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PSP broke records as well

And the DS didn't #7.1.2
The Just released Zelda Wind Waker HD and The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds.

How are they Neglecting Link? #1.1.1
I doubt it will do PS2 numbers. On the account the PS2 sold over 23 million units in Japan.

Sony isn't going to reach that number in Japan. The PS3 hasn't even hit 10 million and its dirt cheap with a ton of games.

Realistically, I think the PS4 will do well more than 60 million. But I feel the generation will be shorter. only 5 to 6 years instead of 7 to 8 years #25.1
Very impressive numbers. #35
I will #6
Here come the doom articles with little to no numbers other than Mario didn't sell enough to back up their points. LOL.

Meanwhile Microsoft is hiding billions of dollars in losses in Android patients

And Sony had to hire a outside firm to cut over 100 million in overhead cost #29
Wii Party U came with a price cut and new bundles including three games. On top of that, Wii U is still the top selling home console in Japan. #3.1.1
1. This isn't Nintendo's last home console. They have over 10 billion in the bank.

2. Nintendo launch games rated better than the PS4 and Xbox one exclusives.

3. Super Mario 3D World is selling great worldwide. And like all Nintendo games, it will sell for many years

4. Zelda and Metroid are coming. #4.2
I'm not sure if that would have helped, The Wii U had, and still has a bunch of UI issues Nintendo needs to address. And they are taking their time. #9.1.2
It sold like crap, #10.4.1
They did do that in the UK, minus Wii Sports Resort, and add in New Super Mario Bros U and Super Luigi U.

Another think to note is these charts don't include digital sales or the bundles sold from Nintendo's UK store. #9.1
Seriously, Super Mario 3D World has crushed Knack in sales worldwide. The UK market is smaller than Japan and US. This article is pointless.

Knack sold like crap, Mario sold like crap in the UK plain and simple.

Mario sold more than 250K in America over 100K in Japan, and Nintendo's games sell for years.

Holy crap i've never seen one company get trolled so much over its weakest market. #10
Killzone outsold Mario as well. The UK is Nintendo's weakest market. But lets all be honest here.

Mario is destroying Knack in Worldwide sales. But hey this is good click bait. #37
@ Kobe357
Super Mario 3D World was the number one game on the eShop in every region. And the game is only a little bit over a GIG.

Sorry, this is more troll bait than fact. There is not even any numbers to back it up.

On top of that, users can plug in any External HDD they want on Wii U.

I'm happy that that PS4 is doing well. But saying Knack sold more than Mario without all the facts is garbage journalism. #1.1.8
You guys know this chart doesn't account for digital sales or the Mega Mario Bundle that included Super mario 3D World?

On top of that, since when were Mario Games known for their day one sales?

2 to 3 years from now Mario will still be selling. While Knack will be forgotten quickly

Not to mention, Super Mario 3D World absolutely crushed Knack in the American what does this matter? The North American Market is 10X bigger tha... #1.1.3
Wow, using multiplats and indie games.

I was talking about exclusives. #4.2.8
Do you even know what a conspiracy is?

Super Mario 3D World is selling fine. And its the number one game on the eShop in all regions.

The media is looking to make story out of everything. Mario games sell for long periods of time. New Super Mario Bros on Wii is still selling good. New Super Mario Bros on Wii U is still selling 50-60K worldwide.

Western games sales fall off a cliff after the first couple weeks. Nintendo games are evergreen... #3.1
The Shipment and sales were fine. There is digital now, so all the sales aren't accounted for. And of course with the option to download games, the shipments will be lower as well. #2
Dude, Zombiu, New Super Mario Bros, and Nintendo Land scored higher reviews than Knack and Killzone. #4.2.2
The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds shakes up the formula a lot.

I don't see where this article is coming from. #9
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