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From a marketing standpoint, the boot time is significant. Nintendo's recent products (Wii, 3DS, Wii U) are really reliant on hands-on time and word of mouth for people to really latch onto the idea that this new method of gaming is important. If your demo machine can't do anything for over 2 minutes, then you're losing consumer interest, which Nintendo seriously needs. Nobody's going to stand around that long to give your console a chance. #1.1
I've never really gotten into a Tales game; I wonder what I would start with if I tried. #1
I've heard before that Asura's Wrath is minimally interactive. I'm not sure who thought that such little involvement would be entertaining. #1
A truly "pure" survival horror game from Shinji Mikami sounds like something exciting, if it comes out the way it sounds. #1
Nyko loves combining charging docks with things. Vita is Netflix-capable, though, so this makes sense for using it as an incredibly small television. #1
There are so many free-to-play games I've never heard of that look like fun. I wonder how these games promote themselves? #1
Nostalgia wave encountered. #1
Just looking at the name of this game, I don't know why it isn't more popular. WORLD OF TANKS. #1
It's a semi-famous series of bullet hell shooters. Check out videos on Youtube. #1.1.1
Three gameplay modes, and THEY ARE ALL TOUHOU. #1
Between this and Disgaea, looks like strategy fans will be sitting pretty on PSP. #1
The screenshots don't do a good job of showing how the gameplay works, really. Which is a bummer, since it's an interesting concept. #2
How does this game distinguish itself from other racers? #1
I never played the original series, but this does look like a lot of fun. I might end up getting this. #1
I wonder how many people are butthurt about all the DLC being included when they bought it all on PS3. #2
I feel like I heard about this title a zillion years ago. #1
This looks like a lot of fun. I wonder how well the low camera angle works. Reminds me a bit of Virtual Boy Tennis. #1
It seems kind of bizarre that Linux ports are as uncommon as they are. Most people who use Linux are probably going to be interested in games. #1
This game looks like it could be pretty cool, and also makes me wonder what Telltale is up to. #1
I wonder how they would reimagine Wizardry. Can you still do that as a straight RPG? #1
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