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Sometimes, you gotta explain it to them.

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Oh yay click bait!

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Wonder what, if anything, will be the free game this week.

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So what you are saying is, you didn't read the article.

"Satirical, etc. If you don’t buy this game, I’ll lop off your vital reproductive organs."

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"I could cite falling numbers, bad review scores, and youtube comments, but it’s not necessary."


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You can when the game is a spin-off and not of the main series.

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Unknown is a whore, but there's a trick to beating her, and most other Tekken bosses.

1. Spammable moves. She can't deal with Kaz's spinning legs of death. Since she likes to attack a lot, enjoy the counter hits you'll get off of her.

2. Lower down your aggression. How well you play is how well the game response to you. Look at Ghost Battle. If I'm doing horrible, the CPU will kinda scale itself back. But if I'm doing great, it'll ...

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It's funny, because without Nintendo, this game wouldn't exist.

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I just read that on the forums. Whoops. Time to correct.

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Exactly. I remember when the original director referred to the girls of DOA as his "daughters".

I'm not sure how many dads dress their little girls in slutty clothing, and I'm sure I don't want to meet them.

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Not that I haven't had an issue like this before. But it wasn't months later. It was just a few days, maybe three weeks at the most.

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Imagine this:

Say last month, you had lotsa money. It was a great month for you. You bought a few games because, hey, you can afford it.

It's assumed that the money is taken out of your account, since you get the email for the transaction going through on Sony's end.

The next month, you didn't get paid a lot. In fact, you are barely surviving. Suddenly, you are hit with a few bills you shouldn't be paying at the moment. May...

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It wasn't.

When you ring up Sony at their support, they state (in one of those canned messages) it's their fault for the late transactions. Not only that, but mine say Pending at the top of my information so it's hard to miss them.

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You know that it's on the 360, right?

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That's fine if you don't believe me. So long as you check your accounts and make sure everything is in order, that's all I care about. Report away!

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Because the way you see a 10/10 is different than the way I see a 10/10. Everyone has different criteria for how they rate games. I don't think Wots4 is perfect, but the good far outweigh the bad for me.

You'd think that a person who'd been reviewing games for "a long time" would know that a review is 90% opinion, alongside the way they judge the game.

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Edit like this because it's been too long and I was on my mobile phone:

Too bad this is N4G, where there are serious articles like this. So far, Wots4 is a huge contender for GOTY for me. Sorry for the confusion.

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1. That is explained in the article.2. Same deal. 3. It is an article making fun of news stories that don't knw anything about video games,.which is obvious from the article. There is even a disclaimerat the bottom! Too bass

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For those who want to pound away on some static AI and get a carrot dangled infront of their face, I guess so.

But I have hundreds of hours logged into Street Fighter AE, and I didn't have to unlock any of the characters. Getting Gouken was annoying in 4, I don't want to go through that crap again.

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