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Gears 1 undoubtedly my favorite. Remaster it will extra maps from the other games or original maps and I am in #32.1
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This has been going on since Killzone e3 2005 at least for me. They give us that great sense of wonder and awe. A graphical obsession makes people forget about getting excited about gameplay features. I am not paying for a console or PC to watch the game. I am paying to play the game so show gameplay #3.1.1
We need to let graphics go,but I am entirely over these In-Engine light shows. Show us gameplay and don't waste our time with damage control of "it looks just like that" because when it inevitably doesn't it starts a cycle of disappointment. #3
Gears of War is multiplayer and community. I don't know why this surprises people. Street Fighter V will definitely be great and I enjoyed IV,but it comes down to how much friends will be able to play. Both come down to core groups I can play with. #1.1.1
I agree as long as the base game of MKX is worth it. The only worry in this situation is knowing characters are coming in a season pass already splits the community in multiplayer. It is more something I wouldn't like to know at launch that a character is coming that will inevitably change multiplayer and balancing. However at the end of the day as long as the DLC characters are well balanced with current characters than all is well.

I just personally don't like knowi... #12.1.1
Honestly I don't particularly care if the graphics match the in game trailer. I more just want to see gameplay because that what gets me excited. What I will be playing rather than mirages and tricks. I like seeing the HUD. I like seeing mistakes and deaths rather than god mode. I just like seeing how the experience will be for me #6
Damn you Street Fighter V vs Gears of War. This is making it difficult to decide a console. #1
Sorry true immediate season pass. I more mean it leads to immediate purchasing or not of characters that come down the line before just focusing on what is in the game #2.1.1
More saying I wish this was a full entry like their normal games,but set in China and presenting an interesting story and combat system there #2.1.1
After I see gameplay at E3 I will comment. Until then "cool"" #6
It is cool if costumes cost money,but it would be nice if all characters were free or they did what Street Fighter did and waited to make a new expansion of some kind where everyone was on same playing field,but not at launch.

Street Fighter didn't even do DLC characters at launch #2
Missed opportunity. Yes we are getting missions,but the ability to play through the whole star wars story and after the new movie play through its story as well would have been a beautiful coop experience. Instead we will be getting random missions they select in which they suggest to replay them on harder difficulties for more gameplay

To each their own #30
I personally base it on if the base game is worth 60$. The worry with DLC for me is dividing of communities and some players paying to be stronger or have different guns in multiplayer being impossible to balance.

However in terms of DLC as long as the base game is worth the full 60$ and the DLC doesn't split the multiplayer community then I don't particularly care #12
12 Games
9 Years

But why are some of the most interesting game changing ones taking place off of consoles? #2
Of course they have 100s of stories to tell it is their main franchise it will never end #3
It is more does every game need a sequel. Would be interesting to see Ready at Dawn make a new IP that fully embraces what they want to make. The Order felt like they were half there,but were so focused on following a format #2.2.1
I enjoy new characters so cool we shall see. Hope the combat feels slightly different than 9 though. I am a Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Bloody roar, Tekken player,but Mortal Kombat 9 felt less technichal at times #4
The author does not bring up a valid point. They use a click bait title then the word "but" then insult the person that has an opinion that differs from their own rather than give their own opinion.

That is equivalent to porkChop has a valid point,but I didn't read it because I have an attention span of a gnat.

Cliffy B has played MGS and other games with longer cutscenes it is about gameplay. Some defend so hard because they don't want an... #1.1.4
Will be interesting to see. They have been playing it low key #3
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