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Not really. You have to look at the people he ran against. Boehner said, Cruz is "Lucifer."

I say this quite often, though I don't support Trump (nor Hillary), he was the best choice they had.

People went to the polls to vote, they had to choose the best candidate for the party. The others are far, far worse.

If you think Drumpf is bad, you really didn't take a good look at Cruz.

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"Most of the press is left wing." Most of the press is owned by 5 corporations that tell you what they think you should believe.

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I was thinking this same thing. I just learned of this today. Does anyone know if it has an HD and will Nintendo allow us to download other classics?

That would be the perfect business model (that and a NES/SNES/Genesis).

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I'm the dad, who drives his family around so that they may catch Pokemon and capture gyms.

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Why would it be delayed?

Unless you listened to the idiotic reporting about scheduled reshoots.

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You'd think if there were a universal rubric that all reviewers were to follow then great games would get great reviews. However, there is not. Therefore, great games get lambasted in order to garner clicks. That is how internet revenue works. They higher your ratings (clicks) the more you can earn through advertising.

I don't want to name any games because then the discussion becomes about those individual games rather than the lack...

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Please tell me you don't base your purchases on reviews.

If I did that I would have missed out on some of the greatest games ever made:

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"Takes 3 Billion Years to Complete" 4/10

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He is referring to the terrible use of the apostrophe in the title.

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C'mon. VR Pr0n is great. There are two ways that this can be enhanced: including mature situations in VR games (ie Dragon Age allows you to experience the VR mature situations) and allowing these VR games to include favorite character skins.

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What I found interesting, and because it isn't a silly puritan country like the USA, Japanese women were enjoying the fruits of the Adult VR as well. Though it was overwhelmingly men in the photos, there were some showing women wearing VR.

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I wish we could still bubble up for funny.

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Ah yes, binary think, false dichotomies. This isn't an election. People can like both games, buy both games, and play both games.

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Why do you have a problem with educated people that think for themselves rather than what the state tells them to think?

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Randomly Generated Missions. Sweet!

Sucks that the DLC is timed exclusive. I want to play new material, today.

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Jonathan Blow sounds like a potato.

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Wondering why it is called Fe (Iron)....

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One of my favorites of the series. What am I saying? I love the whole series.

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Nice. Looking forward to this. Wonder? Since MS opened things up, will we get cross platform play?

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Nice to hear. I have a PS4 and was always intrigued by the IP. I am excited that I get to play it too.

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