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I never said its mainly a secondary console.

You said that. I said its a better secondary console than the PS4 and Xbox One.

If third party support is essential to you....great. But its not for everyone. Some people like quality first party titles like Smash Bros, Zelda, Bayonetta 2, ect.

For me, its my main console, and my PC can handle all the third party games I do want for cheaper than the PS4 and Xbox One.

I also have a... #5.1.2
Microsoft "leads you to believe" they make back their money on Xbox Live Subscriptions and software sales.

But the reality is they don't make anything, they actually loose money, then hide it in Android Patent royalties.

This was revealed by a real Microsoft analyst Rick... #1.1.2
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It a great console with some faults, but its still the best option from a value and games standpoint in the 8th generation.

Plus, its a better secondary console than the PS4 or Xbox One is. #5
There is no spoilers. Everything is from the Treehouse footage at E3 #1.1.1
Nintendo hasn't made games since 2011 on the Wii and the PS3 is still more than 2 million units behind. The Wii U is outselling the PS3 and PS4 in Japan at the moment.

The PS3 sells around 5000-8000 units a week in Japan and has sold less than 10 million units in more than 8 years on the market.

PS3 isn't dominating anything in Japan. The 3DS came out almost 5 years after the PS3 in Japan and its beating it by around 4 to 5 million. That's the s... #4.1.2
Can't be saved from what?

Clickbait #10
Cause the Wii had those games right? #4.1
Trollolololol #6.3
Bayonetta 2 is going to be awesome, it will be worth every penny.

You get Bayonetta 1 free too! #2.1.2
Yup, online co-op! #2.1
Corpse of a console?

Bayonetta 2 isn't coming to the Vita #4.3
Play Bayonetta 2, beat it.

Hop into Bayonetta 1, beat it

Go back to Bayonetta 2 beat it again.

Then head back to Bayonetta 1 and beat it.

Rinse and repeat till you have 100% everything. #3.2
Learn the definition of what a "vigilante" is. #40.2.1
This is the company MS and Sony fans support with their money. You guys go out and buy Madden, FIFA, Battlefield, every single year....rehashed garbage. And when EA dropped support for Wii U many trolls and fanboys mocked Nintendo and rubbed it in.

Well I for one can say F*CK YOU EA, and F*ck all the idiots that support this stupid company. Wake up people! STOP GIVING EA YOUR MONEY! #40
Nintendo has already stated that online platformers and online gameplay don't mix that well.

However, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, and Smash Bros all have online multiplayer, so I guess that is good. #2.1
way to not read the actual question Miyamoto was asked #1.2
LOL, this is clickbait....

But no, its not a lock.

Zelda is going open world...that could be game of the year. Xenoblade Chronicles X, Star Fox, Halo 5, BloodBorne....a lot of good games coming in 2015.

Uncharted is not a lock to win anything. #16
LOL! You've got to be kidding me.

The trailer just showed a bunch of Western games. How the hell is Ryse Son of Rome going to get Japanese owners to go out and purchase the Xbox One in droves? Were are the Japanese exclusives MS had last gen like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon?

Wait till the Media Create hits the 3rd or 4th week post Xbox launch. The Xbox One will be selling lower than the PS4 is right now in Japan. #22
Please define "a lot of money" to a multi billion corporation #1.1.2
Too Underpowered? Xenoblade Chronicles X says hi #1.1.6
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