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Doesn't mean shit. They can work on whatever they want or pick up a different contract from another publisher.

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LOL, Bruh.... you really need to read your post before you hit that "add" button. Your post barely makes sense let alone make a coherent point.

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For every 1 black protagonist in a game there is 10 or more white ones. In one year there are a few and all of a sudden it's "so many" games? Lol,

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Racism right here.

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Read the article first before you go on a tirade full of pointless statements.

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Racism, plain and simple.

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The Definition of "Click bait"

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I've put over 1000 hours into Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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Who the hell is port begging? I said they should release it on those platforms to hit that number for sure. Not that I WANTED it to come to those platforms, I have a PS4 and Xbox One idiot.

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I think they should release the game on PC and Nintendo NX and they will hit that number for sure.

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Wait, let me get this straight ....

He says has he has no clue what it will be

Then he says it's not going to be good, despite not knowing anything about it? This is GamingBolt FISHING for clicks on a Saturday. Holy shit.... how is this even journalism?

Michael Pachter is an idiot.

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I can tell some of you guys didn't even watch the video. LOL

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Heck yeah, that would be nice.

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Yeah, I find that really funny.... where are all those guys now? Oh, because its a article in support of Nintendo. lol

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Nintendo made consoles before the Wii and Wii U.... LOL, that is not there whole history.

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Apparently it is....smh

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Does Nintendo of America care? LOL

No... they couldn't care less about this game.

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too late

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Looking forward to playing as Cloud in both games.

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