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Freedom Fighters

Bloody Roar

nuff said #3
They just lifted the ban on consoles in China. It makes sense to not market hard in a place where gaming has been banned for a while. Why does someone always have to bring up competition rather than just enjoy? #1.3
I am doing a lot of combos at this menu screen #2
give me War of the Monsters 2. I knew this was going to flop the moment I saw it #28
Gonna rock this over Japanese Special Edition. I hope Kojima is still getting properly compensated #6
No thank you to a remaster that looks exactly like old game doesn't come with God of War 1 or 2 and could simply be played with backwards compatibility

Also no to a Godzilla game that doesn't even look as good as War of the Monsters.

Just No take your pre order bonuses and shove them up Uranus until it reaches the black hole. You will need to start at the patrick star #2
Seems people have no sense of humor #1.1
Console exclusivity? To play an game that has been on pc, ps2 and ps1. It will have better graphics of course but many people want the same gameplay. Not everything has to be us or them playstation or xbox #5.1.1
Any one that wanted a 20 year old game to be an PS4 exclusive rather than be enjoyed by more people you may want to reflect on how crazy that sounds #5
Nas Regeneration produced by DJ Premier plez #7
Devolver Over Everything

between This, Journey and Sengoku Basara Sumeragi I am feasting #3
Cash Grab #1
A character with dreadlocks I am in. Especially if they can be used as a weapon #1.1.3
Dynasty if people like you become the majority then I will stop playing video games. You are complaining about graphics of MGSV #1.6.1
I was speaking for me personally. I don't care what the internet declares the game of the year. I can enjoy both without getting all rustled about what is best. I love CD Projekt and Kojima #5.2.1
Probably going to be MGSV but this amount of content is godly. I need to fully immerse in Witcher 3 again #5.1
Fuck I wish I beat ni no kuni. ps3 broke right after I got to ship which was after the 20 hour tutorial of perfection. FF 7 will finally figure out the hype. The Last of Us ending is one that sticks with you regardless o how you felt about it #9.1
Shadow of the Colossus

Spec Ops the Line was truly beautiful #7
Give us Dark Stalkers and buy rights to Bloody Roar and fix PSN to be smooth and I am in #37
Gaming community can be shown 120 minutes of gameplay be told it is less than a percent of gameplay and different ways to play the game. Shown a rocket punch, a dog being useful in a video game slitting someones throat, a female sniper that is mute and takes out enemies in sync with you and still find a way to complain. "BUT TEH GRAPHICS". To that I say but the gameplay. If you want to play graphics then life is right in front of you and if you got the right optometrist the graphics... #1.5
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