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"To be taken seriously" By who? Who is so important that the gaming industry needs to worry about whether it is taken seriously?

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It's 47.99 for Prime, 48.99 for regular. But then you get free shipping with Prime.

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Clickbait is when an article headline sounds outrageous, but the actual article has very little to do with the headline. It is not just found in gaming journalism.

Clickbait used to be called "Yellow Journalism." Then the term took on the name "Senstionalism" and is currently termed "Clickbait."

(I hope this doesn't come across as condescending) It isn't hard to determine clickbait with a little critical thinking....

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Uncharted 2 special edition with the collectible sells in the thousands.

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Great article. Simply what needs to be said. Journo: "Oh, woe is me, I get paid to play games and write about them. But to make myself relevant I will write clickbait."

Response: Get Sacked.

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Awww. I already bought Uncharted 4. I didn't know that means I can't buy and enjoy Quantum Break!

Now what am I going to do?!!

Oh. Wait. I live in the free world. I will go and buy the other game and enjoy it too.

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Everyone is on the same server. It is multiplayer. It is just so vast that you will probably never meet anyone, even if you did, there is no way to know.

This has already been explained in interviews.

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There is no Half Life 3. There never will be a Half Life 3. Valve does not make trilogies. That is all.

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I liked it too. The Medal of Honor reboot was fun but the sequel didn't stay true to it.

Do you think this one stayed true to the first? If it did, it is a buy for me. I just don't get basing purchasing decisions on reviewers, haven't we learned?

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Reviewers hate it? Sounds like a must buy for me. I have enjoyed so many awesome games thanks to review scores that lambaste games. Thanks!

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But what if the game gives my PC a virus?
VSTD. (VirtualSTD)

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Depends on what you're into. Lol

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Princess and the Frog:
Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic: $104,400,899 39.1%
+ Foreign: $162,644,866 60.9%
= Worldwide: $267,045,765

Doesn't sound too shabby to me. It is a great film. I watched it with my white wife, white kids, and white self. Why wouldn't I, it is a great film.

Sorry I didn't stay segregated like I was supposed to, 'merica.

BTW Assassin's Creed Libera...

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The game came out almost 9 years ago for last generation consoles. Some people have never played it online due to the fact that they were only in their childhood. I know there were plenty of kids whose parents didn't care, but there were far more that did.

This is an opportunity for them to play a game they never had access to, but are now mature enough to enjoy it.

Is it a cash grab? This industry works on profit, so yes? Who cares.

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Why? It should go to someone who played in the SB or the league MVP.

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I really liked this one. A ton of fun, good dialogue and good missions. It isn't the top of the top of the AC franchise but it is a solid addition.

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Wow. Biplanes, mustard gas, a zeppelin! This looks so good.

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Game of Thrones, Walking Dead Season 1 and 2 are all platinums.

But I have the very rare: Up (from Pixar) platinum. I also have the very difficult Skyrim, Fallout 4 and the Division.

My most wanted (I am only 2 away, but gave up) LBP 2.

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I never started hating it. I got my money's worth that is for sure. It is a great game and the upcoming DLC looks great. It is still supported, with yet another free update on the horizon. I have the platinum trophy for it. It is fun to play but I went back to Fallout 4 for the DLC that just came out for that.

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Lebron James gets his Nike shoes that bear his name early. He also doesn't pay for them.

This is how marketing works. If I get my game in the hands of a celebrity or widely followed source, my game gets exposure. That UFC fighter may be a huge fan of the series and will tweet some positive things about it.

Buying cutesy ad campaigns on TV is dying (if not already dead). This is how you advertise now.

The people that make game g...

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