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Wow this is impressive I'd love to have this on my wall

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You know I feel the same way. I personally think I would be more interested if there was no chat. Maybe if they allowed a chat but had mods approve only select quality questions to appear for the actual streamer so it's not a constant distraction or something. There's to much low-quality chatter so it becomes less about the actual game more often than not.

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I could see it being done well but god forbid it be live action hahaha an animated movie could work however dialog might end up being the biggest hurdle

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Haven't been all that interested in the game but I'm glad to hear that it has a compelling narrative so maybe I'll end up giving it a shot soon.

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I think my favorite uncharted game will always be Uncharted 2. I had some unforgettable times with that one.

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Its a cute game very addicting actually.

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This is a nice fun and festive post. I really want to play Friday the 13th on Friday the 13th and I'm not really a horror guy x)

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I feel you on that. The Black Ops timeline got a bit destroyed although I did love the first game. Id love to see modern warfare in the series again.

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Thats unfortunate, their picture looks so cute to bad the game didnt measure up.

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I love couch coop. My favorite will probably always be Gears of War but I'll give Borderlands props as well :)

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In my opinion, I'd have to say Breath of the Wild will be in competition with Mario Odyssey for game of the year. So yeah lets keep Mario on our radar lol

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is it dumb that everything looks so similar to me now a days? x)

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I agree with you 100 percent. I feel like the title was sort of there to sell copies more than tie anything together. I'd like to see black ops go back and make something more like the first game.

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I really like hearing things like that. I might consider checking this out. I'm a sucker for one of those 'light-hearted' smack talking good times with a group of my buds x)

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Loved black ops 1, liked black ops 2 and hated black ops 3. I just don't know how to feel about a black ops 4 x)

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I like easy mode for a first play-through. I typically do it to get a feel fro the game to see if it is something I would enjoy going a little harder on.

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Cool to see a game like this get a good score :)

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I think this is awesome. I collected hot wheels as a kid and dont remember themes like this. Super cool stuff.

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At least 3rd party publishers are keeping the quality coming. I have purchased some of the PS exclsuives and have been left feeling sort of disappointed. Ill get hyped up on what it is then once it actually gets to my hands its like dull. Its hard to explain but I know I'm not the only one who feels that way. It goes for both PS4 and Xbox. I want to feel how I felt the first time I played Gears of War 1 again and i just don't see that happening with a Halo 6 or Gears 5. Something new ...

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I think thats an excellent marketing move... I cant believe Im saying that about Xbox of all things X) hahaha

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