, videos of Kinect still not working, trailers for 'hardcore' games t...

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By all accounts RROD should have ripped apart Microsoft's reputation years ago. It showed how inferior their game system tech was compared to Sony's. But because they jumped to fix it somehow they were forgiven for it. Never understood that. If a restaurant poisoned me with bad food and they called an ambulance for me, would you go back and eat their food again because they got you to the hospital on time? So if you give me inferior junk that has a 30% chance of breaking why should I ...

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Why would Sony cover for Capcom? It's not like they owe them anything. They have blighted and treated PS3 owners like crap for years. The recent decision not to give us the two DR downloads is proof of that.So unlikely Sony is responsible for this.This is probably all Capcom. Sony is just telling us what Capcom said.

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And the stupidity continues.

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Only one of a few negative reviews. Who cares?

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I love how people can't stay on topic and keep mentioning Forza in GT5 articles. Haters are so predictable.

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Would make a great Move game. Paint or erase with the wand and the bulb changes depending on what you are using. Who cares what Wii defenders say? It would make a good Move game whether you like it or not.Talk about being over sensitive.

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You can light your sackboy on fire? Awesome. I don't care if it is delayed until next year. I am getting this. If they are going to fix any glitches and problems that is fine with me. I want it work properly. I am glad that Sony's people are concerned about quality instead of releasing broken, glitchy, patch every second games just so they can get it out on time like some other developers do.

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GOW 2 for me. I miss that game.

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First of all Wii owners are too stubborn. Even if the Move turns out to be the better controller and gets a tons of games they would never admit or submit to it. Secondly why is it these articles are always assume that Sony is trying to beat Wii right now. I haven't heard Sony say once that they are are trying to top or beat the Wii, only the stupid gaming media and Wii defenders saying it. I think their main concern is beating Kinect right now. Finally, who cares except Wii haters and Wi...

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Move sounds like a good time for all. And what's great is that there is still more to come. I however am broke and cannot afford one *sniff* life is so cruel

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Not buying this crap. Move wand is already the all purpose tool.

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vickers500 you misunderstand. I don't mind criticism of something but IGN's statements are unreasonable and as you say inconsistent and this was before this review. I am talking about several reviews I have read since the beginning of the year.I understand that it is their opinion but I just disagree with their review and that is all and you are free to disagree with me about the game as well.I still don't like IGN and their crappy reviews are just one of the reasons and I don'...

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