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FF and no not Final Fantasy,but Freedom Fighters 2. Since Eidos owned it and they own Eidos #17
Walking Dead the game,but I wonder what is next for them. They have been relatively quiet #3
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Bioshock or XCom or New IP

Either way I win #2
Ha I don't know about comparing Marvel extra 1 minute of content in a movie with 120-150 minutes comparable to an experience with 20 hours and cosmetic change. I understand being upset about the DLC. I am saying talk is literally cheap. If you are truly against it speak with your dollars buy the game used, don't buy the dlc, play the main game. Send a message of some kind other than " I don't like this,but I am going to buy this". It will continue because people are buyi... #11.1.1
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory 2 #1
Fingers Crossed for

Parappa the Rapper
Ratchet and Clank
Jak and Daxter
War of the Monsters 2
Street Fighter V
Timesplitters 4
Last Guardian
Shadow Of The Colossus(REREMASTERED)
No Man's Sky
Persona 5
Quantum Dream #1.1
The New Story Trailer lowered my hype. Feels like an odd tie in even though it is not related to movie so much #1
Wait for the Game of the Year edition or get it used if you feel this way about it. Why would you get the game at launch if you don't like their pre order dlc? #11
I have a 360 fightstick with connectivity issues so I will have to get a new one either way. This is a great move by Capcom though. Can't wait for Street Fighter V #1
Started on Death March unfortunately changed to Normal because Death March felt more cheap than challenging #1
Fei Long

please #3
Beautiful Trailer #1
We are playing Witcher 3 so we know it will be worth the wait. Witcher 3 Expansion Pass content won't even finish til end of 2016 then 2017 lead up to E3 we will have gameplay for Cyberpunk. With Cyberpunk releasing late 2017 or Early 2018. No Delays, No Rush and just as a deep a universe as Witcher. YAS PLEASE #11

Generally have been an Xbox person. I love gears and Xbox Live,but just went with PS4 for friends and variety of games(STREET FIGHTER V). Tretton always presented well for Sony. Their last E3 ehhhhhh and have liked Phil Spencer. #2.2

I fully agree Exclusive experiences catered to it,but Jak and Daxter a major franchise catered to it that is a third person game seems out there. We shall see at E3 #2.3
I miss him :( #2.1
SquarEnix E3 we shall see it come to US #1
599.99 #1.2
Hmmmm In #1
If it was exclusive to Morpheus then people would have to buy a 300$ peripheral to play it #2.2
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