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Her name makes me think of Samus Aran. I see a cosplay in the near future.

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Already setting itself up to be the new PS3 in terms of updates, eh?

Well played, Nintendo. Well played.

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Good luck. Try hard not to die.

Too much.

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<3 dat Alternate Ending.

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Always a fan of indie games.

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I have yet to see any cosplayer with muscle that wasn't being paid >.>

And a skinny Kratos would still look better than every one I've seen, who look more interested in Twinkies than vengeance.

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I love getting to see cool behind-the-scenes stuff like that; it's pretty amazing what can go into a game's development that you never consider.

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I'm still not certain how comfortable I am with all the grunting she's doing in the footage.

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Anyone shirtless, if you're over 200 lbs.

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"It's clear Sony won both"

-100% Credibility

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I actually agree with this... sadly, it's the features built around the game that I feel are taking us a serious turn for the worse.

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One "The best of" article supercedes all others and gets to the top of front page, despite having nothing that unique or more interesting about it.


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The DS seems to be doing BETTER than the Wii which is rather sad. But indeed, I didn't address it directly, but you'll notice three of the five titles I listed from previous years as big titles were Nintendo (SSBB, Galaxy 1/2, and New Super Mario Bros). Third party developers aren't biting because the system itself has failed, hard.

The Wii U may do better, though. We'll see...

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World of Tanks and rift were both close seconds to being mentioned, but the others aren't big AAA-titles. You can call yourself a PC gamer because you play those but it doesn't make them good, or even decent.

League of Legends is exempt... it's also from pre-2011.

You may call me a bad writer for not mentioning the others (go ahead and write an article that covers ALL those. I'll see you in three months), but at least my facts were right.

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Hence "one of" not "The". Still, even games like Halo that are supposed to have better plots don't execute them well, despite the massive amounts of backstory. It may not have the best plot as in something you want to read, but it's certainly one of the best for how well it grips you and keeps you waiting for what happens next.

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That was the point though; the campaign of any game where they scrapped everything that had already happened and/or forgot about Soap and Price completely would feel dumb. I hate when games or books try to completely replace the main characters of a series to refresh it, and I know a lot of others who feel the same way.

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I don't see why this is a big deal.

Except those stuck-ups who think that buying a Used Game is morally wrong, why does anyone object to buying a Used Game?

Don't get me wrong - I'm not arguing that they should do this. It's sneaky and underhanded. BUT I don't see why buying the used compared to new is a big deal.

If there are online passes and you're actually AWARE of that, you're probably aware enough to look for...

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I agree. I'm not saying she needs to be some supermodel or anything, but her looks isn't feminine enough to really be ATTRACTIVE attractive. She looks good, and as a soldier she kicks EVERYONE'S ass, probably even Shepherd's at some points, but she didn't look very appealing when in her uniform. At least now her looks are pretty good, though the face IS a bit odd.

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I dunno, I think the one on the right looks a lot better.

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Approved for the luls... though I'm happy to say none of these has ever happened to me :3

To be fair I've never played most of them, but still.

Also, when there are (still) players running around specifically knife-killing enemies for the fun of it... not sure that counts as humiliating. More like rage at the screen for one hit kills.

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