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Holy Crap, the Montley Fool wrote two Wii U Doom articles in one day. Holy do they keep on getting approved?

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Nintendo has a portable device dominating the portable market right now. Its called the 3DS.

This article is stupid.

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Nintendo's games sell more than Microsoft's and Sony's

Its not time for Nintendo to go third party. Its time for people who want to play Nintendo games to buy a Nintendo system.

Not to mention, Nintendo games usually outsell Microsoft's and Sony's, so you have no argument to make. Nintendo isn't about making money, and getting out of the console business is not a better way to make money.

And the last time I checked, ...

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Yeah, cause the PS3 lit up sales charts in Japan. Use your head dude. If Sony thought the PS4 was going to dominate in Japan, they would have launched it this year.

The PS4 will sell ok at the beginning but will get beat by Nintendo, as the company has exclusive rights to Dragon Quest, Monster Hunter, and Pokemon. 3 of Japan's biggest franchises. Add in there Zelda X Dynasty Warriors and its clear to see the Wii U will ultimately sell more than the PS4 in Japan.

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Byonetta 2
The Last Story
Pandora's Tower
Monolith Soft's X

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LOL, I was going to click on it till I saw the website. The

These idiots write weekly doom articles on Nintendo with a evidence bias. They have stock in Apple and Microsoft.

Please do not believe anything these idiots write. They said a d-pad and buttons attachment will be the death of the the 3DS.

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Could save the Wii U in Japan?

The Wii U in its first 54 weeks outsold the PS3 and PS Vita in the same time frame in Japan.

That is a troll bait title backed up by nothing but his own imagination.

The Wii U has been the top selling home console for the past 5-7 weeks in Japan.

For as popular as Dynasty Warriors is in Japan, Donkey Kong Country is more popular. Mario Kart and Smash Bros have both sold more units than Zelda...

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You're completely right. The article completely ignores the positive sales in Japan as well.

This is the second article from this guy about Nintendo having to release anew console this year.

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This guy wrote this last year as well. He is freaking delusional, sensationalist writer.

He is an idiot. Does he think consoles grow on trees?

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Yeah, cause the PS3 sold so well when it was younger. LOL ,you fanboys can't deal with Nintendo doing better.

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Short lived? Nintendo has been the top selling home console in Japan for 6-7 weeks.

Mario Kart, Smash bros, DKC, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Zelda Wii U, ect in 2014. I'm sorry, this isn't going to be short lived.

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Damage Control

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Exactly what does GOTY rankings have to do with Amazon's best sellers list?

Follow the link Amazon's best sellers list yourself dude.

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Its already approved, can't deny facts son.

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I saw the Vita gameplay. I think it might be a great Vita/portable game

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Where are the sales numbers to back up this?

Wii U sales have been rising in every region.

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No its not, There are PS4 in my town

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Real next gen systems? So you think the Xbox One is going to sell in Japan? LOL, yeah right.

And how did the PS3 do in Japan? Under 10 million in seven years

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The Wii U sold 3 million by December 2012.

Nintendo has a huge pipeline of titles for 2014. I see Nintendo pulling a 3DS with Wii U.

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How many articles are going to be approved that have old numbers and say the same shit on Wii U?

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