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So many to chose from. It's close for me between the SNES, PS1 and PS2.

I will have to go with the original PlayStation.

The console took things to the next level, and took away the societal belief that gaming was just for "kids". It's library was expansive as well. From great games like Resident Evil, Final Fantasy VII,VIII and IX. Chrono Cross, Metal Gear Solid etc. It really was something to behold. I remember getting it on launch on...

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Uhhh this was confirmed to be FPS only months ago. And I'm glad. Battlefront was okay, but it was nothing but a cheap knockoff of Battlefield.

I would rather just have FPS.

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98 was one of the best years ever.

-Thief: The Dark Project
-The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time
-Rainbow Six (which lead to all the Counter-Strike/COD type games)
-Grim Fandango
-Metal Gear Solid
-Baldur's Gate
-Banjo Kazooie

Just all around amazing games, many of them I still think are at the top of their class. Yet to be dethroned.

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Nah, because their next game is not even Battlefield, it's the reboot of Star Wars Battlefront

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Not only that (as someone who loved Adam as a journalist for years) he also has done other things to downplay the PS4 and make the X1 not look as bad. I remember for years during the PS3 ordeal that it was "too expensive" and all of a sudden when the X1 was more expensive, Adam actually tried to say that...well the price is the same because you have to pay for PS+....

When he said that it made me so mad. What about Xbox Live? That is more expensive yearly? To me he&...

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What did he do on Twitter? I must of missed that.

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My first launch unboxing was actually the original Gameboy in 1989. However, my first console launch unboxing personally was the SNES.

Since then I've unboxed at launch:

2. Gameboy
3. PlayStation 1,2,3 (soon PS4)
4. N64
5. Gamecube
6. Wii
7. Wii U
8. X-Box
9. X-Box 360
10. Gameboy Advance

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Ya, also I found it funny during the worst of the X1's coming out party, he made a video just saying "Don't buy any next gen." It's almost like he was saying buy the X1 or none of them.

I've just been very disappointed with what he has been saying. He's almost trying to be "hipster" like and defend the console that is being more attacked by the media, but he was one of the ones attacking the hell out of Sony with the PS3 for the same t...

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See I love the hell out of Sessler and have since Gamespot TV. But I'm not going to lie, since February with the PS4 reveal it's been pretty clear he's being biased. He said he was not that impressed at the February event for the PS4. Then did the as you said "wait and see". Then when the X1 showed off it stuff at a terrible event, he defended it saying "It's not that bad people are over reacting!"

Then he would jump on any negative of the...

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I believe many will fall like they did in '83. The problem is these games really don't cost as much as some are making them out to be. Some games like GTA ya, they do cost more just because of the vast size of them. But so many of these games do not cost as much as they try to claim. In the film industry they call it "Hollywood Accounting" where in reality it should not/really does not cost as much as they say it does.

I remember with Black Ops they said &q...

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The movie is not being directed by Michael Bay, he's working on TF4. He is producing it. Jonathan Liebesman is directing it.

But I'd rather neither of them be near this but...I hope for the best.

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Ya it is really weird, seriously these people have not played games prior to the PS2. I think it shows more of the state of gaming journalism.

I would have easily put Half-Life in there, that had one of the greatest openings ever.

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Or like myself they started gaming before even you did. Because back in the day, of NES/SNES/Early PC days you did not have cinematic like that.

Now sometimes they worked just fine, but a lot of times they did not.

People seem to confuse and think the cheap cinematic crap most games pull is some how good. Most of them feel like a C-Class movie trying to be something more. Be a game, they need to evolve the way game stories go and not try to copy Hollywood.

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I agree, it really takes you out of the game, and decreases the tension when it spends 2 minutes to show off what the boss looks like. It does pull me out of a game most the time.

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Ya I don't think it's that they are cowards, I think they are just taking their time. I mean honestly the original Half-Life was much more revolutionary, and much more of a legacy, it changed the way gameplay was executed in FPS's all over. HL2 while great was just HL1 with better graphics, and physics. But they lived up to the massive legacy of the first. I'm sure they can do it again.

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It said he was there for 16 years, so he's been there since 96-97. That was during the glory days, so he was probably with a lot of the great oldies at Rare, it was around 2000 that most of them started to jump ship.

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It said he was there for 16 years, so he's been there since 96-97. That was during the glory days, so he was probably with a lot of the great oldies at Rare, it was around 2000 that most of them started to jump ship.

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However, the library of PC games (especially new) have dwindled ,and may continue to do so.

Unless Valve's new console really takes off. Which could be.

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Uhhh why? PC games you can't buy used copies, never have been able to.

Steam dominates most sales of PC games, so you will never buy a "used game" there.

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Maybe, or maybe not. The thing is if Sony did this, and the devs like EA/Ubisoft who are very much against second hand sales, say: "We will only make games for Sony until MS does the same thing" Sony would have the advantage.

However, on the other hand, it could hurt Sony as much, where more buy the Next Box because they can buy second hand games. People do forget there are two consumers with consoles, the people that buy games, and the people that make games for th...

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