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Well Said

People are blind by the truth

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I was not taliking about Bill Gates, :



As far as the rest of your comment:

You stated that there will be a 9% power difference...

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Sony promised 1080p/60fps and 4k gaming with the PS4, Seems like they where lying too hugh.
Both of them Lie to sell there systems. Not just MS

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So the Specs are final? Or are you basing your opinion off of a rumor.

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MS Net worth- 380 Billion
Sony`s Net Worth - 18 Billion

I don`t think so

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Why is that?

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Well since the scorpio is considered a next gen console (xbox 2) by many people here because of the power advantage it has over the Xbox One. I would guess now, (if the rumors are true) we could call Neo the PS5. Since it will be a considerable upgrade from the PS4.

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whether you buy your games on console or windows 10, MS wins

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O do please explain how they are abandoning the console market.

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Wow, you got a lot to learn.

MS did not force me to buy anything. It was my choice.
I use my Kinect everyday. And my Xbox would not be complete without it.

Anyways what does this have to do with this article anyways?

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MS Net worth - 380 Billion

Sony`s Net worth - 18 Billion

They are doing something right.

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What makes you think there will be a PS5?

Shuhei Yoshida Reportedly Unsure If There Will Be a PS5.

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Sounds good to me, we been hearing Sony fans

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MS net Worth- 380 billion
Sony`s Net Worth - 19 billion

I think you have it wrong

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Yea MS

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Kinda like the way people are talking about the Neo.

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Do you know what HDR IS? Which the Xbox S Has

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and it’s one of the biggest advances in TV picture quality in years. HDR is a TV content format that brings you brilliant brights and darker darks, and a wider palette of colors

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I you sure about that? Did Sony release the specs for Neo?
Neo will upscale to 4K just like the Xbox S.

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Its not only about the frame rate. (which I should of said 60+, I`m sure there will be no problem going over a 100) It is also about having new tech with new features.

I work for a living, this will be a day purchase for me, with or without a 4k tv.

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