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"I am the real Thorstein."


Quite honestly, I grief anyone with racist emblems that are on my team.

Funniest things too, especially with a mic. I kept firing my gun into this other player with a Confederate flag emblem and someone on the other team got him. "Headshot!" I shouted as he fumed.

Another person, I followed around the entire match shooting one bullet every five steps. Once, when he tried to hide and shoot at the enemy, I obstructed his view whilst shooting at him... #6
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Resident Evil movies (though not necessarily in line with the game) were fun to watch, well made, and did well at the box office.

Which is why the movies need to be set in the same universe and not follow the same story as the game.

Wreck it Ralph counts since it uses real games mixed with fake ones, and it is a great movie. #11
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I didn't think anyone wrote these types of articles anymore. What a waste of time.

Is anyone going to buy a top line gaming PC, a PS4, an X1, three different versions of the game and then play them all at once and wince because the graphics are different on one of those than the other?

Articles like this make very little sense since most people will play it on their system of choice and enjoy it that way.

I didn't know that better pi... #1.1.9
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Value is a separate part of the score from quality as both Ryse and the Order 1886 shows us. Value: the dollar per hour of playtime is an important factor from now on.

Therefore the very reviewers that trashed those games for low Value must also include dollars per hour of playtime into their final scores.

That is the way they wanted to play it this generation. #1.2.4
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X-Wing and Tie Fighter #1.3
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This is going to be absolutely astounding. I have so wanted this game and I am glad it is coming to console.

What a great piece of art. #1
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Certainly. However, now that Value is part of review scores, this must get near a 10 since the dollar per game play hour is very cheap.

That's the way reviewers wanted to play this game this generation, so that is they way they must play it.

Of course, it means that review scores will be as meaningless as ever. I predict (based on the value criteria) No Man's Sky must have a score higher than the actual threshold (ie 34213/5) since it will cost .0... #1.2.2
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Clash of Clans and any like it. #1.2.1
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"There I was completely wasting, out of work and down
all inside it's so frustrating as I drift from town to town
feel as though nobody cares if I live or die
so I might as well begin to put some action in my life

Breaking the law, breaking the law
Breaking the law, breaking the law..." #2.2.4
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Or Warfighter

...oh wait... #2.1.3
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To get the entire expansion it costs $59.99 for those of all who have bought all the expansions. That is the price of a full retail game.

Just the Taken King without the extra content is $39.99... Not $20, which is what we were led to believe. #2.1.3
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Agreed. I bought the game and the expansion packs. I was extremely excited at the THOUGHT that the expansion was only going to be $20 for me since I have been here since day one.

Alas, that isn't so. The expansion is $40 for just the Taken King PLUS $20 for the "bonus" material (shaders, exotics, and emotes.)

So, they want me to pay full retail price for an expansion pack. I was so ready, even upping a third character. But now, colossal l... #1.1.2
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To add to that, only 30 of his friends have a console that will have a VR component...

So, 10 out of 30 is really, really high. #2.2.2
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They seem to be doing just fine taking their time. They have two titles(?) currently going through seasons, plus they are working on the Walking Dead Season 3, so, they can take all the time they like. #1
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Me too with bonuses. I definitely think (from what I've seen) that it is worth 20. #1.4.1
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So, how many new Story Maps (for lack of a better term) will there be? Will we finally see Jupiter? #1
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"Indies." Lol. What a stupid word. The use of the word "indies" in order to denigrate a system or game just shows how out of touch with gaming a person is.

Star Citizen is "indie."

Journey is from a big name publisher.

The term doesn't mean anything any more. #6.1.2
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Planetside 2 called. It says, "Hi!" #6.2
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"Laces out, Dan!" #2.1.1
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I think the speaker in the controller is far underused. There was something special about starting up Resogun and hearing "Save the Last Humans" come out of the controller.

The touch pad is used extensively in the games I play but I can see where it is underutilized in others, especially sports games.

I wonder how many people know you can use the touchpad to insert information on the keyboard instead of using the joystick. #1.1.3
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