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They are - no doubt the QA team played the game, found loads and loads of bugs, and put them on a list for the developers to fix.

Then the release date approached, and many of the bugs on the list remained unfixed. Now there's always some bugs to fix, and a few will go through unnoticed, but activision's release schedule of 1 game a year puts tight constraints on what can get finished.

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Yeah I know the game is riddled with bugs. We were playing it at work today (instead of working lol) and it managed to crash twice within half an hour, AND we spent 5 minutes trying to shoot a sniper who can kill you, after which realizing he is only mortal once you complete the scripted event of picking up a rocket launcher.

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I'm not sure that what that video depicts is properly called a scripted event. That's called a bug, unless the developers intended you to always die and restart at that spot in that way. A scripted event always occurs the same way no matter what you do, and occurs in the way the developers intended.

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They won't lol. Have you seen D3 graphics? They are pretty terrible by today's standards.

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Totally agree.

My ideal AI in a game would be completely nonpartisan and equivalent to the human players in every way. That is, the player is not seen as "special" in their eyes any more than his teammates and they only shoot at him because of his uniform, and if the player is hindered by controls that only allow him to turn so fast, the computer players should be, too.

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People forget that even a crappy computer could run Crysis. Now I think it still looks better than the lowest settings on PC but the whole thing with Crysis was being able to run it at MAX settings at a high resolution. Any crappy computer can run any game at console resolution without too much trouble.

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Yeah because their stock being way down has NOTHING to do with the Japanese economy and the earthquake/tsunami


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Well... I complained when I had to install every act. I pointed out that it's actually worse than swapping disks but fanboys wouldn't listen. It's incredibly irritating if two people share the same PS3 and one is on act 1 and the other is on act 2 - you need to basically install every time you play the game. It's also irritating if you just want to start a new game and muck around; you have to install again. All in all a terrible design decision. At least Rage installs it all ...

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Yes - not just the RAM issue, but the fact that it was not planned from the start.

It is a HUGE undertaking to implement a feature that is compatible with ALL games AFTER they have been released. It is much, MUCH simpler to do it beforehand.

By not thinking ahead, the PSN is not equipped to handle such features whereas XBL IS. This is because every live-enabled game is developed & tested knowing that these features will need to work. Zero PSN games have ...

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Socialist left? WTF are you talking about? The only reason they are rioting as far as I can see is because unemployment is still high in those deprived areas. And unemployment isn't high because of the "socialist left" in fact it's lower than in the states.

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What encourages camping is the entire format of the game. In any game where you win by being the first person to react and press fire a winning strategy will always be to find somewhere where you only need to look at one spot and then wait until someone shows up in your crosshair. It doesn't matter if they can kill you or avoid you with enough skill because there will always be enough noobs around to make camping worthwhile.

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There is :)
You can respec since the update last year I think. You get a free respec with the den of evil quest, or you can collect 3 items from various bosses (I think the countess, summoner and 1 other) and transmute them to get a respec.

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Yeah in 2D I get a really nice framerate, in 3D it slows it down by at least a factor of 4. Which is a shame because it looks really nice.

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Games for windows live sucks balls though...

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Yeah the version for PS2.

In fact in the very first part of the game there are hidden caverns that you need to dig tunnels to in order to get to them. Destroying bridges works in some areas if you blow up everything connecting the bridge to the edge. It's not very physical but it's really fun, especially in multiplayer (you can only play 2 player though if I recall correctly).

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The worst thing about Oblivion was that the best strategy was to set your MINOR skills as the ones you will use most often. The entire levelling system was awful.

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Reminds me of Red Faction 1 -> Red Faction 2. Red Faction 1 had awesome destruction, yes it wasn't realistic but you could blow holes in walls and dig tunnels, destroy bridges and rip the map to shreds. Red Faction 2 removed this in favour of a tightly scripted single-player where you could only blow apart certain panels. Multiplayer had a similar thing where very few destructible walls remained.

Basically in that case and in this case the devs are trying to have more ...

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Well it WILL be made by the LBP community for sure :)

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That sounds good BUT I feel that doing something like cleaning the whole thing out whilst it's working is the kind of thing that could make it break lol. It is pretty dusty but I've got a habit of bricking things when I go near them - happened to 2 laptops and a motherboard this year :(

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My launch 60gb is making a ton of noise recently, both the fans and the blu-ray drive. I think it's on its last legs after over 4 years of use. Still, it is bloody hot at the moment where I live so that may be why the fans have to work overtime.

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