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The Kinectless Xbox One isn't even doing that well, its getting outsold worldwide by Wii U and PS4 #15.1
The time is actually horrible for that. They are about to launch Smash Bros with Amiibo support. If you launch a bundle without a Gamepad, tons of people won't even consider buying Amiibo because they won't be able to use it.

Keep the Gamepad, just drop the price by $50 if they have to, but dropping the Gamepad at this point is a stupid idea. Not when there is a ton of games in development that will be using it. Especially with Amiibo. #17
why are you complaining about japanese games to?
xbox is an american company of course their not going to have that many japanese games

-Because the Xbox 360 had plenty of Japanese games. And I like Japanese games.

which im personally fine with but apparently people like you cry and moan over it. frankly thats another reason i bought the ps4 and wii-u. apparently you're tiny brain wont understand that though.

- I'm 10x mor... #7.3.1
Its still coming in October though. And its ok if you don't have a Wii U by then, just get one by November.. When Smash for Wii U launches. #14.2.2
"saying their loosing cause they don't have enough exclusive content even though they do is definitely a fanboy comment."

- NO ITS NOT, your opinion is COMPLETLY SUBJECTIVE. It is not FACT that Xbox One has enough first party content. ITS SOMEONE'S OPINION.

So stop saying its a "fanboy" comment, when its not. I FEEL MS needs more 1st party content. I ALSO FEEL Sony needs more first party content. IS that a fanboy comment to?
LOL, good, that shit was broken as hell at E3. We all know what happened with Battlefield 4. #43
Fanboy comment? Not really? Telling MS to invest in first party games is being a fanboy? LOL EXPLAIN PLEASE?!

No need to get a$$hurt because I'm speaking the truth. MS is losing the DLC wars. PS4 software are higher than Xbox one sales. The Wii U even sells more software than the Xbox One.

The DLC wars will get MS nowhere. Make first party games. Stop investing in these jackass third party's.

Games like Sunset Overdrive, halo, Fabl... #7.1.2
I played Sunset Overdrive at E3 this year, Its good, 10X better than FUSE.

You'll see :D #4.2.3
Sunset Overdrive Son! #4.2
Sorry MS....You're losing the DLC wars to Sony. They are spending more money on advertising and paying developers more for superior versions/content of 3rd party games (Watch Dogs, Destiny)

And MS doesn't have the exclusive to carry their platform. Sony and Nintendo are going to whoop MS this holiday.

Sony has superior multiplats, Nintendo has superior exclusives and a cheaper price.

They will do ok....but with Zero Japanese presence,... #7
Add Bayonetta 1 and 2 in there as well. #14.2
I didn't say it did, just pointing out that the dominant PS4 sales point to it not being an issue for most people or at least as big an issue as some would have us believe..

It's still a complete guess on your part, and that still doesn't mean its not a big issue. #2.3.8
Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash Bros for 3DS in I wasn't going to buy this game anyways. I will buy it in November....2015.

It will be much cheaper then #11
Sales have nothing to do with people wanting more features. LOL. #2.3.6
I played the game at E3 2014. You can watch my preview here. #3.1.2
Compare 2013 Wii U numbes to 2014 numbers.

There is your comeback. #25.1
For not being evolved Torchic you're pretty smart. I've been saying the same thing for years now. #4.3.1
The 3DS is selling well because of first party games, with a few third party games from Japanese developers. Damn near no Western developers are working on it.

"theres nothing to play on wiiu except mario"

Then you go on to mention Zelda and Pokemon. Nice way to destroy your own point XD

And we weren't talking about sales, we were talking about games to play. on top of that MANY games don't sell as well as Mario, so that... #19.3.1
And the 3DS is killing the PS4 because the PS4 is selling off promises and hype, while the 3DS has a stable of great games.

I play Shovel Knight, Zelda, The Wonderful 101, ZombiU, Pikmin 3, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Child of Light, and plenty of games outside of Mario on the Wii U.

Try harder troll. #19.2.1
There are plenty of third-party indie developers on Wii U. Shovel Knight as been selling well.

MS and Sony barely make anything off those 3rd party sales. MS's gaming division doesn't make any money. And Sony is forecasting a lost for FY2014

I didn't forget about that at all. #19.1.1
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