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This is definitely going to be an insane game. Can't wait to see what else is in store

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Great deal that's for sure. Haven't bought into Titanfall 2 yet. Is it worth it?

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I'm just glad I can play the game solo and not have it be too hard to complete all the way. The fact that they take down the enemy count for less players is awesome. Not saying that I suck but games like this can get just painstaking for individual players with having such focus on coop play.

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love solid snake! One of my fav characters of all time :)

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I'm not usually a sports game kind of guy but there are a few out there that I really like; MLB has always been one of them. I cant disagree with DiRT either :)

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Saw a very old lady at the mall yesterday. She almost bumped into me which my natural reaction was to try and make sure she didn't go down. She didn't notice me or say anything but just kept on going like nothing even happened. In the process of this I caught a glimpse of her phone. I was humored to glance to her as she wobbled away with Pokémon go illuminating the screen of her phone x)

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I don't know what to think. I don't want to buy into another gimmick but also I've always been a Nintendo fan (grew up that way and still am) I don't want to miss out on something great but am also disappointed that I bought a Wii U and probably logged in a maximum of 20 hours in total on the console while I have thousands of hours on my 3DS. I think my best bet is to wait and see how it runs with the community then decide if its for me later.

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Well put my friend :)

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This game has looked good since the first trailer. Awesome concept and design. I hope I love it as much as dualshockers haha

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Shame Switch games wont be eligible but its still great news for gamers on other consoles haha Might be time for me to finally pick up Resident Evil

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awesome. All of the cool Zelda stuff has been sold out before I nab it x) hopefully I get it this time.

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Was definitely looking forward to checking the open world addition to the game. Love sniping game this one seems cool.

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Interested in this game. Glad to see it got a decent score from you guys :)

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Didn't try this on PS4 (I'm an Xbox guy) but definitely was bummed when it didn't come out on the One yet. Kind of forgot about it until now but might give it a try if anyone thinks its good.

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Its been a good long while since I've played a 3D platformer that I loved. I hope 2017 changes that.

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I really hope to see some more exclusives at E3. I've been a fan for years and I feel like less of a gamer in general because there hasn't been anything outstanding to catch my attention. For me, being an Xbox owner, this console generation has been a disappointment so far. I want to feel excited about a game again.

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The game looks like its on a completely different level than most of the games that came out in 2017. PS is killing it with exclusives.

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Game looks pretty interesting. Hadn't really thought about getting it but I don't have anything to play now so it seems like it might be worth it.

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I'm mostly happy with Dead Rising 4 but cant stand the fact that the survivors are so plain. Psychopaths were one of my favorite parts of the games. Maniacs don't cut it like psychopaths do.

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A game doesn't need to be revolutionary to provide a valuable experience. Mafia 3 is one of those games. Its a shame to see so many rushed reviews.

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