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I never played MechWarrior 2 online, and I never got a great grip on the single-player, either. I was too young. #2
This game sort of snuck up on me. I wonder how similar it is to Team Fortress 2. #1
Sameyness is what happens when you release a game every single year. Though batters adapting to your pitching style is pretty cool. #1
Huh, I thought Disney Universe was shut down. In any case, it's good to see the Muppets get the love they deserve. The movie was great. #1
I like team-based multiplayer missions with more creative objectives; it sounds like this new pack contains those. #1
What is an "assignment"? #1
I've never played a Wipeout game. It seems like a genre I'd enjoy but would be terrible at. #1
I'm generally wary of licensed sports games, but if it's being made by the same folks who do the regular MLB games, that's a pretty clever way of filling what's probably an important niche. #1
Written by active soldiers? Sounds like it could be either more boring or way more interesting than a normal story. #1
I could have sworn I've played a Hot Shots Golf game before, but it turns out I was thinking of Super Swing Golf. They all seem to play pretty similarly, though. #1
Who here remembers Oneechanbara? This game reminds me of that, but with higher production quality. Maybe a bit of Shadows of the Damned in there too. #1
I love how the article lists films he's worked on like Alvin and the Chipmunks. That'll endear him to folks, certainly. #1
We need a really large and epic console Pokémon RPG, is what we need. #1
Those sound like interesting game modes. I'd love to play a really strategic game of Capture the Flag. #1
Customizable analog grips is an interesting idea. #2
I wish the 3DS version's events were as substantial; they're particularly lacking. #1
I've heard good things about Wakfu, but I don't know much about it. It looks like a tactical RPG, from the trailer. #1
The Repopulation actually sounds like a really cool idea for a MMO. #1
"The studio will release its first game, Political Rampage, in the next few weeks. The title will feature over-the-top caricatures of popular political figures such as President Barack Obama and Sarah Palin facing off in a humorous match-three format."

Oh yea, I can definitely count on these guys to provide their games with insightful glimpses into the world of today. #1
I wonder what else specifically he's worked on. Any songs I would recognize? #1
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