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I've never been that big on hidden object games. The desire to dress them up with cool stories just strikes me as weird. I know Professor Layton does that with logic puzzles, but those are more enjoyable. #1
How does stuff like this continue to happen? How has a company like EA not learned to properly test things? #2
Only 5% of folks in attendance developing for the Wii U? Does that reflect more on the Wii U or on GDC? #1
Not sure why they feel the need to do this. Scribblenauts was a good concept with flawed execution, which Super fixed. Just release Super as a downloadable or something, I dunno. #1
I'll have to tell my sisters, they'll flip out. They love The Sims. #1
Wow, I don't think I've seen a perfect score from this website before. Though a 4/4 scale is probably more forgiving. #2
I don't believe any press release has gone out about it at all. That's why we marked it as an exclusive, because nobody else has those details. Hyperkin was gracious enough to allow us to see them ahead of time. #1.2
Hyperkin hasn't announced it yet, is why. And yea, GBA titles are pretty awesome. #1.1
Does that mean no more DLC, or no more weekly DLC? #2
Designing a MMO to be free-to-play is really the only way to thrive in a world where WoW exists. The game industry is adapting to the digital world much better than other media. #1
These are some pretty awesome tracks. COWS (best acronym ever) would probably be my first buy. #2
GRiD is one of those games I heard a lot about, but never really learned much about. 87/100 is nothing to sneeze at, though. #1
Out of this group, I'd have to say I'm looking forward to Bioshock Infinite most. After playing through The Walking Dead, I'm honestly not sure how any other zombie game could compare. #1
I've been really interested in this game for a while, and I'm glad it's getting good reviews. #1
This looks like a breath of fresh air. I should keep an eye on this. #1
With more or less two stories to explore, I wonder how long this particular title is. #2
For the sake of diverting this from a political thread...

I have to say, the giant light-up lollipop on the Move controller makes it hard to take attachments like this seriously. #2
I'm liking the rise of browser-based MMOs. Easier to play from anywhere.

Also, wasn't Nexus the main area in Heroes of Ruin? #1
And here I thought Heavy Fire would be a one-off series. Are these on-rails shooters? #1
I'm having trouble with that helmet too. Seems like a very special occasion kind of thing. #1.1
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