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Stop spreading ignorance....

DualShockers makes a lot of ad revenue. The clicks from N4G far outweigh the host site fees. Many sites like GoDaddy charge around $150 for a year of hosting. DualShockers probably makes that in a day or two of ad revenue.

And no, add revenue is paid every month by most companies. #8.1.2
Wait a minute.... The Wii U version is yet to launch... Once that one does, I'm sure the sales will be close to Brawl's 2.7 million. Not to mention, Brawl had more days to track as well. Brawl released at the beginning of the month... #4.3
Once corrupt websites stop being corrupt... then #Gamergate will stop.

Until then.... please stop will the bullshit that #Gamergate is all about making bomb threats and inciting violence. #15
Agree 100%

This episodic crap is stupid. Capom, keep your episodic sh**

I'll wait till the disc version....AND its used to buy now.

Nevermind the fact you aren't releasing this on Wii U or 3DS. #4.2
Microsoft is going to take Viagra in 2015.... nice. #19
How about some "best in class gameplay"?

Some of these developers will never get it. #7
It's not doing so well, at least not in Japan. The title is a spin job by DualShockers. #6.1
Seriously, DualShockers is spinning the whole damn house at the moment. lol #3.1
LOL, horrible review. This guy is looking for more bells and whistles than actually evaluating the new characters, mechanics, game modes, and the such. 7/10 is a low score for a game that offers as much as Smash does. #1
Are they even interested in videogames anymore?

Yokai Watch 2 has sold nearly 3 million units on the 3DS

Smash Bros has sold over 1.4 million in Japan alone.

Pokemon X and Y has sold over 4 Million in Japan alone.

Monster Hunter 4 has sold over 3 million in Japan alone.

Sooo.... to answer your question... they are interested in video games. Just portable and mobile games.

The Nintendo 3D... #3.4
I actually think it will help. Did Destiny being on the PS3 and Xbox 360 hurt the PS4 and Xbox One sales numbers? Nobody knows, but we do know that Destiny on PS4 is the best selling version of the game, despite having 2nd lowest install base from all the platforms it was released on.

People are going to want the GameCube support, Amiibo functionality, Better graphics, better online play, more music, stages, and modes.

The Wii U version will sell as well, i... #1.4
A very respectable 100,000????

China's Population is 1,390,510,630. China makes up 19% of the world's population. 100,000 for a population of over 1 billion is horrible. #12
WOW, just wow.... I've seen people here who bashed Wii U owners for complaining about ports that were inferior to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions...

BUT when it happens to their system of choice.... OH HELL NO, Boycott. BURN UBISOFT.

DON'T get me wrong, this is BS on Ubisoft's part. BUT it would have been really nice if Wii U owners could have to the same support from the gaming community when Ubisoft was purposely gimping Wii U games #128
Get him in the air, and throw him off stage #2

"Can you source the info re Xbox losing billions a year?"

How many do you want?


LOL, at a way to DODGE everything I said. I didn't even bring up GTA and AC (two games that I couldn't care less for)

TURD parties can make all the money they want on Sony and MS's systems, that doesn't change the fact that Sony is STILL forecasting a loss of 2 Billion and Microsoft's Xbox Division will probably be sold off in the next 10 years. #9.1.2
Nintendo really cut far too many corners on the Wii U console, just to accommodate the expensive gamepad gimmick, and they're now paying the price for that in poor sales and financial losses every year. What a shame.

- LOL, another uninformed gamer that lets the Media dicate how they think. You know Sony is forcasting a loss of 2 BILLION this upcoming March right? You know the Xbox Division loses BILLIONS of dollars each year which they hide in android patent royalities.... #9.1
LOL, just like "The Crew" is a new gen experience only.... but they ported it to the Xbox 360.

Ubisoft sucks so much. And not because they aren't bringing their shitty ASS Creed games to Wii U, but because they spew so much BS its funny. #11
Actually, its Tecmo Koei... #1.1.1
And you Nintendo haters need to go play all the awesome third party games you have instead of trolling on N4G. #2.4.2
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