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Also, Knights of the Old Republic was better on PC, so not eligible for the list. :P

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All your lists are made of great games, no doubt. But any game that has a good HD remake or re-release, or was multi-plat and as good or better on the other system was considered ineligible for the purposes of this list.

That did remove a number of games that we would have put on it otherwise.

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yeah, I'm really hoping that Wasteland 2 brings that type of thing back successfully.

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It's a screenshot from Twisted Metal. But that means nothing in reference to your statement. David Jaffe is never even mentioned in this article, so I'm still unclear how it pertains to him 'stumbling around drunk.'

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And where exactly in this article did Jaffe even get mentioned? I think you're taking out your dislike of Jaffe on an article that simply mentions a game he helped make.

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perhaps, but the guy that reviewed this mentioned playing it with his kid. He also gave Fruit Ninja Kinect a 5/5 as a kids Kinect game. So, take that as you will.

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oh, I read the article. And by doing so, I found that he has not yet played the game, yet is casting judgment on it anyway, despite the flurry of high reviews by various PC-centric establishments.

Thus my point stands.

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Without the benefit of playing the game beforehand, I think this article is nothing but scaremongering from yet another PC-elitist.

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Sony hasn't explicitly stated whether you can do that with Vita games yet, and they didn't tell us at E3 either.

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did...someone seriously go and interview these guys about a game that came out 4 years ago?

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Technically, it isn't the first announced title, as Iwata said Super Smash Brothers is being made for it, and Darksiders 2 is going to be a launch title for it.

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This was clearly a completely made-up rumor, and not even an especially well made one.
First the author says that cell processors have been used by both Sony and Microsoft in gaming devices for 10 years.
THEN, he says that IBM is helping make a new PowerPC processor for Sony.

....what? Only Sony has used the cell processor, and only in the PS3 to this point. And why would IBM create a new version of a defunct APPLE processor?! Seriously?!


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I need Torchlight because I'm in need of something to hold me over until I can get my Diablo III fix.

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People who parrot overall sales on these systems are totally missing the point. Big money is impossible to make on these mobile games. Sure, Angry Birds has been downloaded 100 million what? how much money did that make them? There simply aren't enough people out there with these devices for games on them to EVER make as much money as a dedicated gaming machine, and that's why Iwata is correct in his comments.

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I don't need to read this interview to know that this guy is totally out of touch with reality if he really believes what he says.

No one in their right mind could possibly think that gamers want nothing but $1-3 casual games over the type of games we'll be getting on the 3DS and NGP.

The type of people who do are not the ones who would buy a 3DS or NGP in the first place.

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does he really think we care about it being 'edgy'?! what we want is for it to capture the adventure and feel of the game, not 'edginess'

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ha! Pachter is a fool if he thinks Kotick would willingly take a loss on anything. Kotick will charge as much as he thinks he can get away with for anything he can.

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Just will be $5.99, not the standard $9.99!(according to the Snackbar Games link, that is)

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