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Thanks man, the game was great fun. I am looking forward to seeing how Volume turns out as well, if its as good as TWA it will be money well spent.

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Sadly not :( but I did love it

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I get what you mean about the freedom most games these days seem to be really linear and or want to hold your hand through the game.

Those additions would have been nice doing like freelance hits while you where waiting for information to do with the main quest would have been nice even if they were not that long.

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Sorry to hear about the save file getting deleted but I am glad you didn't get put off and still enjoyed doing the missions over.

Yeah once you realize there are different ways to do it each time makes it more interesting to go back and play just to see how it works out.

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Yeah and if you read the next part it says there where models lacking detail such as the boat for example, I don't know if that was just a PS3 thing or not that's why I took an extra point down other than that I would have gave it a 5.

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As I said I would actually like to see a second installment myself and I think it could meet the hype around the first one and I hope it does.

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I left the online like that because I didn't comment about it at all, it was my first post so if I should leave it at 10 if I didn't mention it let me know and I will fix it :)

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