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"If you're nerdy at 30, you're nerdy forever!"


Agreed. I just checked and used copies of Panzer Dragoon Saga start at about $300 on Amazon. Crazy. I still watch vids of that game on YouTube from time to time and dream of the day I can finally play it for myself. I wonder why they haven't gone digital with it?! #1.1.3
I hadn't heard of Koudelka until you brought it up, so I checked Wikipedia and YouTube, and you're right, that game looks great! As a fan of both RPGs and Survival Horror, I have no idea how this one slipped past me! Thanks! #12.1.1
I really wish Shadow Hearts: Covenant would come to the PSN so I could play it again. I never finished it on PS2, which is sad because it was shaping up to be one of the best RPGs I've ever played. Anyone else play that series? #12
I haven't played FFX since it came out on PS2, but I do remember that I was never able to dodge all of them. Didn't the game do this thing as well, where if you try using an auto-controller and hold down the "X" button, the game automatically makes the lightning strike Tidus?! #5
Thanks a bunch for looking into that for me! Aiming in KZ2 bothered me a bunch (but I was still in love with that game), but they fixed it in KZ3 as far as I could tell from the multiplayer beta. So if you're saying it's basically the best yet, that's super exciting! Looks like it's time to hop back into Killzone. =) #3.2.1
@Manio31, You're correct, you did say you had a Gamecube! My bad! If you still have one, or have a Wii (backwards compatibility) try snagging a copy of Eternal Darkness. I haven't played it in forever, but I have a feeling it holds up because even if the visuals are dated, the story is pretty masterful. #1.1.2
Yeah Eternal Darkness was incredible. Also, I wonder why Code Veronica made the list instead of something like the Resident Evil 1 REmake. Maybe the author never had a GameCube? Anyway, fun list. I'm a sucker for checking out people's Top 10 lists. #1.1
I'm in the process of playing Persona 4: Golden right now and it's pretty great so far. I have a Killzone: Mercenary question for anyone who can answer it, as I can't find a concrete answer anywhere online. My question is this: Do the controls in Killzone for Vita do that thing where the latency on the control sticks (particularly while aiming) causes a slight input delay between the player and the game? Uncharted: Golden Abyss, for example, does this and it really kills the game... #3
Did anyone else actually play this game? What did you think? #1
@mcstorm, my first comment was supposed to be a rely to you. lol. Durrr. #2.1
I haven't checked out the WiiU yet, but I'm loving my 3DS. Pokemon X and Y sound like they're easily going to be the best installments we've ever seen. Not only visually, but feature and content-wise as well. #2
This is a really fun read. I loved the AVP arcade and popped quarters into any chance I got. I remember playing the Aliens beat 'em up as well. Link to a gameplay vid: #1
In regards to Condemned-- great game and great example! Also, @yellowgerbil, a powerful and enticing launch lineup can mean everything for a console. Look at how many N64's Mario 64 alone sold people back in the day. And Rogue Squadron II on Gamecube was a "system seller" for a lot of people-- these things matter, as they get the ball rolling, so to speak. #7.1.1
Heyo, as some other people are stating, it's only comparing XB1 and PS4 day-1 launch titles. No other consoles, or what's available on PC.

In the context of the article I felt I was pretty clear that the chart was representative of what's going to be available to play on both those consoles on their respective launch days. If it's misleading in any way I apologize.

Additionally, it's not meant to stir up the hornet's nest in any way,... #4.1
P.S. if you read the article, you'll also see that "visual" has nothing to do with graphics, but rather a chart that makes it easier to see what titles are coming out for what consoles. #1.2
Haha, if you've already invested in a PC, yeah I'd probably agree that it'd be awesome to upgrade your rig. However, for console gamers without PC's, there are decisions to be made. =) #1.1
Who's played 400 Days? What do y'all think? #1
*pours one out for the Dreamcast*

On a side note, I'm still totally willing to sell my soul for Shenmue 3. Just saying. #2
I knew about the turnips (but not the specific time Joan comes around on Sunday) but everything else is super helpful! Thanks a bunch! For the most part I've been trying to stay away from guides and things for this game-- just trying to experience it naturally and learn along the way. =) #1.1.1
I know tons of people are playing this game-- any pointers for bringing in the Bells? I've been going to the island solo and collecting beetles in the afternoon and evening; it's been working really well. I really love this game more than I ever thought I would. =) #1
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