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"I am the real Thorstein."


So, you haven't played the game yet, but feel the need to defend a trolling review?

And that is exactly what this is. As TotallyNotGlenn said, "this article feels speculative at best, and full of non-issues-made-issues."

The game is still accepted well by users (A 7.5 here from N4G users) and an 8 from 204 different sources.

I could just as easily claim (in caps for some reason) all the websites that gave it a great score, but... #2.3.1
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Nice job bringing this to light! Will support. #3
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Watch Dogs sold 8 million copies. The reviews were solid: 8s-9s. Gamers enjoy the experience.

How does any of that equal "fail" in your mind?

Oh, I see. The typical hipster review: "Game X (that has received hype) doesn't live up to my expectations, although I couldn't possibly make a game with even a 100th of the visuals and gameplay myself."

Your review is so generic and full of trolling tropes that it is unr... #1.1.2
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Valve does not make games with the number 3 in them. It is part of their ideology.

Trilogies are often forced. I am sure that if Valve had a wonderful storyline in which to place Gordon Freeman, then they would have done so.

There will be no Team Fortress 3, DOTA 3, Left for Dead 3 and there certainly will not be a Half Life 3.

Valve will make a new IP that will be utterly stupendous, however. #1.1.1
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What would really be great if there were civilians.

I have never seen so many sterile war environments where there are absolutely no civilians. No one has the cajones to include them.

Imagine: the next Call of Battlefield of Honor could have civilians moving around trying to avoid getting killed. Killing civilians (in any way shape or form) could penalize your team (losing tickets in Battlefield or kills in COD).

I think it would change t... #2.1
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Yes. But who is at fault for that?

I overhyped Uncharted 2 and 3. And they both lived up to my ridiculous expectations. But, what if they didn't? Would they not be great games anyway and my dislike for them nothing more than insane expectations placed upon those games based on my own beliefs?

I didn't over hype Watch Dogs for myself. I heard about it, read about it then pre ordered.

In fact, with all the BS claims about graph... #1.1
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Loved the Ogre Battle series. They just don't make games like they did back in my day. ;P

Seriously, though the graphics might be dated, these were some of the most immersive tacticle games I have ever played. Wonderful story, great characters and wonderful battles. #1
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COD Ghosts does have female soldiers. Why would they go away from that? That doesn't make sense.

But, what I find equally insane is that almost every single game, in this current console generation and (of course) on PC can have a character generator. Mass Effect and Dragon Age did.

The only problem I see is with advanced motion capture (similar to what Naughty Dog does) but that doesn't mean there can't be compelling non white male characters. #1.1
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I think that honor goes to Pitfall Harry in Pitfall II: Lost Caverns. #1
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Ok. But, aren't there only 10 Batman Villains that I would really want to play anyway.

Joker and Catwoman would be the top two choices for me, but they would have to be really well done and follow canon. #1
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Looking forward to Homefront: The Revolution. Hopefully Crytek won't shy away from graphics. At least, that was always what they staked their reputation on. #1
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Add to those Ultima IV and Dragon Quest!

There are just so many that we can't list them all. #3.1
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And, I would add to that "Top 5 Western RPGs that I've Played in the past 10 years."

These top (insert number here) lists need to be pared down to: by decade or by console generation, or by PC generation.

My favorite top ten/five (whathaveyou) lists are the ones that are about obscure games I may have never heard of. That way I can go and look and see if there is a hidden gem that I want to play.

This happened for Valkyria Chro... #1.2
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A new generation of consoles and this series looks as generic as ever. What is the Browns' quarterback doing while he runs? (NSFW?) #1
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Not just for Indie Games. If they pull this off, and I think they will, this game sets the bar for all games. #1
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What, are you his lapdog? Defending a critic from critique? That's a bit ironic. #1.3.1
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Ever been to Boston? Ever hear them speak? I know I threw you off by putting the words "Boston Accent" in parentheses, but I'd hoped it would have been obvious once I used the word:

Wicked and put "ah" instead of "er" on Better. #1.1.1
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I prebought it for PS4. I love it. The only gripe I have is that there is so much going on around me that I have trouble focusing on the one thing I set out to do.

It is fun, beautiful and hacking things just to hack them is fun. #1.2
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I would have to question, "Who is lying though?" This has certainly been one of the weirdest launches (and console generation launches) I have ever seen. The cry of "graphics downgradez, durr!" was not limited to Watch Dogs. We saw it in many, many of the games that have come out this gen.

The reality is that the 2012 trailer was PC only. (I don't know if the PC version looks like the 2012 trailer, but from what I can tell, it does.)
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(Boston Accent) This sucks! Bergeron is a wicked scumbag! PK Subban is bettah! #1
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