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Lol la noise I liked the game but gosh it gave me a head ache from time to time. #1
Can't wait! #6.1
I think it looks cool. The time period intrests me. #1.2
Found it funny as well #1.1
Destroyed every last inch of hype I had for the game. Wait to crap on my excitement just weeks before my most anticipated game of 2016 comes out square enix... #2
For sure it's so perfect the way that it is. #1.1
This is just awkward lol but great advertising on ubi's part lol #3
Haha they are adorable to say the least #1
Wow this is really neat looking. Beautiful visuals. Love it #2
It would be sick to get to play this game again. Spent hours on this. Loved it but haven't loved the way they have taken the series. They don't need to try and make it real they need the simple fun of tricky #2
Agreed I think it looks unique and that enough to keep me intrested. Haven't witness a game that looked like this ever before in my life and I think that's cool #1.1
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I loved Fallout 4 as a stand alone game but was it a fallout game or just a game in a nuke striken world under the same name? #3
Your probably right on that. As much as I would say I wanted it for the Wii U if I bought into NX I would probably get it for NX. But it would be nice if both got it. #5.1
Really looking forward to scalebound. I can only imagine all the cool 2017 will hold with how cool 2016 is going to be x) #2
This game was so awesome! #1
Looking forward to this game and then some! #1
I've been waiting for the division for so long now I can't wait to try it now x) #1
Very well put :) #1.1
My brother! XD if I only had the money for that. #2.2
I actually won't it from rare. Might not be worth as much as the ones you found but it's my pride and joy haha :) #5.1.1
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