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I get the sense that the Oculus Rift is going to be highly dependent on how many games are made that really make good use of it. It's almost like a console in that sense.

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I want one myself, but I don't actually have any retro cartridges, so it wouldn't be much use.

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Wait, they're introducing jumping? You couldn't jump in a SPYRO game?

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I'm still not really clear how Beyblades do battle. You'd think as soon as the tops collided they'd both be compromised.

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The big step forward mostly sounds like it has to do with the use of the Fox Engine. The soccer itself seems pretty similar to before.

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It'd be pretty cool to have a high-end gaming laptop, but man, that's expensive.

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I think this is more of the Redmond Effect. Microsoft employees assuming that every home is as high-tech as their own.

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I had a pair of Skullcandy headphones once; they fit poorly on my ears and it always distracted me from the audio quality. Haven't bought any since.

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I'm always interested when a good and interesting racing game comes along, but I never play them. Not sure why this is.

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The question is, how much of that growth is due to mobile games? The kind EA can't pour $100 million into.

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What I'm wondering is what consoles this new game will be for. Next-gen or current-gen? That might give us an idea of the scope of the game.

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I've seen some very cool-looking ads for this game, and was hoping it wouldn't turn out to be so middle-of-the-road. Bummer.

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My money's on Microsoft stubbornly staying the course. It's the Redmond Effect or whatever they call it, where everyone at Microsoft assumes the country is much more technologically affluent than it really is.

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I suppose you could unplug the Xbox One if you didn't want it spying on you.

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I heard good things about this one. And the Wii U needs it some games.

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It would seem that investors still think of the Xbox as a gaming device, and not an all-in-one sort of thing.

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I've been seeing a lot of ads for this one, and it looks quite good. Superhero games are on the rise, it seems, at least if Batman is involved.

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Since they appear to be using the same overworld and viewpoint as the original Link to the Past, I wonder if they could cram a remake of the original game onto the cart?

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When will developers learn that glasses-free 3D does not go well with moving the top screen around?

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I grabbed this particular update when I went into the eShop earlier today. I never really use Swapnote to send anything, though I still enjoy receiving notes direct from Nintendo.

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