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Vanquish Challenge mode #1.1.2
LOL! Its all good man, I'm in Bakersfield. Check out my website when you get a chance. #2.1.2
Nice, you live in Central California? #2.1
This game could out due Galaxy, the powerups actually stay with you unlike Galaxy.

Multiplayer is a nice addition. And the different type of levels look very creative. Nintendo EAD is one of the best, if the the best in the world. #1.1
If thats the case then the Metal Gear Solid Legacy collection was the worst debut in series history as well, it sold 17,000 in its debut week #8.1.1
its a remake, how the hell does it count? #8
@AbortMission - Its not a port, its a remake.

But, If no ones cares they are releasing the game, why did it top the eshop charts in many regions?

Why is the collectors edition selling out?

Why did many people go pick up the Wind Waker Bundle?

Many people haven't played Wind Waker, and they have added plenty of features to the game to make it worth the money. Off TV play, Miiverse, HD graphics, faster animations, ect.
3D Zelda game have never been massive sellers in Japan. The Original Wind Waker barely broke 1 million units. Same goes for Skyward Sword

However, there are enough improvements over the gamecube version to justify playing it again. #3.1
They are working on a new Zelda game. They made Wind Waker to hold off Zelda fans. And Nintendo did launch a new IP right before that: The Wonderful 101 #2.3
The sky is blue predicts Pacter

Xbox One = $500
PS4 = $400

- Its not that hard to see which one will more. #33
Nothing to see here....just another stupid article that based off their own imagination and not raw facts. #37
False, you can actually draw a lot faster on the touch pad than using the analog stick.

Even with the speed upgrade #6.2.1
I disagree, it's unique, innovate, and the gameplay is hands down one of the best combat systems i've ever played. #2.1
Its to feed his video game addiction. #1.1.2
LOL! He says he's financially secure though. #1.1
Yeah, I was shocked on how much content this game has. #2.1
Right, They do know the Wii U is about to pass up the LTD numbers of the Xbox 360 in Japan right? #21
This is bullshit #5
LOL, so its the fact its a mini game....replay value has nothing to do with the price? #1.3.2
I don't see what the problem is. They are adding online play, rankings, and HD for $9.99. Thats a good deal #9
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