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I know :(
Here's a bubble and an agree

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an abyss.

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Awesome Alex! Thanks :)
Someone just started livestreaming, but stopped out of fear of getting banned. Maybe you should upload gameplay videos (walkthrough?) to a site (other than Youtube, because he also uploaded a youtube video of the first 30 minutes and it got pulled immediately.)

Maybe dailymotion?

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I've read that EU hasn't updated either or was at least super delayed as well, the other day? But also, it's not just a SCEA thing. They're usually very good.

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Gotta be in English, buddy.

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It updated MANY hours ago. However, it's still not fully updated yet.

The discounts and Plus games aren't even available.

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yes please!
If people don't want spoilers, they don't have to watch it.

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Mr. Logic,

but not recently

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Can you cancel your preorder then re-order?

Try asking sony for a refund on the preorder. (And yes, they do give digital refunds. a LOT of the time, in fact. I know from experience)

It may be a grey area, but hey, why not give it a shot eh?

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Sweet! InFAMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUS! You just got me 10 bucks, SP :)

Luv Yeeeewwwwww

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I think people just disagree on this site for the hell of it... Don't disagree without research, kid.

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Right! Like Nexon America!

Anyone who knows or plays MapleStory understands that NA is FAR worse than EA. Just saying... They have a support "ticket" system, and they never answer the tickets, they ban players who did nothing wrong, and just "forget about it"... They patch their games and do maintenance every 2 days... they're so much worse.

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Read my comment. You're not correct.

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Why the disagree(s)...?
It's a visual fact. Look at it. Pft. Fanboyism...

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Look at the picture of the guy lying down.
The ripped clothes look more, well, dense and less-pixel-y on the PS3 version, and the gloves look more-detailed too.

Looks like the PS3 version takes the cake for this one.

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PS4 :)

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Oh. Ew. I was expecting this dude:

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