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Nintendo has some core first-party franchises that have a huge amount of selling power and nostalgia associated with them. They need to be careful to make sure they stay good, though (see Metroid). #4
The first thing I thought when I saw the image was "there's no way they're accounting for the back touchscreen." Lo and behold, I was correct. Not the best design. #1
I think Infinity Ward initially set the bar higher than it had been before, but since then Treyarch had been aiming for that high bar and now they're coming out on top. #8
From a marketing standpoint, the boot time is significant. Nintendo's recent products (Wii, 3DS, Wii U) are really reliant on hands-on time and word of mouth for people to really latch onto the idea that this new method of gaming is important. If your demo machine can't do anything for over 2 minutes, then you're losing consumer interest, which Nintendo seriously needs. Nobody's going to stand around that long to give your console a chance. #1.1
I've never really gotten into a Tales game; I wonder what I would start with if I tried. #1
I've heard before that Asura's Wrath is minimally interactive. I'm not sure who thought that such little involvement would be entertaining. #1
A truly "pure" survival horror game from Shinji Mikami sounds like something exciting, if it comes out the way it sounds. #1
Nyko loves combining charging docks with things. Vita is Netflix-capable, though, so this makes sense for using it as an incredibly small television. #1
There are so many free-to-play games I've never heard of that look like fun. I wonder how these games promote themselves? #1
Nostalgia wave encountered. #1
Just looking at the name of this game, I don't know why it isn't more popular. WORLD OF TANKS. #1
It's a semi-famous series of bullet hell shooters. Check out videos on Youtube. #1.1.1
Three gameplay modes, and THEY ARE ALL TOUHOU. #1
Between this and Disgaea, looks like strategy fans will be sitting pretty on PSP. #1
The screenshots don't do a good job of showing how the gameplay works, really. Which is a bummer, since it's an interesting concept. #2
How does this game distinguish itself from other racers? #1
I never played the original series, but this does look like a lot of fun. I might end up getting this. #1
I wonder how many people are butthurt about all the DLC being included when they bought it all on PS3. #2
I feel like I heard about this title a zillion years ago. #1
This looks like a lot of fun. I wonder how well the low camera angle works. Reminds me a bit of Virtual Boy Tennis. #1
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