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I wonder how gameplay in this game compares to others in the series. Is this a reboot or a sequel? #1
The weapon and customization options look really intricate. Not much like previous Nintendo offerings, huh? Still, the game looks awesome, and I can't wait to play. #1
I'd need to see more of the entertainment options that Wii U has that 360 and PS3 don't, I think. #1
Playing as a PMC seems like it might be a touchy subject. I don't know. #1
This wasn't factored into their timetables at the factory? A well-known national holiday shouldn't be coming up at the last minute and causing delays. #1
Somehow I don't think that's why Nintendo bought them. #1.1
It is rather lopsided, isn't it? #1.1
Inti Creates makes some good stuff. This was alright, it was like it was low on the scale of importance for them, but the basics are there. #1
I hadn't thought of this as a puzzle game, for some reason, but boy it makes a lot of sense. World of Goo, without the goo... World of Metal.

Someone please make a video game entitled World of Metal. #1
When a children's pet game can't make the pets all that cute, you've got trouble. #1
Only two in-battle screenshots there. Otherwise, he's in town, in a cutscene, or on the world map. #1.1
I'm still wondering what happened to that news of downloadable GC games. #2
I'm a bit torn on this one. On the one hand, this is the standard 3DS price; on the other hand, there are still other bundles out there with the same price that give you more. I can imagine people being disappointed buying this and then finding out they could have have a game too, for free. #1.1
I'm a bit unsure how NEAR would be as useful on PS4. Isn't it meant for someone who's traveling? #6
No, never. I've watched videos before, but never with my smartphone tilted up on my desk while I was sitting back. I held the thing in my hand. #1.2.1
I'm not sure who would "sit back" and watch a movie from their desk on that tiny screen, but I bet the stand would be useful for upright gaming while charging. #1
I'm a bit annoyed that the presence of Skyrim will basically prevent Dark Souls from ever receiving any of these awards from anyone. That game needs more recognition, darn it. #1
I've never even seen a Neo Geo with my own eyes, let alone played one. #2
I'm not really sold on QTEs improving a game. #10
The screen would probably tip the scales in favor of the Supaboy for me. #1.1
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