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Telltale Series is quite good.

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I hope there is Season Pass DLC and preorder bonuses!

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While I would love to play Fire Emblem, Mario and Zelda on my chosen platform, I can't imagine a Nintendo platform without them.

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Zzzzzzzz! What, a gaming journo is trying to publish a piece on how much he/she hates gaming?

If we started a movement fighting against the lack of integrity in journalism we should give it a catchy name.

Of course, in the middle of that campaign it would be hijacked by mysogynists and sjws who would use it as a battle ground for their personal agendas, then a long time after that died down, we could still lament the lack of integrity in games journali...

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C'mon. I'm a Playstation Fan and even I can smell the clickbait from here. Give your stupid "console war" a rest.

I can still use my Microsoft WP charger to charge my Dualshock 4.

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Or pull a Bethesda and drop it a month after announcing it.

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No doubt. That pilot is great. But, like I said at 6:00 the entire enemy team is highlighted, which means that something nefarious is happening.

Which is weird because the guy is actually good at the game.

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You left out:
Missing Planets. Still waiting on Jupiter and moons.
MP maps that don't disappear.

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Since when does recording your gameplay mean you are playing legitimately? He has been banned more than once. There are thousands of players who are awesome who have not been banned.

After watching his video in the corner, it is quite possible that his controller may be modded.

There are people who literally post cheating videos on Youtube who don't get banned at all though, which is weird.

Edit: Second video is obviously cheatin...

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I've stated this before. Valve are creative geniuses. They do not create trilogies. Why? It forces them to come up with something creative and new.

Each sequel is an improvement upon the first and then they move on.

It isn't rocket science but it certainly explains why their releases are always blockbusters that people play for years. Which leads to another point: they don't release a new IP while others are so strong because they don...

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True. But we are getting Nier: Automata. Who knows what's in the works.

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Typical hateboy tripe. Let go your hate and find a new hobby.

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At least he put it all on one page!

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Jeff sucks dick while filming it and makes 10K? Good for him.

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It's interesting to see Destiny: Rise of Iron in this mix, because I also feel like RoI should have been the story from the getgo.

I also feel that the new DLC for the Division has a similar feel to it. I love it, but it would have been great to have made the game exactly like this. We needed the SP story to understand the game, but the Survival DLC reminds me of what we saw in the trailers leading up to the launch.

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This War of Mine (which I am loving), Unfinished Swan, Star Citizen, the list is immense....back up your claim.

Hack journalism needs to die.

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MP as you claim was never, ever promised. In fact, it was explained in 2014, 2015, and 2016 that the game wasn't MP.

Lack of reading comprehension (GI's "Stop Thinking of No Man's Sky as a Multiplayer Game" 2014) isn't the fault of the developer.

Are some promised things missing from the game? Yes. Are some unpromised things in the game. Yes. Were there lies written by hack journalists and repeated in echo chambers touted as...

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No doubt considering that, in September of 2014, Yu Miyake, executive producer, said, “We’re pretty sure that Dragon Quest XI will see some sort of western release. Yes, we’re hoping XI will be available in the western regions.”

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And what qualifies this author to make such claims about mental health? I've heard of quite a few nutjobs who kill people for all sorts of delusional reasons.

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