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Nice review. I loved the game as well. Certainly didn't deserve the hate it received.

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I don't buy games based on the publisher, I buy them based on the studio/ developer knowing full well where the quality lies. However, this gen alone, Ubi has put out more new IPs than any other publisher. For that alone, they deserves some respect.

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Please inform all of us lower life forms of what we are supposed to like. I am sure the lot of us will be waiting with baited breath to see what you determine to be quality gaming for amazing intellectuals such as yourself.

But, why stop there. Why not just make the intellectual masterpieces that will put Ubi out of business.

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It's fantastic. And it shows that locomotion isn't a problem.

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More PSVR.

And I believe they prefer the term "UNdead" or "Living Challenged." Please don't degrade them with your livingist privilege trying to Livesplain the term "Zombie" to them.

And the caricatures of them as "mindless" and "brain eating" is just more stereotyping of the "Undead Culture."

You're just a member of the Vivusarchy seeking to victim blame the previous...

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I will definitely be one of those 5 million if it is released in the West. I think that is the strategy all along considering the other DQ games we have received.

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Poor critic can't take criticism? Poor, poor baby. Here's a tissue.

And here's two blogs that prove my point about critics:

And remember, "Those who can, DO. Those who ...

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If you can give a definitive score for the Mona Lisa, The Scream, or The Starry Night then you have an argument for scores. Otherwise, scores are useless.

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I hate things I know nothing about and have never experienced. I am going to go on the internetz and complain about the things I hate. Waaah!

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I've always wondered if that much ignorance hurts or numbs the brain.

I imagine it numbs the brain because otherwise you would be walking about screaming at the top of your lungs.

So, I am going with the numb brain theory which pretty much explains your comment.

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"Lawyer up" implies law suit. Lawyers are involved in suits. See. Not hard to figure out.

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Well. That's only if you don't play the lotto, since the chance of the PS5 coming out next year is 0%.

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"The game hadn’t been out for a month when rumors started flying about its poor sales figures and how it was destined to be the flop of the year."

Hateboys gonna hate.

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They didn't sue. They asked politely.

There is a difference.

Have some integrity.

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I can't wait. Western release date PLEASE!

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It's not. It wasn't in the first one because they made the Xwing obey an X/Y plane in space.

Eve: Valkyrie obeys no such planes and can be more vomit inducing... though I have only experienced that once. And that was after 3 slices of sausage/ pepperoni, hot wings and 2 pints of beer.

Haven't experienced it since, so it might have been the diet.

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I think they are, which means good things for everyone.

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Didn't you get the feeling that the SWBFVR mission left us hanging at the end, leaving the door open for more?

I think it was hinting at this very thing. So excited to blast across Hoth in a snowspeeder in VR.

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Lol. it is right there at the end of my post. The problem of review scores is how they are taken.

A 4/5 is not the same as an 8/10 nor an 80/100. But that is how metacritic scores it.

As for critics and reviewers, they really mean nothing and gamers, movie makers, anyone who creates art have shown they really don't matter. Neither do their scores.

Scores make no all. You can't put a score...

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