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The PC Delegation would like Gears of War instead keep Halo 5 #17
You snitch #3.1
The problem is there is not quite enough awards to do so yet. Nor is this meant to be a super serious awards show like GDC #1.1
Well one good thing came out of Lizard Squad. I shall rewatch Freakazoid over break #1.5
Will it run Day Z? #5.2
They wanted no bots all players,but no titans is quite silly. It will literally be just COD #1.1
Thought people still wanted Titans in too,but close enough. Glad they are listening #1.3
neither are indie games but okay #5.1
Thank you for posting what I was thinking. R* always uses secrecy and the game is already out for consoles. No need to hype it. Just need Mods #7.1
2020 H1Z1 cancelled. Sony buys DayZ and continues development #8.1
Hey you just copy and pasted my post. All my effort and the cancelled game developers effort lead to this pompous post #8.1
You can say the Last Guardian....Ha we can hope it will come out,but at this point I no longer have that child like excitement I did when it was first announced #6.1
Cancelled games are always a bummer. As well as games that deserved a sequel

I would add War of the Monsters, Freedom Fighters and other random gems. Ha I always try to do this since what culture never has an option to view all of their list on one page #5.1.1
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Price gouging? The game cost the same as other new games 59.99. Less on last generation makes sense. #4.1
Looks so good #5
Akira American remake is coming to disappoint us no worries #2
This is Titanfall all over again #7
You shouldn't expect to see any of New Gears even a teaser until E32015. You will see gameplay E32016 and it will release fall of 2016 at earliest #17.1
I may get one for Gears of War down the line and still miss the console environment. I also don't fully trust this rumor so am on the fence. #21.1.1
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