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Flamebait. I loved how they neatly avoid comparing it to KZ3. I know lets compare the first Resistance to Halo Reach too. That will be fair and not biased at all /s. And please don't bring Halo's ugly colours to compare to KZ2 realistic war torn toxic planet colours please. I don't know what you expect from a war centred industrial toxic planet, rainbows, neon colours and bright fluffy pink?

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Awww!!!!!! And I am happy to be a part of that family. But you know Sony helping each other is also part of being a family, so since I am short on cash right now, how about you give me a new Move as a thoughtful present. How about it Sony? Family help out their members when they are in need * big smile*

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That is good to hear. The best part is this happening even before the Move kiosks are in place, all their comercials are on the air and the Coca Cola deal has kicked in. Just imagine how much it will sell afterwords. If they sell a lot that means more developer support and more games. Yay.

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Never played either. Now's my chance. Yay.

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Wouldn't co-op be kind of chaotic? It's easy for a FPS because we are heading one direction but Infamous 2 is a sandbox. What happens when we need to jump buildings, or grind rails or dodge explosions or deal with more than one enemy at different distances or heights. How is the other player supposed to keep up? I suppose you could do split screen but that would narrow each player's field of vision.

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Chalk up another good review for the Move. This is going better then I had hoped. Ten years well spent

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*strokes evil demon cat* Intriguing.

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iistuii like all people you have no proof. It works perfectly you all chirp but where is the visual proof. Kinect vids still show it lagging and out of synch. Sorry would rather trust my eyes then claims without evidence. Why are you Kinect defenders such killjoys? If Kinect is so great stay on the Kinect articles and of the Move ones. And we will do the same. No one on the PS3 or the 360 really cares that much about Kinect.

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You guys are so lucky. I am broke. It is so hard to listen to people talk about how fun it is and I can't have fun too. *sniff* life can be so cruel.

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@ FordGTGuy Ahem. Infamous 1 and 2, Ratchet and Clank CIT and TOD, GOW3, Heavy Rain, Tumble, Sports Champions, LBP1 and 2, Sorcery, Demon Souls, Last Guardian,Under Siege, Motorstorm PR and Apocalypse,ICO/SOTC collection, 2 Ape Escape games, Disgaea 4, GT5, Fat Princess, Flower, Diaster Report 4, Tokyo Jungle, Final Fantasy Vs and so on and so on. Now what were you talking about Sony depending on shooters when even Microsoft's best RPG, Mass Effect, is basically a shooter with RPG element...

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That is true iamnsuperman. Beat Sketch can scan real objects into the game. Sony needs to tell everyone that they can do basically everything Kinect can.

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toddnepeon0 you are so transparent. You are trying to hard to make the Move look bad. You are not fooling anyone

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Well I think we all know that. Microsoft system weren't exactly known for their variety of games.They don't even really have any platformers.

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As if they would have left Spiderman out.Who ever said that they would?

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toddnepeon0 is just a lying troublemaker. Don't listen to him. Many people have said that the Move works perfectly and I have seen it work with my own eyes. He probably is just one of those people who try to use it like a Wiimote and claim that it doesn't work.BTW I have no idea what 3DS have to do with this conversation.

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They have already started commercials. I have already seen one with them showing what the Move party winners had to say and it was very positive and also at least 3 Kevin butler commercials. Sony has already begun it's ad campaign and has two months to do it in before Kinect. Sorry naysayers, Sony is here to play.

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Father Murder X  yes their are commercials. They have already started. And why am I not surprised to see blgpappy and toddnepeon0 talking out of their @$$es as per usual. I never understand how they don't get banned or blanked out. If I even mention Microsoft's lie about controller less gaming or point out it's flaws,I get sighted for trolling. Anyway why does it bother you people whether Move sells well or not? What, are you worried that you won't be able to be a jerk an...

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Yeah right as if i would let Nintendo's 3DS stop me from getting GT5. That's rich. I will be playing GT5 on a HD TV not squinting straight ahead at a small screen trying to get a 3D effect thank you.

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Wow toddnepeon0 those random things you put together and vapid assumptions really proved you point. Sony probably ripped of Nintendo all these years by bringing out better versions of things that already existed. Just like the cell companies, car companies, computer companies. They just ripped off each other. The people who decided to add airbags,shatter proof glass, cup holders and airbags to a car ripped it off too. They just improved on a design. Each car on the road is a rip off of the la...

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I hope it is great. I would very much like to add Under Siege to my list of Move games. I am also crossing my fingers for Fight:Lights Out. I really want that game to work. It would be a shame and a waste if it tanked

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