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I just can't understand how other Nintendo fans are satisfied with a console that's released 6 years after the PS3 and provides no significant leap over it's rivals, On the contrary... To me the WiiU is the console they should have released 6 years ago.

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People thinking the PS2/Xbox > PS3/360 was a really big leap.
Don't actually agree with that. SNES/Megadrive to PS/Saturn/N64 was just unreal. PS1/N64 to PS2/Cube also was extreme.
I think the graphical leaps are getting smaller and smaller each gen.

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WiiU version looks decent but come on...It HAS too, right?
Would be quite unacceptable if it couldn't run PS3/360 multiplatform titles. Interesting to see what the 2nd launch of games will show in comparison with PS3/360

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Let's just forget the specs for a moment.
The reason why the WiiU TECHNICALLY is current gen:
Can the Wii run PS3/360 games? No. Wii tech was last gen
Can the WiiU run PS3/360 games? Yes. WiiU tech is at least current gen.

You only have to look at multiplatform games to understand in what gen a console is.
Will the WiiU be able to run PS4/720 multiplatform games?
Simple answer is: Unknown. We don't know yet what those systems ...

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