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Apparently it is....smh #2.1
Does Nintendo of America care? LOL

No... they couldn't care less about this game. #7
too late #4.2
Looking forward to playing as Cloud in both games. #4
Nairo should have beat ZeRo at EVO, he finally stopped doubting himself and got the job done. #1
OK, this feminazi fake a$$ game developer needs to shut up and stop pushing her social justice BS. #12
Yo! Thanks dude. #1.2
LOL, or they can shut up till the NX comes out. Seriously, this company has serious issues. But they will be bailed out by mobile and other shit they have been doing to make money amiibo ect..... #1.1.1
It was a freaking Best Buy exclusive in North America. That is my source, are you trying to tell me that Splatoon's Best Buy exclusive bundle pushed the game to 1 million units? LOL, are you serious? #1.2.9
But you said Nintendo ruined this game's chances of being successful because of voice-chat did you not?

Just admit you were wrong and STFU for once. #1.1.2
Splatoon wasn't a pack-in with every Wii U, only special edition Wii U's exclusive to Best Buy in North America. And the bundle didn't launch in Europe at the time the game launched. Most of the game's sales come from digital and retail, not bundle sales. #1.2.1
I'm getting this but seriously? Nintendo dropped the ball big time. They've moved on to the NX #2
Its always been a real fighting game. The author just wants clicks and sucks at the game. #4
Nintendo creates a fighting game with the most stages, characters, items, and features in Smash Bros history with free online play for $60.

Then some dude says Nintendo should make more content that takes months of manwork, planning and money ALL for FREE!

Sorry, this is a clickbait article. There is nothing wrong with Smash Bros DLC, this shit is coming out 7 months after the full game was released PACKED full of content.

If everyone did... #13
It's all good Foxtrot, I know you're defeated when you stop talking facts (because you never had any in the first place) and start saying stuff like:

"Stop getting your panties in a twist...Jesus, people on this site get so serious."


"If you want to relax try adding a spot of lavender to your bath and soon you will soak yourself calm"

You got no facts, just your made up opinion, and a bunch... #1.3.7
You seem pretty set that Nintendo paid Capcom for these characters by your own words:

"Nintendo must of paid them a little to get these in the game so I think they don't feel the need to."

"Besides I don't think Capcom are that generous, they are earning nothing on the Wii U so I doubt they will just give up their characters to Nintendo without something."

If you are unsure then you wouldn't have posted your... #1.3.4
It's great marketing because you get one of the most iconic characters in gaming history in your game. It improves the appeal and COULD get more people who like Street Fighter to buy the game.

Why do you automatically assume that every character from Smash has to represented by a "CURRENT" new game on Wii U?

Last time I checked Capcom has virtual console Street Fighter games on Wii U and Super Street Fighter 4 on 3DS has sold well over 1 milli... #1.3.2
LOL! Nintendo didn't pay Capcom for these characters. Capcom allows Nintendo to use them because its great marketing for those characters.

Are you serious? Nintendo paying Capcom for characters in their own game? #1.3
Who cares about Code Name Steam, this article is about Splatoon. A game Nintendo actually marketed and cares about lol #5.1

WOW, so much opinion, with half truths, pointless sales numbers that have nothing to do with Project Cars and from VGChartz, and doesn't include digital....

And once again, they lied plain and simple. You kind of just made excuses for them. #13.2.3
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