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I am hugely concerned about the lack in showing off puzzles and how lonely the game looks so far. I like talking to characters in towns and villages but so far haven't seen much of that in what they have shown off for this game. I'm opened minded but concerned.

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thought this game looked awesome when I saw it for the first time. now that I keep seeing it for some reason my interest is fading.

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very interested n this game. I love star wars and lego games so this is just about perfect for me :D

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I actually joyed rainbow vegas 2. Its be a long time since I've played it but remembered a lot of fun with it when it came out.

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Hate everything about the way this looks. Its not Call of Duty its a knock off of Star Wars or something. Only thing good about Infinite Warfare is that COD 4 remastered is coming out and they cant even do that right by releasing it with deluxe edition only.

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This game is exactly what I have been waiting for. Bring it on!

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Couldn't of said it better myself :)

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Some of these definitely look interesting :)

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This game looks cool. I hope you can really play it solo though and have a cool experience. I hate only online crap.

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I think it looks good in an interesting way. I think it has potential to attract new audiences but am unsure if fans are entirely pleased.

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I thought the name was interesting as soon as I heard it. The game looks beautiful though :D

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I think this game looks great. Give it a few minutes in the spotlight and Ill bet moms everywhere will do all they can to rip the comedy away. Gotta get this day one before updates force a change xD

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I love rare hate only multiplayer games. I hope theres really is an even balance for players who want to go off on their own.

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I really want to do this. I think its very cool that this will be an option.

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I mean I like the idea because Id love to replay the game and I love that it looks so good but there's no hiding the fact that its just there to make money.

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I was hopping for more on games but the hardware was enough to keep me happy. Project Scorpio here I came. That looks awesome. I think next year Xbox will slay. It took them a while to come back after the Xbox One announcement but they are on their way to be competitive again.

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That is super cool. I liked season 1 way way way better than season 2. Season 2 put to much responsibility on clem; since when do adults rely on one child for such important decisions. Hopefully season 3 will honor reality of relationships a little better. Overall I do love the series though.

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Lol la noise I liked the game but gosh it gave me a head ache from time to time.

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Can't wait!

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I think it looks cool. The time period intrests me.

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