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You're friend didn't say that. LOL

If they wanted Smash Bros and Wii U for cheap they can buy one from Nintendo for $199.99. #6.1.1
I'll be honest.... I'm waiting for this thing to flop so I can get it really cheap with Freedom Wars... #6
Hmm, that statement is in stark contrast to what David Gibson said at Nintendo's Investor Meeting.

Nintendo is bundling multiple games with the Wii U hardware. I doubt they are losing money on each unit but are deciding to bundle 2 games with the Wii U for a price of $299.99. #3.1.1
Another stupid "save the Wii U" article.

Meanwhile Nintendo already announced back in May the Wii U is no longer being sold at at a loss.

The opening sentence and this article is clickbait. The Title should be "5 Titles that can boost Wii U Sales" #3
I'm pretty sure Microsoft knows they aren't going to any money in Japan.

The Xbox Division has been losing money for years now. If Microsoft didn't have the huge overhead money flowing in, the Xbox brand wouldn't even be here. #3.3.5
Pachter = idiot #23
"You know the goal of a business is MAKING money, right? Nintendo could fund B3 if 2 doesn't make money, but they probably wouldn't."

- Nobody knows the budget of the game. So Nintendo could sell a modest amount and still make a sequel if they want to. Microsoft knows they aren't going to make any money in Japan, yet they still released the system in Japan. #3.3.3
Nintendo can fund a sequel if they want to. Bayonetta 2's budget didn't break the bank.

Platinum Games titles always sell better in North America and Europe.

I remember when people were calling MadWorld a flop because of its Japanese sales.....

then the game went on to sell over 700K in the west. #3.3.1
The Lifetime to date numbers of the Xbox 360 version of Bayonetta 2 are around 89,000K

With two days of sales, Bayonetta 2 has already sold nearly half of the lifetime to date numbers of the Xbox 360 version in Japan.

The game just had double the days to track.

"Historically, Wii U games have not held up in the following weeks on the chart. Hyrule Warriors, TW101, Pikmin 3, WWHD all dropped fast."

That's not... #6.2.1
Clickbait title,

5x worse than Bayonetta 1's launch:

Bayonetta 1 launched on October 29th, 2009 in Japan. (PS3) It sold 135,000 in its first 4 days. Media Create tracked it from October 25 - November 1st.

Bayonetta on Xbox 360 sold around 63,000 in its first week in Japan. Same deal as the PS3. October 29th, 4 days of tracking with the Media Create.

Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U launched on September 20th, that was as Saturday... #6
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$50 million is not cheap. #1.1.2
Just buy the Super Mario 3D World bundle this holiday. I doubt they are going to do a redesign anytime soon. Nintendo usually doesn't redesign their home consoles.

Or you can buy a Wii U from Nintendo refurbished for $200 if you're looking to save some cash. And these refurbished Wii U's are basically new. Nitnendo has very high standards for refurb products.

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The Wii U version is going to sell huge this holiday season with Amiibo.

This was a great idea to sell this version early on, then get every one hyped for the main course this winter.

Its about making money, not having one platform "sell better" so screw the other one.

3DS and Wii U both need this game. Watch you'll see. The Wii U version is going to do big numbers. It will launch right before Black Friday. #2.1
Wii U is not getting no 3rd party support simply because Wii U owners don't buy 3rd party games

- The Wii U's major third party support is filled with Crappy Xbox 360 ports.

Indie developers games are selling much better on the Wii U like Shovel Knight because they don't suck. #13.1
These developers were hyping these games up to be the greatest things ever. And idiot gamers fell for it. #27
Exactly where did they say there is PS2 level of backgrounds?

They said the devs took the times to makes the background detailed and it might have affected the performance of the game. #5.1
How do you know the game would sell a lot more on the PS4 and Xbox One?

The game didn't sell enough on the Xbox 360, which had the superior port to the PS3. Less than 1 million sold. #3.2
GTA isn't even on the Wii U. Mario Kart 8 held its own against the super hyped Watch Dogs. Its do more than fine against GTA #1.1.4
I'm sorry, but nobody cares what you hate and don't hate.

The fact that anyone could associate the word "hate" with a video games company is stupid. And another sign people take this sh*t way too seriously.

It's just video games. There are games for everybody. #4
I'll take Hyrule Warriors! #1.3
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