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It's kind of weird indeed!! While everyone seems to be crying for a next gen (current gen) FF7 remake, at least some kind of news on FF versus XIII, we're getting an HD version of FFX and another sequel to the XIII saga which like mentioned here was very polarized in terms of critics and fan reaction.

And while Square Enix probably thinks that it's a vocal minority that are requesting these, I think that they are being completely fools!! An FF7 remake would sell l...

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Well to Jack Tretton of Sony Computer AMERICA these numbers can be important indicators... Same goes for Fils-Aimé and whoever is in charge of the X-Box division in America (Greenburg?)

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NPD Numbers don't necessarely represent the absolute truth either. They are definitely the ones with more credibility but their research methods are not perfect. Correct me if I'm wrong but some major retail chains are not taken into consideration in their research.

I think though that PS3 will have a slight advantage over 360 on the NPD results...

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I'm looking at these screens and all I'm seeing is Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1 with improved graphics. I hope it's not going to be just a remake of levels from previous games...

I want this game to be good but I have a bad feeling. And it's going to be episodic!! What will be the content per episode? 1 level? 1 world? More? The game is still unreleased yet so we can still hope!!!

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I agree with you, I also believe that everything will depend on how many people buy these devices anyway. I also like to think that as 360/PS3 gamers, we have the choice unlike the Wii.

E3 will be interesting indeed, who knows maybe these devices will be actually worth a purchase... But from what I've seen so far, I'll wait (I actually already have the PS Eye so I'm half way there!!!)

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I had this setup in my living room!!!!! I gotta tell you, motion control gaming is definitely not my cup of tea and REAL gamers are losing if this is the future. I mean it's fine for like a party or something but when it's about single player gaming, there is absolutely no replacing traditional gaming!!!! The Wii stinks, Natal is gonna stink and Sony's motion control is gonna stink!!!!!! plain and simple!!!!!!

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Maybe he's right about Microsoft wanting to sell this at cost price or lower. Maybe he's right about the hardware cost of a three lens camera being in the area of 50$. He seems to forget about all the R&D cost required to develop this device. It's been a cycle that's about as long as a AAA game and those games go for more than 50$ these days.

Natal is a huge risk for Microsoft, developpement costs for the device are high and the success is not guaranteed especially if the sof...

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I don't care what people say about this game but what you got on your game disk was well worth the 60$. I have the game on PS3 so I didn't get to play the extra episodes but I don't feel like my experience with GTA 4 was less complete because of the fact that I didn't play the extra episodes. While I feel extra episodes is a nice way to extend the life of a game, I don't feel the same way with DLC like extra costumes that add absolutely nothing in terms of gameplay. DLC that unlock content on...

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The whole brushing the teeth and stuff is part of the tutorial to explain the game mechanics...

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Heavy Rain is a massive gamble for Sony, the amount of money that was invested into making that game, I'm sure is equivalent if not superior to most AAA titles. The game is aimed at a very niche audience and is not going to sell above 1 million on it's first week I'm pretty sure. Now that being said, they need to release the game at some point, and I'm sure the experience will feel complete once it's released. The DLC as extra episodes will be in my opinion a nice way for the developpers to g...

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Easy Senden, Quebec is as far as being xenophobe as you can imagine. We have a culture that we're trying to defend but it's not at the expense of the expansion of cultural diversity.

Now as far as the game goes, if they can't afford to print some extra pages in French for the instruction manual and a translator for the game (I'm sure there's not much voice acting) it can only mean that they don't have high hopes for this title. Buy it from PSN and the problem solved if you really...

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I'm glad to see I'm not alone, people are so easily misguided by bells and whistles these days!!!! And they're already trying to build mass media hype by showing it off on national TV! It's a very nice device to show off indeed but what people don't seem to fully understand is that the capabilities and uses will be so limited no matter how well the body tracking is.

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But the only thing that bugged me about their review was how Morgan mentionned how PS3 owners were collecting HS figures and something about being depressed (assuming no good games were available). C'Mon Adam if you want to take on fanboys, make sure that your show isn't the instigator of those flame wars...

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Many people like myself predicted that the Wii was going to be a fad and die within 3-4 years of existence. What people like me didn't weigh in was the power of the casual audience. It's insane how people got excited quickly for this machine!!! And with the fact that it's still sold out everywhere and people still camp outside of stores at -15 degrees to get it for Christmas is proof that Nintendo is far from any kind of trouble. The 2009 Holidays will be proof of that with probably the relea...

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I'm sure you're going to find it hard to resist getting some of the games on that list!!!

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It might be from a pro PS3 website but it's all based on actual sales numbers. And the truth is PS3 is not a sinking ship like everyone seems to assume.

360 is doing well this fall because of three things: Gears, Fable and the price drop... Sony will probably do the same thing at the same time next year when the AAA titles like GOW and GT5 come out, they will have a major price drop and it will automatically outsell the 360 exactly like the 360 is outselling the PS3 right now. No...

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Some people will find anyway possible to put Home down... I mean 5.1 mentioned it, the real world is full of advertising, you might not like it but that's how it is. I can see it coming too the complaining about lack of features and content, etc. Let's remember that this software will get updated on a regular basis with gaming spaces, new advertising/mini-games and features we don't even know about. So this means that everyone should calm down when this thing comes out it won't be 100%, in fa...

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Or Naruko whatever, the chick from Heavenly Sword. She gets my vote for nicest booty in videogames hands down

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Microsoft's objective is clear, sell more XBox 360s than PS3s as fast as possible. They're definitely doing what it takes to achieve that objective, and they've been very open about it. Just remember E3 08 when at the end of Microsoft's press conference they declared victory over PS3.

Sony have a much different approach... Microsoft when they saw that the first half of 08 wasn't going their way, and that Sony was selling more consoles, they reacted right away with price cuts and...

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Nintendo is aiming at a totally different croud than Sony and Microsoft.

First of all LBP is a hardcore game with a casual presentation, let's get that straight right away. Also it's obvious that Microsoft and Sony are going to release games and features aiming more towards a casual audience, just like Nintendo is going to release games aiming more towards a hardcore audience. But there is no doubt that Nintendo's strategy this generation was to completely detach themselves from ...

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