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And guess who wrote this article
Bloodmask, 15/12/2007.......

Seriously bloodmask, I rarely commented in you post, but your action this time is disgusting.

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you can make a jap account and d/l the game off the japan PSN. If you got visa card then everything is easy.

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Im not picking on Wii, but the top 5 can be easily fill with Wii's titles such as Ball of Fury, Billy the Wizard, Game Party, Offroad extreme, mini desktop racing. Obviously gamepro is not gonna do that so may be 1 title each from ps3 and 360 and the rest from wii?

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if you read and study about Japan, you will know that they got a thing caa Self Defend Force, which is essentially the combine arm force of land, sea, and air. Mind you, the SDF is one of the most well equip arm force in the world.

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ok, I got 1 disagree and lost a bubble on the statement that totally legit.... what the hell is going on here??

here is the link about the collaboration that I was talking about for those mindless fan boy who cant accept the truth.

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Aint Sony just announced collaboration with DivX like a month ago or something? so PS3 will get divx/xvid eventually, what exactly make 360 superior to ps3 in that area?

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FYI, Folk Lore is published by Studio Japan

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FYI, this game is published by Studio Japan, and you guess who is the owner??? ohh laa you got it, Sony !! so it will never go green.

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One thing that still puzzled me for the most part is frame rate in AC.
I've been playing AC for several hours now on my PS3 but I dont see any frame rate issue that Eurogamer stated at all.... and i mean non, 0%.
However, I admitted that the freezing problem is there, but no dropping frame rate for me to the point where it makes the games almost broken like what eurogamer said.
Did I miss something??

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try play red steel for 3 hours with out taking a rest.... oh yeah you can feel that your wrists are falling apart.
Beside, graphic is still a big thing for me (and many other people) have been running around middle east in COD4 makes me feel like SMG is the thing of the past....

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Played and finish in about 11-12 hours but that without looking for any treasures, if play again just for treasure hunting it would take about 20 hours for sure. Moreover, there are mirror mode and flip mode to try out so its a full package of 30hours+ fun time.

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errr well after 2 years did 360 ever manage to sell more than half of wii for once??

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i think you never even play the demo before, so before you rant about not moving ai can you just go and play the game first?

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He is the man, I like this article.
By discouraging something so innovative just because the mission was a little repetitive, we are slowly kill off innovation in the industry.
And all we got is remake of the same crap...

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Hummmm I dont recall that masterchief can get wet, and then his armor slowly dry.....

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Sony did win in some area (the betamax was kindda huge embarrassment but anyway) Video8 was the dominate format in comcorder market and MiniDise is pretty successful in Japan. If you really count the number that Sony lost in format war (I mean "a war" and not some partial nich market penetration), you only get 1 big one; the Betamax.
However, there are some other smaller war like the SDDS and MiniDisc, which is hardly call a war since it was develop for different market and o...

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The 5$/BR is not even correct, what makes people think that this random forum post is even correct?

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Remember, Sega was notorious about dropping support from its console. Microsoft is the same case, but it takes time before people realize it.

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I just want to point out that regardless of what the attachment rate is, the sale number still matter.
It really doesnt matter if HD-DVD got 100% attachment rate if it manage to see 300,000 players, BD just need 10% of attachment rate to make it even.
In business sense, its better to sell 100 million unites and have only 10-20% attachment rate rather than selling 10million and have 50% attachment rate.

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I spent 4 min trying to read and understand your point.
My conclusion, you are f**ked.....

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