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They broke the narrative.

If this is how the story works (that the tower fell), shouldn't I be able to keep the stuff that is on my back?

Shouldn't I still have the weapons I carry around with me?

How does that get taken away?

It was a fun game, don't get me wrong, but I am less than enthused about the sequel.

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I hope there is an open beta. If there is, I will play it and make the determination then.

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Okay @Exoil

A very intelligent person once asked, how do you convince someone with evidence if they don't accept evidence.

But then you went and added even more evidence that it would be "incredibly rare" to run into another player.

So, you were wrong and now you are admitting it. Most people just say, "My bad, I hadn't heard that," or "My bad, I hadn't read that."

But addin...

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@Exoil " the only thing these shills have to counter with is a tweet sent out a week before the game drops that it's not a multiplayer experience. "

Okay, time to shut it:
Stop Thinking Of No Man’s Sky As A Multiplayer Game
by Bryan Vore on December 10, 2014 ...

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And then take my money.

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I totally get what you are saying. I felt that when I played Demon's Souls of which Dark Souls was the spiritual successor.

It is also why I love Bloodborne so much.

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Sorry @Nohansenboy,

The liars were wrong about the game and the lawsuit come to nothing (as it should have.) Source:

But keep hating something you never intended to play.

Oh, and by all means, please base all of your future decisions on what other people say...

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Release date before 2077 please!! ;D

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Yeah. I haven't really had a problem with my headset fitting over the VR one, so... while it is nice to have something that aesthetically matches PSVR, I am not sure I really need it.

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And since the character is a robot/ android...

How dare that human write parts for androids!!!

How does this author know how robots think and how they act? Is he one? I don't think so.

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2,619,521 views for Dunkey's Video with 134,832 thumbs up and 2,062 thumbs down.

How to be a gaming critic:

A) Have a heartbeat.
B) Think your excrement doesn't smell as bad as everyone else's excrement.
C) That is all.

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Speak for yourself. I platinum Bethesda's Games regularly.

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Still not going to happen. The world has moved on.

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"We are going to install udders on your wallet so it will be easier to milk."

How about delivering on half of the promises first?

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No PSVR? What sense does that make considering the gun controller for PSVR is perfect.

But, PSVR Skyrim is no problem?!?!!!

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Nice review. I loved the game as well. Certainly didn't deserve the hate it received.

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I don't buy games based on the publisher, I buy them based on the studio/ developer knowing full well where the quality lies. However, this gen alone, Ubi has put out more new IPs than any other publisher. For that alone, they deserves some respect.

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Please inform all of us lower life forms of what we are supposed to like. I am sure the lot of us will be waiting with baited breath to see what you determine to be quality gaming for amazing intellectuals such as yourself.

But, why stop there. Why not just make the intellectual masterpieces that will put Ubi out of business.

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It's fantastic. And it shows that locomotion isn't a problem.

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More PSVR.

And I believe they prefer the term "UNdead" or "Living Challenged." Please don't degrade them with your livingist privilege trying to Livesplain the term "Zombie" to them.

And the caricatures of them as "mindless" and "brain eating" is just more stereotyping of the "Undead Culture."

You're just a member of the Vivusarchy seeking to victim blame the previous...

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