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They better, because his prediction of the Wii U being "toast" this fall is incorrect.

The Wii U is selling just fine. And really its powered by Super Mario 3D World.

Next year when the heavy hitters come, Pachter is going to be damage controlling like he does with the 3DS #16
No it's not. #20.1
I said it looks "much" better than NSMBU, not just better.

DKC's graphics are good. I disagree with your art direction stance. I feel it looks great. #9.1.2
DKC looks much better than NSMBU

but this game is about gameplay. #9.1
When graphics are your main concern, of course there is a bottleneck.

But developers who want to make great games will have no problem with any of the systems. #13
Hicken, who said that?

I said they are inconsistent. We all know the Tsutaya charts are not the be all end all.

- Its not every store in Japan
- Doesn't count digital
- The Media Create and Famitsu ranks are almost always different.

However, as a journalist, if you report the charts one week, you need to report them all weeks. Not just when there is a Sony game ranking higher than the Nintendo game. #2.2.3
Dualshockers is a bit inconsistent in there Tsutaya chart reports. They only report it when there is a Sony game ranking above a Nintendo game. Otherwise they just ignore them. #2.2
Sony and Microsoft's online networks broke this holiday season too. Are they garbage as well? LOL #4.1.4

The Wii U outsold the PS3 in its first year on market.

The Wii U has outsold the PS3 in japan for the past couple months.

The PS3 sold less than 10 million units in 7 years on the market.That is not great. Wii U is currently on track to top PS3 lifetime sales, in a shorter amount of time in Japan.

Wii U sales have risen dramatically since November. #3.2.2
Poor Wii U nothing, Don't believe the major media sales bashing of the Wii U. The system is selling much better now.

There were so many new Wii U owners it broke Nintendo online eShop #4.1.1
WOW, Troll article. The Audience was screaming and super excited.

Dude, get a life. #5
The 3DS, is killing the everybody...with Nintendo first party games for the most part.

I wonder if what would happen if third party companies got behind the 3DS like they should? The 3DS would even be selling more than it is. #13
But more than 2 million in a couple months is good. And that's where the Wii U right now.

It had its problems. But things are clearly looking up. Nintendo's 2014 software is going to be big. Smash Bros, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Monolith Soft's X, to name a few.

Nintendo will easily sell more than 5 million units next year. #1.2.3
What did I say that's trolling? #11.2.1
Yup, just like the PS Vita TV was sold out on Amazon too, and look how good that console is doing in Japan....

I get it that the PS4 is going to sell ok in Japan. But Dualshockers endless hype of Sony products is just funny.

They made it seem like the PS Vita TV was going to dominate the market. An... #11
The PS Vita is doing poorly. It got a slight bump due to the PS4 or due to it being the holidays, but lets be real here. This article states no numbers what so ever. And Sony has not given us ANY numbers on the Vita itself. All they said was there wsa a 68% increase from the previous month...

Just look at the weekly charts man.
Excuses.....these are facts.

The Wii U is selling better in the US and Japan. UK is not big on the Wii U just like Japan is not big on the 360.

Please tell me where I am making a excuse. Everything I said is fact. #4.1.2
Wii U is selling much better in every other region. UK isn't big on Wii U, just like Japan isn't big on the Xbox 360. #4.1
So did all of Rockstar's issues with GTA 5 result in poor planning?

How about PSN being hacked, Sony didn't plan right?

The PS4's online network was having issues as well. Was their poor planning.

Exactly why are you singling out Nintendo when all companies have had downtime for their servers? #1.1.2
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