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You are so full of shit, you won't ever wash off the stink. The game was lies and garbage?, but here you are, commenting on it a month after release.

Sounds more like butthurt.

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Wait. Did you really just post a statement that proves you have no idea what you are talking about?

No MP game can sync all players on the same server at once.

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Is it out yet?

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I hope the changes mean DZ changes to AI as well. I hated the fact that I would do a build and the AI ramped up higher than what I was, thus making the DZ unplayable as a lone wolf (which is one of the gear sets...)

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Are you really going to base your purchase on a review?

Are you really going to base it on a review from a site that most people have never heard of and is most likely here just to garner hits?

If so, that is sad. You should do your thinking for yourself.

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Wow. Way to scoop a 3 month old news story!

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What!?! Gaming journalists got something wrong!? Wow, that never happens! Certainly not within the last .085 seconds!

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What boing said is right. It was already explained how impossible it would be, but it can happen. Just because it hasn't doesn't mean it can't.

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Now, I just need to be able to customize those hideous folders. Even if I could make them opaque or clear so that they don't block out my theme.

I love that my profile is customized. And I do love that games can go in different folders.

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Not according to the doom and gloomers. Not according to the critics and the hateboys. But, for those of us who love gaming and games, the end game is/was quite enjoyable.

I love the underground.

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So true.

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...because it is an enjoyable 1st person experience of exploring the universe. The MP elements that allow you to see what others have discovered is surprisingly enjoyable.

The idea that you could run into someone else, no matter how astronomical the chance (ie they have to be in the same lobby AND on the same planet (as was explained in 2014), the diversity of the fauna and flora.

What I love about it, is, just like the only planets and moons we have eve...

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Agree. And I would also love an 1886 sequel for the exact same reason. It could be because I love gaming, unlike many of the cynical journalists that currently plague the industry.

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Do I get an achievement for clicking 9 times?

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I just wish the liars would have been called out as well. There was some serious faux outrage (ie I am not a MOBA fan so I posted 0 comments and 0 stories about Evolve) and the hate (which I knew would come before launch) was far more outrageous than any claims the dev made during interviews.

I know that I was getting a 1st person experience, space exploration game. That is the game I bought, that is the game I got.

Does it have MP? Yes. Exactly as it...

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So, No Man's Sea gets great reviews.

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Your roomate's ex-wife does german shiester porn!

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That sounds familiar! I loved the game. Then again, I researched what it was about and made my purchase based on that.

Woah! Deja Vu!

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Really, BF1 has annihilated COD IW? Neither game is out. Damn it. I was going to buy both, play both and enjoy both!

And now I can't....because everything is binary and no one can possibly enjoy different games in the same genre, apparently.

Is there some contest? Is there an actual crown given to the devs?

Stop with the either/ or fallacies and just enjoy what you like.

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