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Ahahaha love it.

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"Picture of game is so well"? Who wrote that opening? haha

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Persona 4 Golden's soundtrack is brilliant.

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I played it when it came out but I wanted to wait until it was a bit better until I got into it but I'm always hearing stories like this that kinda put me off.

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Ooooh, imagine if you could get his voice as DLC.

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Dude, Polygon give really odd scores sometimes. Hunt around a bit and you'll fine reviews with higher scores.

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Same here. I'll play it first but I find my opinion on some games differs very much from Polygon. The Last of Us for example. They gave it a 7.5 but I just found that funny.

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You sir, are a rational and intelligent person on the Internet. Thank you.

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It's his opinion I guess but I'm having a great time with this game. It's brilliant.

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For the clicks dude, it's for the clicks.

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There's one where I used to work (which is in the UK). I'm not even sure they're in North America even more

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I know. I don't think anyone could pre-order from a more unreliable provider.

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It works with The Last of Us? I thought it was only going to work with PSN games. That's cool

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I guess you never heard of an opinion huh?

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The guy I was next to wasn't too impressed as he fell under the game world but yeah, most people seemed satisfied. Just a shame I wasn't.

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Good for you pal. Thanks for reading!

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No it's not. This is something new about an old topic.

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Talk about development troubles eh?

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I hope so. I'd love to see what they could do.

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Don't worry, they're real. I linked in Xbox Wire where it also has the screens.

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