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No. It needs a Switch game.

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The MTs are exactly like Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and Battlefield 1 and Team Fortress 2 (which I bought retail) and Destiny and Destiny 2 and NBA 2k and FIFA and ...... Exactly.

Earn credits to get your loot crate or buy them. See other people with stuff you want, buy credits to get loot crates. In fact, BF1 has for purchase shortcuts which is exactly what Pay 2 Win is.

Candy Crush doesn't have integrated MTs? Please...

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True. But I think stray is right about it going way, way downhill.

Example: Today (this week) games with loot crates/ mts will have a greatly diminished review score. This never entered the dialogue before and never detracted from a games score. The current object of hate is Star Wars BF II, which is actually a pretty great game.

Last year, the criteria used to trash a game was unpromised content. Yes. You read that right. A game that didn't p...

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Why no mention of loot crates/ mts? Add that to your rubric and give this game a 3.

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Finally. An honest review: "Much has been written about the buying loot crates with real money. A situation that EA have, for the time being, switched off."

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Now to bring it to the Switch...

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I saw the Switch Skyrim ad right before the

Vid looks amazing.


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Sorry. This game contains loot boxes and MTs. This is gambling and junk. Get out your hipster hat and lower that review score.

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So. What are they going to do? This has been going on for over a decade. Are they going to get all our money back from Valve, Activision, King, and all the MTs? If not, then I really am getting bored with the whole thing.

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Now. Can I do that in VR????? Awesome news anyway.

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Bwahahahahahahahaha! Just finished the campaign, BTW. I loved it. Takes you right up to Force Awakens.

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That's sarcasm.

Anyway, the real reason to hate this game is that it actually promised things that were pulled from the final version. There are no VR missions despite them being promised during the prebuy sales.

No Man's Sky got lambasted for not providing features that were never promised, yet, here we are again with the "hip game to hate" and the actual reason to be mad is completely swept under the rug.

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I am playing the game and I get the boxes for free and I can build (you could in the BETA) the cards I want with "parts."

I am not acting like a child when I am calling out critics for poor criticism skillz.

Hate the game because of loot crates and mts, sure. But a critic can't suddenly change their criteria because it is "hipster" to hate on a game.

Remember, The Order 1886 was too short so it got bad review sc...

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Loot crates are now part of review scores.

The game itself is great. I don't like loot crates anymore than anyone else. That's why I didn't pay for them on Battlefield 1 or Black Ops or Team Fortress 2.

But if loot crates are a source for poor review scores then why weren't they when gamezone reviewed those other games I mentioned? COD WWII got an 8 with no mention of loot crates/ microtransactions from these guys.

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You forgot to blast it for loot crates.

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Wow. I hadn't yet read about the hate aimed at this game. Sincerely, there are absolutely 0 articles, opinion pieces, or reviews aimed at the loot crates/ microtransactions of this game.

And the hate is based mostly on loot crate microtransactions that are given a pass on the following games:

Team Fortress 2
COD Black Ops 3
Battlefield 1
Middle Earth Shadow of War
Madden NFL

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COD BLOPS III gets an 8 but SWBFII gets a 5 because of the exact same type of microtransactions?

Lol what? If you didn't use microtransactions/ loot crates in your reviews of COD WWII or any other review, then you can't use it with this game.

It is only reviewed 1 point higher than Shovelware: Oceanhorn Review | Adventuring Better Left On Mobile?

You just bandwagon'd for clicks. You have no integrity if you just get to mak...

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Old story is old.

Battlefront II is the newest game to hate. Yawnz. If it's not microtransactions, it's length, or lack of unpromised features, or whatever the hate brigade wants to invent.

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...Which means that in the top 4, three are Sony consoles...

does this "journo" even math?

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