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That noob got pwnd by a damn AI at Jacks LAN party last week then blamed the whole thing on a lag. He's got to find a new clan now. #1
For sure this year will go to Xbox One. PS4 took a back seat and I'm not all the way sure if that was on purpose or not. They have nothing on Xbox this year. At least next year PS4 seems to have a fighting chance with Uncharted and probably the last guardian which is still little to lean on in the long run. #1
Nintendo does a great job at Comic Con. Its cool Microsoft does the same. Unfortunately PS4 doesn't even show off anything anymore. PS4 Fans = unloved at Comic Con #1
This is actually really cool and there's no other place besides Dave & Busters that could really offer something like this. #1
Nintendo is doing something right with this game. Its going to be weird with a lack of story and am currently unsure what the incentive to play this game will be. You have got to be able to earn points somehow or something for creating a popular level. #1
it was so far away from the con. it was just too hard to find but better than the AC course. At least Square gives you the privacy to do this kind of thing without and MC lol both were supper fun though. Makes me remember games are a part of the con. #1
These look pretty awesome. Ill check em out :) #1
Fallout 4 looks pretty good, maybe too overwhelming for a new comer like myself but Ill give it a try because of the way Bethesda went out announcing it. They announced a quality looking game and said it was releasing this year, nothing but respect for that.
As far as anything Ubisoft, they can take a hike in my book. No Rainbow 6, The Division, Assassins Creed or anything else; I'm sick of their antics.
Xbox is killing it with exclusives this year PS is keeping up. Overa... #1
COD Heroes all the wayyyyy lol jk
Im for MW2 personally. Black Ops ok but hate the future direction. I wish it was past warfare instead. I think it would make the progression of Advanced warfare better if Treyarch stuck to what their best at... past warfare... #1
As a big PS supporter I though MS controllers always sucked. They were big and bulky and heavy but this controller seems neat. You can really make it your controller which is something I never thought would be possible. Props to MS on this one. #1
Hard to say since I know everything ;) lol jk anyhow sounds like an improvement on combat. The game needed that. Maybe ill actually buy this one instead of pulling it as a renter. #1
wow the progression here is really amazing. The tomb raider definitive edition comparison really gets me though... I don't care if the game was good or not; that is not Lara Croft. It looks nothing like her. Rise of the Tomb Raider looks sweet though. #1
I think this seems like an improvement. I cant wait to give it a try. #1
looks decent. Ill end up giving it a shot. #1
Heist mode was one of the best multiplayer modes I ever played. I spent hours on this. it was a huge issue for me when live and reloaded didnt have the mode. glad to see replay will host it more classic #1
would be a happy guy. I loved the older ones much more than the more recent ones :) #1
I am happy with happy home designer :) #1
I think both companies did a great job but Ill have to give mighty props to MS this time around. Sony did great doing their usual showings of 1st and 3rd party titles but MS took things over the edge with major exclusive announcements and backwards compatibility.

Its a great year for gaming on both accounts :) #2
I didnt hear of this game until now. It sounds interesting though. Maybe Ill check it out #1
I wanted to give this game a shot but haven't gotten around to it yet. Hopefully soon :) #1
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