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I think they will do something with bringing in past and present again. They wont just stay future with exo. I think this is the right move for COD right now. #1
Loved Thrillville and liked Zoo Tycoon. I think games like these have been lacking in the industry of the late and appreciate seeing something different come out. #1
No, no it wont. This game is a joke. Lets make a "next-gen" game but release it for the lesser popular console but hey we will make it for Xbox 360 and PS3 too because we want more sales. This is the definition of gaming going wrong. #1
I think this will be the best Far Cry 4 DLC by far #2
Very interested in this game. I really want to try it out soon :) #1
I am most definitely going to give Resident Evil Revelations 2 a shot. The game seems like its going to be really cool :) #1
I have to agree. It was a huge disappointment when the last of us remastered showed up. If it were five years from now I would get it but back to back releases and a promised The Last of Us 2 already :/ usually I respect naughty Dog but with the last of us I really just don't and cant appreciate that. #1
I highly agree with this. I think The Order had some quality behind it that was just almost there. ill keep spoilers out but the ending was functional. #1
Tired this game an wanted to put it down immediately then I continued and the idea of it really set in. I am addicted. still waiting on moving onto the last 2 prisons but gosh its really a great game. I would recommend it to anyone even slightly interested. #1
One can always hope... stay strong my man, maybe just maybe they will stay true to their word... #3.1
Lol I know right hahaha I did however like that Saints Row Iv did pay some tribute to the series start. I am just a big fat baby about changing up what I loved in Saitns Row 2 xD #1.1.1
Banjo Kazooie; best series to go completely bad with one game.

Saints Row is also horrible now. #1
Now that right there would be funny. It would entertain the both of us hahahahaha #1.1
Sleeping during first appearance would be 500 percent classic. That would win a fan over for sure. Making him speak would be odd now that you mention it haha #2
I agree! The memories I have in Sonic Adventure are really good. Emerald Coast was just a stand out moment in my childhood haha

Cheers! Here's to hopping that someday we see a Sonic Adventure 3 :) #1.1
</3 so depressing.

Reminds me of those moments when a game ends and I'm tearing up and my mom walks in... awkward! #1
When this game was announced I was really excited. It looked like a real Tomb Raider game to me (wasn't a fan of the 2013 take)

The new screenshots were disappointing and even more so compared to the classics. They don't look like Lara in the face. I miss the old Tomb Raider games. Either or I will be giving this an honest try when it comes out. #1
Pokémon has a way about it. I can never put it down. Haven't tried shuffle but know that every single thing that has anything at all to do with Pokémon usually hooks me pretty well haha :) #1
I like Gears of War best when it comes to third person shooters. I think its has everything a game needs. Uncharted works for me too but I more so associate it with a great adventure game than a top third person shooter. It seems in a completely different category than Gears to me. I wouldn't be able to truly and honestly compare the two. #1
That's true. I've liked Kirby games in the past so ill probably end up with this one at some point or another. I would like a game for my Wii u anyway. #1.1.1
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