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I luv reading all the comments in this type of article. It brings in all the people with multiple accounts and with 6 or more bubbles just to put down DX12 saying it wont do anything for the the Xbox. This site is so one-sided its sad. And thats a fact. I know because i have multiple accounts. This one I`m a Xbox fan (Witch is my preferred console) and have One bubble. My other account I`m a PS4 fan, and i have 7 bubbles. Go figure.

Ok but back on topic:

I`m... #22

MS has nothing to be worried about.They are still making money. Just not as much. I`m sure they know what they are doing and will turn things around. #25
Well Said #1.3.1
Same As is the PS4`s Hardware. Can`t wait for steambox At least you will be able to update the hardware if you want to. #1.6.1
LOL!!! This article just made me laugh. But i guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And in my opinion this article is a joke and only fuels the fans here into a war. Click bait #52
How about a special button that could push to get rid of trolls like you. #1.1
You should be called a troll for trolling, But i won`t call you that. Instead I`ll just mark you for Trolling #5.2
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Please get marked for trolling. #3.1
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Wow all the Xbox hate. Great article, Very cool opinion.

Good job MS Listening to the fans feedback. And keep bringing on those updates. #23
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I agree 100 percent, This site is no longer a gaming site. Its all about finding articles about something negative about the Xbox One.

Now Lets just see how long it takes before i get marked for trolling. Or maybe off topic. #28.1
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So whats your take on the PS4 Then? #10.2
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The other day i was reading a article here about Sony getting Cloud compute And everyone was saying how great it was. Now when MS brings it up people here say its pr talk and never going to happen.
Why such the hate hear for MS? Are Sony Fans that scared that MS may do things better then Sony? Which in my opinion they do. MS is the software king. #20
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I don`t like Bloodborne and prefer Dark Souls 2. Good Article!! #32
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Spoken like a true PS4 fanboy who thinks the PS4 is some kind of super computer.

So how about you tell us why you think we should be worried about the Xbox One Version. I would like your opinion because i will be buying the Xbox version over the PS4 version. To me everything runs better on my Xbox then my PS4. I don`t care about the games resolution. That means nothing to me so please don`t bring that up. #24.1
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I just can`t be leave how many people on this site want DX12 to fail for the Xbox. So sad, this site is getting more one sided everyday.

So what is my comment going to get marked for today, Maybe trolling or off topic. The excitement is killing me. #16
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Its just you #1.2
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O great So the resolution gate comes to an end. Now we can look forward to the endless articles about developers aiming for party. It will never end. #12
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Yea, but if it was not plastered all over the internet.
No one would have noticed. #4.1
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AHH. Don`t be scared of the Xbox One, You will sleep better at night then.

Back on topic

It looks to me that GOW remastered is coming.
They are going to put the smack down on the competition this E3
Keep up the good work MS. #9.2.2
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Once again, The Xbox has some good news and the Fans at this site do what ever they can to knock it down, and try to make the PS4 sound better then it is.
Why can`t we all just be gamers again? #8
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