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I think the author forgot to address when the opposite is true. And it is true far more often than the gaming press wants to admit.

When a great, fun to play game gets lambasted in the gaming press and receives terrible review scores, but in reality, the game is wondrous. This happens far too often and as a result a great title undersells. #2
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So ThrillKill and Ninja Gaiden aren't on this list? #1.1.3
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I would like to know more about building shelters.

And, I really don't like Pay2Win. Just let me buy a game and enjoy it. If the game has insane longevity, then change it over ala Team Fortress 2 (which is a game I originally bought). #1
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No kidding. I loved these games. Phenomenal. #1.1
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What about retro television?

Mod Squad or The Prisoner would be excellent. Dr. Who would never live up to the expectation of fans but would be a great idea.

The A-Team would also be really cool. #1.1
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Well said, well said.

I get a page or two. But like you said, WC's content is about a paragraph spread over 12-15 pages. That is technically clickbait.

And I agree with the blog that some content is just blindly approved even though there are glaring errors in spelling, POV, grammar and diction.

The strange thing, 360, is that isn't even one of the worst offenders as of late. In fact, this one might have been one of the worst off... #1.1
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Explain how you are "forced" to see anything in artform. Gaming is a hobby and it is entertainment but it is also art.

None of this is forced on you. I guess I just don't agree with that word choice. #3.1.1
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The source is GameInformer. #1.1
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Can't take a satirical view of your hack journalism?
You seem really angry about it.
You didn't read anyone else's opinion about this?

Gee, just click on the Order tag and read the negative articles about it. This article is just another version of them claiming the same tired stuff. #6.1.1
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This is pretty cool and will be awesome on my PC! #1.6
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vgamerz, 5 Reasons Why their Trolling is Predictable.
(btw, does V stand for Virgin?)
1) They write terrible articles that are designed to garner clicks on their site.
2) They can't think of anything original so they just parrot what some other troll has already written a month ago.
3) They lack the ability to actually do research and instead fabricate stories and defend it by calling it an "opinion piece."
4) Their computers are super low... #6
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Well said, and thanks for calling him out for his argumentative fallacy. #2.1
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Sorry, but that amounts to censorship. If the artists intend for something to be there, then it should be there.

If I don't like it, I will self censor and not decide what others may partake of.

"Censorship is telling a man he can't have a steak because a baby can't chew it." -attributed to Mark Twain #3
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If you play as the Patriots can you make the balls 2 lbs. lighter? #1
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In my experience, most of the males that don't know how to talk politely to women are also incapable of polite discourse around males.

I love to game. I love to have friends that joke around. Many of the times the jokes are situational. If there is a woman playing with us she will fit in wonderfully (as they often do already.)

I think the problem is that you are looking at people who are either A) socially inept or B) complete ignoramii and saying, &qu... #1.2
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I can play both. And so can the rest of us. I tried it out. I was able to play COD on the exact same day I played a BF game!

Nothing happened. No gamebreaking glitches, no lightning bolts out of the sky. Nothing.

Guess stupid commentary about video games and which are "better than others" actually have no purpose. #1.1.3
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That word
Impenetrable? #1
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I don't quite understand it. If I become knowledgeable about something and then determine that one product is better than the other because of tech, I fail to see how that is "fanboyism."

That said, ponder this:

I buy the SONY line of consoles because I like their games and I like the system. I found the X360 to be a great console (as was the original Xbox) but the newest isn't on par with the current gen SONY system.... #1.1
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What of a submission that contain some gamergate opinion from a journalist in conjunction with other gaming related things?

(I know we talked about this in PM but I think it would benefit the community at large to know what should be reported and what should not in regards to this.) And that decision shouldn't be heard from me first. #1.1.2
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You know what continues to suck in 2015?

Games journalism. #2.3
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