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Wii U and 3DS are my main consoles. Not everyone loves shooters and western games.

The Wii U has far more quality games than PS4 and Xbox One.

Sony's first party exclusives are kind of trash:

DriveClub, Knack, Killzone.... ehhhh

The only decent one is Infamous Second Son. The Wii U and 3DS have more games with free online play.

PLUS PS4 and Xbox One do not have a lot of Japanese style games, and this...

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Zelda, Star Fox, Splatoon, Devil's Third, Yoshi's Wolly World, and Mario Maker in 2015 will help

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Read what I said: "It has some open enviorments"

Bloodborne focuses on fighting as well. Just not Stylish Action like Bayo ect.

But if you've played Dark Souls 2 on PC at 60fps, you can easily feel that it plays better at that frame-rate for dodging and combat.

Don't damage control for From Software. Bloodborne would be a far better game at 60fps, the PC version of Dark Souls 2 proves that.

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Maybe they should go with 792p 60fps?

I would really like to play Bloodborne at 60fps. I'm still getting the game nomatter what, but it would be nice for an "action" game to run at 60fps, or near it.

Bayonetta 2 is pure bliss.

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Bloodborne is not a "sandbox" game. It isn't GTA 5 dude. You can't hop in a car drive across town and shit. It has some open enviorments, but its by no means a "sandbox" game like Watch Dogs, Sleeping Dogs, or GTA.

It's an "Action" game, just as the producer said. And "Action" games do NOT play better in 30fps.

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30fps "best for action games"?

Ummm... no, no, and no.

Bayonetta, Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry prove otherwise.

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Asda.... in the UK? LOL that regions console sales are not even that high.

And what you said doesn't prove anything. Counties that matter? Get off your high horse dude.

Nintendo has sold 2 million Wii U's in Japan and you're telling me that does't matter? LOL, then why did MS launch there then?

Nobody is buying Xbox One's in Japan at all.

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No, they are in third place.

Nintendo has sold more Wii U's than Microsoft has sold Xbox One's...therefore they are in 3rd place.

Nintendo has also sold more software on the Wii U than Microsoft has sold on Xbox One.

So with hardware and software... Nintendo has sold better this gen. Microsoft is in 3rd with it.

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LOL, way to contradict yourself in your own post.

"swell, at least 141 people bought it"

"Ultimately there's no way for an outside party to determine what those sales charts mean."

Yet you just did that by saying at least 141 people bought it.

Then went on to say that "I can't imagine you're dealing with tens of thousands of units there."

So there is no way to determi...

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Nintendo confirmed the Wii U version runs in 60fps, they did months ago at the April Smash Bros direct.

Now what they didn't confirm is if the game runs in 1080p 60fps in 8-player matches. Which the article didn't say.

The person who submitted the article added that bit into the title.

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Well just to give a comparison. The Wonderful 101 didn't even chart in the pre-orders list.

The game sold around 15,000 copies in week one for North America.

In Europe, Bayonetta 2's first print run sold 15,000 copies before the game was even released..... so yeah. Bayonetta 2 is a sure bet to sell far better than The Wonderful 101.

And even though everyone was bashing The Japanese sales of Bayonetta 2. It still sold 7x more than The ...

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If those Bayonetta 2 numbers are correct, this game is going to sell far better than people expected.

80K+ for the USA alone, along with Europe, Amazon, and eShop numbers... we could be looking at 200K+ Opening week for Bayonetta 2.

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ANOTHER SAVE THE WII U ARTICLE.... LOL How many is that total?

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Excuse me while I go pre-order the same game I played last year? lol

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The 3DS game launches next week I think

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Knack was bundled with PS4's it didn't really sell that well

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Knack is one of your favorite games this gen?

You don't play enough games then.....

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Stop spreading ignorance....

DualShockers makes a lot of ad revenue. The clicks from N4G far outweigh the host site fees. Many sites like GoDaddy charge around $150 for a year of hosting. DualShockers probably makes that in a day or two of ad revenue.

And no, add revenue is paid every month by most companies.

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Wait a minute.... The Wii U version is yet to launch... Once that one does, I'm sure the sales will be close to Brawl's 2.7 million. Not to mention, Brawl had more days to track as well. Brawl released at the beginning of the month...

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Once corrupt websites stop being corrupt... then #Gamergate will stop.

Until then.... please stop will the bullshit that #Gamergate is all about making bomb threats and inciting violence.

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