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who is hating on violence? Did you read the article? #1.1
cant wait to try this game out. The Vita really needs a game like this. #1
Maybe you didn't read my entire post. I never said it WAS a bad thing I was trying to make a discussion about it #2
Well I am looking at it from a perspective of the consumer. I don't care if its a win win for Sony. But like I said I am not against cross platform, I am more interested in finding out what everyone is more interested in, A game that is almost identical to the ps3 or something completely unique.

I am only one portion of the Vita owners as I own both consoles so I do want to know what everyone thinks.

thanks for replying JoGam #1.2
We all have the right to our own opinion, but a 9.5 seems kinda high for this game. Its still a really good game though. #1
Thankfully for PC gamers that date is not too far away. #1
well its not a bad thing, like i stated in my post, but I am more concerned that it will deter away from Sony supporting unique experiences. For example instead of a unique to Vita Sly Cooper we are getting the same game but tailored slightly for the vita. #1.1
ah yes Mega man. Those games had some great music #5
it really is. There are several times when I am listening to music that I choose to listen to gaming music because it is so good.

Chrono Trigger is easily the best gaming music I have ever heard. Pure genius #2.1
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