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This year is looking amazing to me. I think 2015 will have a lot going for it tho. I am still waiting to hear of some confirmed news of Rockstar brewing something I just know they have like Red Dead or bully and I like prey daily that it will release in 2015 x) #1
This game seems cool. The fact that you can climb on everything and use height to your advantage is a real draw for me. #1
I think this game looks really cool. I love the fact that it seems a lot like far cry 3 because I absolutely loved far cry 3 :) #1
Gosh E3 was amazing this year! I am super excited for so much good stuff :) #4
Great article, this is info everyone should know! #10
Mari t 8 is an amazing game. Maybe saying win E3 is a stretch but help Nintendo make a bigger impact on gamers, sure! im proud of them for doing so well on Mario kart 8 as a Nintendo fan I could not be happier. #1
I think these kind of posts need more attention because I can name several ways games have benefited me in real life which is something a lot of non gamers laugh at if I ever say it out loud. #3
Im really looking forward to The Evil Within personally, I'm just a little ify on the graphics in the gameplay trailer. to me graphics don't make a game by any means but I would expect a little better than that I think. Its hard to say until I have the game in my hands tho. #1
LOL! #3.1
This one really got to me in the right way. Love the direction they are taking the series. #1
Wow some of those images I would say are both real. GTA V did an amazing job on being accurate that's for sure. #1
Im still rooting for Nintendo too. Hopefully E3, will satisfy the fans. #3.1
Any of that Pokémon stuff would be amazing #1
That's what I was thinkin #2.1
Cant wait for that sequel! #2
Its amazing to me how one sided this console war has become. I really hope E3 pushes Xbox up a bit, the PS4 need competition so gamers don't become sony's little puppets. I like a healthy competition it keeps companies on their toes but at this rate things are not looking so good. #1
I think yes and no, the Wii U has hope but the Vita I'm not so sure of. I believe the vita is a fine system but it just didn't stick and it never will, not with the 3DS, cells and tablet gaming. Its too expensive and has a bad rep. The Wii U can overcome the hardships it faced #1
She seems like a really neat person here gaming accomplishments are amazing haha #1
Yea me too! #1.1
I think naughty Dog has done a wonderful job with making stand out games. I don't think that The Last of Us is one of those games. just my opinion I do think the game is good but not to the caliber as other naughty Dog games... just my thoughts tho. #1
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