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You also claimed Switch would flop so I doubt your predication of Switch will "fade quickly" will come true. I doubt the Switch will fade quickly with Pokemon and Smash Bros. on it. lol

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If there wasn't "that much good games" it wouldn't be selling the way it is. LOL

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So no proof and more speculation.

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Proof outside of speculation?

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Yeah, and they delivered on letting you play anywhere you want. The game is a port of the Wii U version that runs a lot better, not completely remade for the Switch. I'll take 60fps over worried about resolution. It runs at 720p/60fps in handheld mode and Docked mode, with docked running a bit better framerates and improved graphical effects... The year we live in has no bearing on anything.

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The system costs $300 cause you can take it anywhere you want and the Joy Con Tech. Not because of its graphical power.

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Heavily scaled down from what? The game was made for the Switch in the first place. I'll take Bayonetta 3 anywhere I want, and the game is not out, so you have no clue what framerate its at

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You should just use Discord. Much faster and easier than PS4

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But Wii Fit and Wii Party are not bombs and sold very well. So a "bomb" is when something fails financially. You seem generally confused on the difference between a bomb and success.

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Switch has FAR more games than Wii U did in first year actually. More first and 3rd party games too.

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It will in Japan. lol

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Just like the Vita....

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Damage Control! LOL, you mad the Switch is selling as fast as the PS4 and the Switch is the fastest selling home console of all time in the US?

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DOOM and Skyrim are both great on the Nintendo Switch.

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No it can't. Sony and Nintendo can actually sell systems in Japan, which is still a big market for console sales, especially with the Nintendo Switch.

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I don't ONLY own a Switch and it was a great announcement for me. Portable DOOM along with Home Console DOOM is a lot more attractive than just HOME console DOOM.

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This is factually false.

3DS has sold more consoles and games in the same generation as the PS Vita, therefore the 3DS is the first choice for handheld gamers, fact.

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Nier doesn't play like Bayonetta at all. lol But I agree that Nintendo is probably funding Bayo3

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The Nintendo Switch doesn't warp and peel. And its a high quality device if you have ever held one in your hands. That's like saying all PS4's have error codes because a few people had error codes that messed up the system. I'm guessing you don't have one?

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