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I don't know what to say some of them are good and then some of those were horrible. #2
I think when we look back on this generation, this will be one of many defining games. #1
Oh the irony
Oh the irony that I would approve this story. #1
Pretty Sweet.
Nice Reload ;]
I loved the end where you threw the chaff grenade and flew through the air on the manapault. #1
Totally Agree
Spambots are killing all the major MMO economies.
Even after Runescape changed its rules I still saw spambots.
Plus now the game barely has any fun factor anymore. #1
I can't beat it either.
I can't beat the story either because I'm too busy watching republicans in space. #1
I'm holding on
I'm holding on to my sixaxis for a while until I can be sure that Dualshock 3 has a decent battery life. #3
thats great oh and dude
"Decrease damage and range of Shotrange" do you mean shotgun?
"More damage with Hedgehog - put smaller chance of One-Hit kill."
but <--
Well anyway I'm glad we finally can turn of 40's and tags lol. #5
Agreed, why show a video if its quote "hard to tell the diffrence because of the quality of youtube videos" Besides this shows nothing because the monitor could not have and HD resolution for all we know. #1.2
Screw Gamespot
Screw Gamespot they are a piece of crap. #3
This guy should definatly work for the US marketing team because obviously they don't know how to communicate to the public. #26
hahahahahaha yea they've fixed them riiight ;) But seriously ofcourse the 360 fans don't complain their to stupid to complain and thats why M$ never improves because their fans don't push them to do better. Sony is always striving forward because their loyal fanbase keeps pushing them to new levels. #28.2
Gamespot stop trying to cover your asses you have a bad review on your hands. I mean if you had been this harsh on Halo 3 we would've seen Halo 3 with a score of 6.7! I mean come on one of your arguements is that theres to many FEATURES in the game! What kind of BS is this Gamespot thats what me and thousands of other people want to know. #104
But the true test is.....
The true test is if you can cut it with a pair of scissors :P #14
In the address/zip codes fields what did you guys put because nothing i put works... #12
First of all yes I get the joke...
And second of all Ninja Gaiden 2 still can suck my balls. #19
Its not a good game.
Its average thats what I keep complaining about. Everyone is saying "omfg AAA must buy!" when if you look it hasn't changed since Halo 2 or 1. Sure they've added some gimmicks like saved replays and forge but its not "revolutionary". So sorry Halo fans its not a console seller. #9
You know
people always are complain about 2D games but i say if they have a good storyline and great gameplay then who cares? #1
Well they made the roads more detailed lmao! #32
How about you mister "bebofisher?" go to some other site because right now from what we've seen the 360 has maxed out its potential. Oh and I liked how you added PC in there even though PC has nothing to do with what he was talking about. #14.2
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