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"I am the real Thorstein."


I think you have proven my point.

"What I see from reviews is that they look at games from their own perspective."

That is precisely what I am saying. You read this as an attack on reviewers because your perspective is different than mine. I am really striking down the middle here. Even my own positive review of the game is invalid. I wrote it before this blog because my perspective is that it felt refreshing to have a cool new narrative set i... #3.2
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Reply contains SPOILERS
The game tells you exactly what happens to the Marquis de Lafayette. ***SPOILER*** He gains his knighthood during the game. It is a major part of the story.

He does have the blackwater and the members of the Order do take on the names of the former Order of the Round Table under King Arthur.

In fact, they show you exactly how the naming is played out between Galahad and Igraine whose real name is Isabeau. #1.1
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His comment history reveals exactly what his motives are. I suspect he is one of the critics that are getting bashed so often on here. #23.1.2
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For someone who dislikes the Order as much as you do, you spend a ton of time commenting on it.

It is almost as if your account (created a week ago) was designed just to bash the Order.

In fact, "as an owner of a PS4" your comments show that you only knock the system but praise the XOne. Stealth trolling is still trolling.

This game is fun for those that like it. Why that bothers you so much that you must post almost 50+ comment... #23.2
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Your comment history sure shows that you think this game is so "meh" that you continue to comment on it.

Why is that? #17.1
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Really aiming for that 1 bubble notoriety, aren't you?

OT. The game is good. Reviewers quite possibly may be incapable of seeing the game as most people who actually have played it do. #12.1
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FMV cutscenes throughout 4/5

FMV cutscenese throughout 2/5

Which is it? #2
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"If Halo 5 or any of the pending Xbox One exclusives released with this kid of result we would not see people touting them as great games that are critic proof, we would see people pointing to Microsoft with Doom and Gloom. "

As an avowed Sony fan, no I won't. Not anymore. Sure, I used to engage in the occasional fanboy war, but not when it comes to this. Not anymore. I am done with it. It isn't about fans anymore. These guys are hacks and, as we see i... #1.1.4
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You forgot:

Release Date is x/x/xx. Translation: We really have no idea when the developer will actually be done with the game, however we are releasing a release date anyway. When that date nears and the developer inevitably tells us that the release date is unreachable, we will claim that we are delaying the game to polish it. #1
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3 threes is 9 and you have 9 agrees and 6 disagrees, which is 3+3.

Mind...Blown. #1.2.4
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The game will simply be titled "3" because Valve would love to do this. They don't make trilogies.

I think it is part of their mission. Trilogies lull developers into complacency. I am hard pressed to find many games third iteration as the defining game in the series. I think they do this to force themselves to be creative and continue to develop great games.

Valve won't deliver the yearly update like EA or Activision do. #1.1.6
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Just putting this out there. I am not of a conspiracy theorist either. And I have always had an idea that this was going on. But the hottest story today is this one:

And it seems legitimate. #5.2
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So, it appears as if I was right to criticize these critics. #2.4
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Except Wired's Photoshop eyedropper tool says it's Black and Blue. I am wondering if they are being facetious, the way they write the last line, but I don't think it matters. #3.1
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I think there are a few things that get glossed over in reviews that should have improved the Order's scores but instead are ignored in almost all games:
1) The production value. The Order has rock solid code. No graphical hiccups, screen tearing, or problems with draw distances.
2) There are seamingly NO load times. I don't recall ever having to wait for something "new" to start unless it was (understandably) between chapters.
3) No day 1 DLC. Ho... #2.1
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Just to clarify why 4 tickets.

The Order takes 6-10 hours to finish.

Most movies are @ 1 1/2 - 2 hours in length.

Concessions are for all movies combined.

Sorry. I should have spelled that out. #1.2.10
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Have you used a toilet today? Used public roads? Used municipal water?

Are you protected by the police and fire? Did you pick up and eat food today? That food was clean because of what you consider "communism."

SMH. If you think the US is overregulated, you are in for a big surprise. We are one of the least regulated countries in the world. #3.2.2
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I honestly don't think people are angry about the 6-9 point reviews. Well, I disagree withe the 6, obviously.

But 2/10s? Or the 4/10s? Can you honestly justify those scores? There is no way that the order is a 2 or a 4 out of 10. 2's are completely broken games that don't work.

Most 4's are too but some can be completed. Wreck it Ralph (the game) cannot be completed, has nothing to do with the movie, and weirdly doesn't even let you... #5.1
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"Because those games have a formula that works and is considered fun by a lot of people and the reviewers. Again, why are gamers trying to knock other games that are doing things right just to make an excuse or argument for The Order?"

According to the comments sections of almost every article regarding the order, it appears that the gamers are enjoying the Order:1886.

I find it sad that you are so desperate to defend these hack, clickbait journalis... #2.2
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" it will be panned for what it fails to deliver, and that would be entirely fair"

Your bias is showing.

Since Dragon Age: Inquisition didn't deliver what I wanted: the ability to destroy the Chantry, then it is supposed to be panned?

That doesn't make sense. Games should be reviewed based on their merits, not on some scale that doesn't fit the genre.

After further review of your review I have notice th... #1
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