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Good show Hip Hop Gamer, but i still cant stand The Bit Bag though.

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M$ should be more worried about Apple than Sony.

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Its the servers retard. when you have over a million people at once hitting the same level you will have problems. Go play Failble 2.

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I heard there crap podcast and them complaining about sony and saying that fable 2 is the best game out on all systems. Thebitbag is a joke and a bunch of Xbox 360 fanboys.

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The bitbag is a joke, please dont post from that site anymore. The guy that runs the site put a video of his xobox 360 with rrod and thats not news.

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Are they serious with this review? So this game in there opinion is as good as GTA IV, MGS4 and BioShock.

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Forget the boring bata. Give me the single player demo this week or next.

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Its there right.

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I hate to agree with you again, but I bought this game mainly for the headset which is outstanding. This game is a 8 at best.

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Your lucky it didn't burn your place of residence down.

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I hate to agree with you, but it's true they do tear in to Xbox games pretty bad. On the 1up show they tear into M$ more than Sony.

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Cliffy B is annoying.

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WOW! Adam didn't go Xbot like Man Jaw aka Morgan Webb does.

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Aaron Greenberg will be like every other Blu-Ray player owner on Dec 9 when he's waiting in line to get The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray. How else can he watch it in True 1080p with uncompressed sound?

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The Dark Knight is going to PWN on blu-ray

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Funny thing is they have a Gears of War level too. Which was so so, but it was his first level so it might get better over time.

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Did you read the article tard? The demo is free in Europe, Making a PSN account anywhere in the world is free. Man Xbots get dumber everyday.

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Who will actually buy this game with blockbuster games on PS3 and Xbox 360 coming out in the next two months?

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Home can be downloaded and not entered at all or forced on you to enter to play any games, now that's a choice. Your paying $50 a year and you don't have a choice to skip avatars, sounds like another M$ scam to me.

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