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I really hope to see some more exclusives at E3. I've been a fan for years and I feel like less of a gamer in general because there hasn't been anything outstanding to catch my attention. For me, being an Xbox owner, this console generation has been a disappointment so far. I want to feel excited about a game again.

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The game looks like its on a completely different level than most of the games that came out in 2017. PS is killing it with exclusives.

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Game looks pretty interesting. Hadn't really thought about getting it but I don't have anything to play now so it seems like it might be worth it.

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I'm mostly happy with Dead Rising 4 but cant stand the fact that the survivors are so plain. Psychopaths were one of my favorite parts of the games. Maniacs don't cut it like psychopaths do.

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A game doesn't need to be revolutionary to provide a valuable experience. Mafia 3 is one of those games. Its a shame to see so many rushed reviews.

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Definitely feel the same way. I feel like COD 4 remastered as a stand alone can generate more revenue than infinite warfare. people are sick of the futuristic direction.

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I'm surprised at how the reviews are so mixed with Gears 4. Some say its fantastic some don't and some take the safe higher middle ground. This is a game that's success will truly depend on what the fans have to say about it. For me, its about the only worthy thing to be playing right now.

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Game is getting a lot of good reviews. Its about time a racing game steal the spotlight.

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Love this game so glad to see a remaster of this. Some games don't deserve if COD 4 does for sure.

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The game would be well received if it weren't a Call of Duty game. It just cant live up to what it was and thats what makes people so angry.

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that is purely insane haha

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That seems like a great feature. I can see myself taking part in weekly challenges.

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I thought this game looked cool but didn't know it would be col enough to sale out of collectors editions. makes me kin of want one lol

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I feel halfway foolish for saying this but gosh I wish there would be a console sims release x)

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That's some really beautiful artwork. What id give to have that painted as a mural wall lol

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I am so excited for the remasters to come out DR1 was one of my very favorite games. First I found out was bringing Frank back and right after that they tell me I'm going to get DR1 remastered too. That made me very happy! :)

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I am hugely concerned about the lack in showing off puzzles and how lonely the game looks so far. I like talking to characters in towns and villages but so far haven't seen much of that in what they have shown off for this game. I'm opened minded but concerned.

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thought this game looked awesome when I saw it for the first time. now that I keep seeing it for some reason my interest is fading.

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very interested n this game. I love star wars and lego games so this is just about perfect for me :D

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I actually joyed rainbow vegas 2. Its be a long time since I've played it but remembered a lot of fun with it when it came out.

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