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I`m sorry you don`t like it. Looks great to me.

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Without a doubt it would have to be NES. Played Super Mario bros, Donkey Kong, Metroid and i was hooked for life. Just loved those retro games.

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Maybe you should call support. mine does not do that

Maybe you will be able to trade it in for An S then. Or hopefully the new update that's rolling out the first week of August will fix your problem

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You must be 12 with a comment like that

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I would feel bad for Sony. If PSVR does not do well they will be done. MS has money to burn there is no need to worry about them.

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Ok so you don`t like it, At least it was free and you had a chance to try it. I enjoyed it and did not delete it.

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That`s the way i feel about the PS4, So i respect your decision. Its nice to have a choice

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Bring back old school, that would be great. Can`t wait

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Scorpio is NOT Microsoft's next generation console. Did you not listen to what Phil said.

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1.Microsft- 380 Billion
2.Nintendo-- 40 Billion
3. Sony--- 18 Billion

Its funny how everyone seem to think that Nintendo was done. To me it looks like Sony is.

@Silly gameAr
Sony`s Net worth- http://www.celebritynetwort...
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That`s your opinion. I don`t see anything they have that makes me want to go out and get a PS4.

LOL with the disagrees, Whats next i get marked for being inappropriate for not liking PS4 exclusives.

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Wow you are really funny

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What do you think Neo will be?

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Scorpio is a Mid cycle upgrade. If a PS5 comes out, MS will come out with Xbox 2 or what every they want to call it.

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MS Net worth- 380 Billion
Sony`s Net Worth - 18 Billion

I think you are wrong. I fact i know you are wrong.

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MS Net Worth- 380 Billion
Sony`s Net Worth- 18 billion

A 20+ million unit lead will not help Sony from going bankrupt. If they don`t do something soon it will be the end.

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Well Said,

Someone who knows the truth

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I dought it,

MS net worth- 380 Billion
Sony`s Net worth- 18 Billion

Quick sand is under Sony`s feet

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I have to agree, its a nice feature to have. Its a lot easier to replace the batteries when they go bad then the whole controller.

Then you are buying the wrong rechargeable batteries then.

Good for you

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yum, no it wont

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