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A real shinny GTA V #4
Is that your rebuttal?

More like you got nothing to say, nor do you have a real rebuttal to what I've listed.

Microsoft said Xbox isn't a core part of their business.
The PS4 is selling more 3rd party software than the Xbox One
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retarded comment by a person who judges games based on looks instead of gameplay.

Smash Bros destroys pretty much every gritty dark, garbage shooter out there.

Its about gameplay dude. #1.2
It's not a matter of if.....its when....

The cat is out of the bag:

1. Its not a core focus of MS's business
2. Third party software is selling far more on PS4
3. MS makes no money on the brand, they hide the losses in Android Patent royalties
4. MS doesn't have a strong first party lineup to carry them like Nintendo, nor do they have a profitable portable division like Nintendo does with the 3DS
5. Sales of the Xbo... #20
You don't need original characters to help tie the story in together.

What happens if they don't include certain characters people want like.....Skull Kid? Then people will complain.

The story already has original characters. Lana, Cia, Volga,

There is not need to waste more character slots on original characters when there are more characters they can use from Zelda's history.

And not like it matters. The game i... #2.1.1
Slow week this week on Zelda Informer huh?

Should Hyrule Warriors, a game based on the 20+ year history of a legendary franchise use up character slost on characters that have never appeared in a Zelda game?

LOL #2
You're just using tired old arguments to drive hits to your website more like it.

Funny how you didn't mention the NPD, Media Create, or any recent sales numbers to "attempt" to back up your point.

The Wii U is actually selling more than the Xbox One at this point, did you forget to put that part in.

You're just pointing out Nintendo has had problems driving sales for Wii U?

HOLY CRAP, we got a regular p... #12.1.1

Dude, your article is idiotic, Nintendo can just release a patch.

"Still they struggled a lot since the Wii U release. They are getting back from that but it would be the first next generation console hacked."

Microsoft and Sony are struggling as well. How is the Vita doing? And the Xbox One is getting outsold by the Wii U worldwide.

Nintendo has the 3DS, that is selling really well right now.... #2.2
Shitty ass flamebait piece....move on people #13
It's a really shitty opinion piece based with horrible points.

Otherwise flamebait. #2.1.1
Flamebait title.... #3

For the love of gaming do not give these idiots hits. #21
True! Hence why I cited a sales resurgence since Mario Kart. But compared to what was expected, and even after revising expectations, things are still slow.

- Things are still slow, yet you listed NO numbers...LOL, so things are still slow based on what? Where is your numbers?

n the article, I take the bold approach and speculate (yes, I stated that as well) over why Nintendo and Activision would do this. Two things: cut costs, or to entice parents to conside... #2.2.1
You can drop a Titan on Xbox 360! LOL #1.5.3
It's also being returned to GameStop at record numbers because there is nothing really "NEW" about Watch Dogs.

Its a really shitty version of GTA #6.1
"The Wii U is struggling sales wise, and despite a resurgence with the latest Mario Kart release and the upcoming Super Smash Bros U release, the reality is still the same: the Wii U console sales have been slow, and at times, stagnant."

THIS IS PURE FLAME BAIT - SKYLANDERS SELLS THE MOST on Nintendo systems. Last Year's Skylanders sold more on Wii U than Xbox One and PS4.

The Wii U has been outselling the Xbox One recently. How are sales slow?... #2
Probably another open world game #5
The Kinect flopped on the Xbox 360 in Japan, the Xbox One will flop as well. #3.2.1
You may fool people who don't do their research but you can't fool everyone.

Tale of vesperia, Lost odyssey, Blue Dragon, The last remnant were not timed exclusive. Plus there are many more exclusives for x360...Mangna Carta 2, Enchanted Arms, Infinite undiscovery.

calm down....think.... and read my statment again:

And here is the crazy thing, the Xbox 360 actually had amazing Japanese support. Tales of Vespeira, Eternal Sonata, St... #4.2.1
The Xbox One is going to SINK in Japan... really bad. Nobody is buying that system in droves when Smash Bros, Hyrule Warriors, Yokai Watch 2, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Mario Kart 8, Freedom Wars, Various Japanese Vita titles, and Bayonetta 2 are out....

Microsoft has to try though. But it will fail like the Xbox 360.

And here is the crazy thing, the Xbox 360 actually had amazing Japanese support. Tales of Vespeira, Eternal Sonata, Star Ocean 4, Lost Odyssey... #4
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