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And this is the problems with reviews. Many of them completely ignored the core gameplay and focused only on the SP story, which ignores 3/4 of the Earth, 1/2 the moon and so much more.

I understand the opinion that this is not a 10/10 game, but rushing out reviews just to rush out the review is ridiculous. The GI piece is spot on because they took the time to really get a good feel of the game.

But despite the bad, mediocre, and great reviews is the hate... #1
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What to do with Destiny Reviews? Toilet paper. Use to start a fire. Pick up dog doo. Line the cat litter pan. Put down on the drive while changing the oil in the car. Wipe up puke. Schnozzberry wipe. Paper basketball. #1
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Article: "1. Bungie isn't even a real word."

Dictionary: "Bungie (noun) an elastic cord." #1
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The most disappointing part of Polygon is its clickbait articles.

Gee, another hateboy article everyone! WOW, no one, and I mean no one has ever written a piece about how much the author hates gaming....erm...Destiny./s #1
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Not saying it is better, nor am I totally agreeing with this piece, BUT:

Minecraft has 4 player splitscreen for some great on the couch co op crafting. It is really a ton of fun when you are playing with friends or your kids (like I do.)

So, that is an advantage... again, not saying this means it is better, but it is a feature that is worth having. #1.2
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I'm wondering about this very thing. Are the bad reviews not for the PS4 version. Other than proximity chat, I have no problem conversing with other players on my team or in my party.

Of course, I mostly game with people in my clan and we all have mics so that makes it tons easier. #8.1
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So, it's Xbox hate? I doubt it. I am sure those that are loving it on xbox don't have a problem with it.

Is it because Bungie went back to multiplatforms? Is that what has a stick up your bums?

Hateboys are just hateboys, has nothing to do with my comment about how the people that love this game are online playing it. #1.1.14
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Reading comprehension not a strong suit for some people.

I don't contradict myself at all. The review I linked echoes what I said: "TO SEE IF IT IS FOR YOU."

The review, if any of you would have read, basically explains who this game is for.

Besides, the low review scores themselves are proof that critics are worthless. #1.1.4
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Don't believe them. I've always said critics are worthless. Grab this game if you like sci fi shooters and having fun. Check this review to see if it is for you:

It is a B L A S T!

I wonder how much of the hate is just aimed at Activision. #1.1
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The millions of people playing it for hours on end would be a good counterpoint to these claims of "disappointment."

Are millions of gamers spending millions of hours playing a game that they think is a disappointment?

That wouldn't make sense. So, no, I don't think it is a disappointment, not based on sales, but based on numbers of people playing and for how long. #1.1.1
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It should (so far.) It is still September and some of the biggest games of the year haven't been released yet.

This game is exactly what Bungie promised. I am playing on PS4 and am loving the game. The only reason I am on n4g right now is because I needed a break.

The only reason you won't see people online defending the game against the hate is because they are online having a blast playing Destiny. #1.1
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You're right. So, since Halo isn't like Myth: the Fallen Lords it should only be rated a 3.

Or. Maybe each game should be judged solely on its own merits.

And yes Myth: The Fallen Lords is a Bungie game. #5.2
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I think there is a lot of fake hate too. But that is a whole other thing. I think the hate flourishes because those that love Destiny are too busy playing it than to come on the internet and defend it.

Looked at my history leading up to today and it was was cosntant. I was on here 23 hours ago posted a couple comments then came back now because my wife says I need a break from Destiny. Before that it was 3 and 5 days ago.

I think I might be coming down wi... #1.1.4
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Just FYI: Then refers to "time," "sequence," and "as a condition." Than refers to a difference in degree and should be used in comparisons. #4
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So the new "hateboy" phrase of the day is "repetitive?"

Ugh. Is there a hateboy list for these terms, you know, so that the rest of us can keep up.

If it isn't "underwhelming," "overhyped," or "a letdown" it is now repetitive.

You seem to have been playing the game for awhile and certainly after awhile you are finding repetition with your friends. I can accept that opinion, but I have... #1.1.2
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He doesn't even know what an indie game is... it is such a stupid label.

Journey is not an indie game as it was published by a major company.

Star Citizen is an indie.

There goes that silly word that really means nothing. So these elitists won't avail themselves of awesome games because their "indie" but will buy games that have the "indie" feel because they are published by major publishers? W T F? #2.1.3
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That headline doesn't even go with the content of the article. The article is actually really good with almost a FAQ like take on Destiny.

Only at the very end does it answer the question of what could go wrong.

And that answer equates to about 5-10% of the article. What sensationalism! #1
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A 1st party exclusive is redundant. It is already exclusive to the console and should be referred to as a 1st Party Title (Game). SONY will never publish a game on Xbox.

3rd Party exclusives come when a third party (say Respawn Entertainment) makes a game for only one system. They did this with Titanfall and it was only on the Xboxes.

Respawn doesn't have any affiliation with Microsoft and could have built the game for the Playstations. That is what... #1.3.5
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Well, actually, I will be getting this in addition to my PS4. So there! #1
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Story Quality? Excellent Like this Website? YES!!

Awesome article. Something that has been a long time coming. It is actually sad that there used to be journalism classes at university (for those across the pond) or at college (for those in the states.)

The purpose of these classes was to teach how to research and write journalistic articles. With the plethora of wannabes, the actual journalists have been crowded out and stupidity reigns. #1
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