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It's great marketing because you get one of the most iconic characters in gaming history in your game. It improves the appeal and COULD get more people who like Street Fighter to buy the game.

Why do you automatically assume that every character from Smash has to represented by a "CURRENT" new game on Wii U?

Last time I checked Capcom has virtual console Street Fighter games on Wii U and Super Street Fighter 4 on 3DS has sold well over 1 milli...

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LOL! Nintendo didn't pay Capcom for these characters. Capcom allows Nintendo to use them because its great marketing for those characters.

Are you serious? Nintendo paying Capcom for characters in their own game?

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Who cares about Code Name Steam, this article is about Splatoon. A game Nintendo actually marketed and cares about lol

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WOW, so much opinion, with half truths, pointless sales numbers that have nothing to do with Project Cars and from VGChartz, and doesn't include digital....

And once again, they lied plain and simple. You kind of just made excuses for them.

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You didn't really combat anything said in the article, then dismissed the CLEAR LIES by Slightly Mad studios as "whiny entitlement"

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If you were worried about bills you should have never bought the system in the first place. Are you serious? A couple hundred you got from selling it will be spent in a matter of days.

Should have just held on to them and cut spending in other areas to save more money, or have more money for bills.

But its your deal, I just find it funny you have to make a video on it as if its an important issue. Its your opinion, but it is clickbait ...

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"I don't mind the Nintendo Directs, but it's not the same thing as the big E3 showing."

Yeah, Nintendo Directs and especially last year Nintendo's show destroyed Microsoft and Sony's boring ass shows.

"Seems like a good assessment that they'd save money and skip E3 this year again."

Nintendo didn't skip E3 last year. I was there. Their booth was just as big as Sony and MS's booths, they rented o...

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"Honestly so far it has been mainly about PS4 and the X1 when it comes to gaming."

So then why has Pokemon X & Y, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros., Yokai Watch 2, Super Mario 3D World, and Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire sold more than 99% of PS4 and Xbox One games?

And why does the 3DS still outsell the Xbox One and sometimes sells on par or better than the PS4?

All about PS4 and Xbox One? N...

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I hate to burst the speculation, weekend click-bait bubble.....but....

And then there is this:

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"Let's face it PS4 is better than the Wii U"

Let's face it, your opinion doesn't equal fact. I have a PS4 sitting right on my entertainment system next to my Wii U.

My Wii U gets played FAR more than my PS4. Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, and Bayonetta 2 are better than anything on the PS4 in my opinion. And all of those games have FREE online play and more content than 99% of PS4 games.

Features are...

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"It has more power than the competition within it's price bracket though :)"

Then that means it has enough power. lol

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That's why some of the best games on Wii U aren't Mario Games. Smash Bros. DKC Tropical Freeze, The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Zelda Wind Waker HD, Shovel Knight, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Devil's Third, Splatoon, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Star Fox and More...

Yo, and that doesn't even count the Nintendo 3DS.... which you clearly left off.

The Nintendo 3DS has a lot of 3rd party support and some of the best selling games th...

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1. Sony nailed the price: $400, cheaper than the $600 last gen at launch.

2. Power and Ram: It has enough and is fast

3. Controller, PS PlUS: One of the best controllers I've ever used, and while I'm not a PS Plus subscriber, people seem to love it.

4. Games: I'm not a fan of Sony's first party games too much nor do I like a lot of major 3rd party games that are released, BUT they have the best running...

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4th is not bad, however.....

This doesn't count digital copies of the game. And Xenoblade Chronicles X is the top game downloaded on the eShop.

This also doesn't count the bundles that apprently did very well.

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These articles are stupid, and pointless at this point. Sony has already made it clear they have no plans to invest heavily in the Vita platform.

Their own developers aren't making big games for it. They are all working on PS4 games. No game can "SAVE" the Vita, because Sony doesn't want to support it properly with first party games.

So there is no point in asking which games will save anything.

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agreed.... but they made a ton of money on the Wii and DS, the Wii U and 3DS should have been stronger. But it is what it is.

Nintendo found out this gen people want more power and are willing to spend more to get more.

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Sorry, One man reviewing crew split between 3 systems: PC, Wii U and Xbox One.

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Yet the Xbox One is not profitable, and the Xbox Division is actually losing money.

Is the system dead? No, because its being supported.

As long as the Wii U is profitable, and has games coming for it, its not dead.

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Sales don't dictate wheather a console is dead or not. Profit and quality games do.

1. Wii U is profitable
2. Wii U has major exclusives coming out for it.

Therefor its not dead.

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I think the PS5 and Next Xbox will launch in 2018.

The Nintendo NX will launch in 2017

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