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I grabbed this particular update when I went into the eShop earlier today. I never really use Swapnote to send anything, though I still enjoy receiving notes direct from Nintendo.

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Browser-based stat checking sounds pretty interesting to me. I imagine it would only appeal to really hardcore players though.

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I've never heard of Fuse before. Interesting that they'd go right from one sci-fi shooter to another.

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Fast travel costs money? How long does it take to travel normally?

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Eh. Tower defense is a genre I never really could get into.

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Oh man, I remember playing this game when I was a kid. I was absolutely terrible at it, but I stuck with it for a little bit anyway. Then I just went on to Duke Nukem 3D.

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I can't say I'm too displeased at the increase in F2P games, really. There's some part of me that takes an odd pleasure in seeing the world adapt to technology with new business models. I'm weird.

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Every time I see the name Nexon, it's with respect to a different MMO. How many do they have?

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Are those outfits really necessary?

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$40 for 15-20 hours more of gameplay sounds like a good deal to me. Plus, if you've never played the game, it gets even better.

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"Hm, bunch of high profile video games, oh hey Argo, SEALAB 2021, FREAKING SOLD."

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An RPG with a hard time limit (and not something you can rewind like Majora's Mask) would probably enrage me.

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I wouldn't mind going for a HD capture device. Right now I'm using a SD BlitzBox and it's serving me really well. Almost no complaints, after a little setup.

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Part of me wants a new Conker, part of me is unsure they'd be able to do it well. Conflicted.

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Now those are some cool-looking puzzles. I could dig something like this.

Infeasible, by the way. I think.

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I've never been that big on hidden object games. The desire to dress them up with cool stories just strikes me as weird. I know Professor Layton does that with logic puzzles, but those are more enjoyable.

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How does stuff like this continue to happen? How has a company like EA not learned to properly test things?

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Only 5% of folks in attendance developing for the Wii U? Does that reflect more on the Wii U or on GDC?

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Not sure why they feel the need to do this. Scribblenauts was a good concept with flawed execution, which Super fixed. Just release Super as a downloadable or something, I dunno.

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I'll have to tell my sisters, they'll flip out. They love The Sims.

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