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Is there any reason why NCAA Football needs to lag behind Madden? Aren't they essentially using the same engine?

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You'd think by this point in time we'd have learned how to do cross-platform play. Some games (like Rock Band) have been screaming for it for years.

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This is the game that has me most interested in a Wii U, at this point. Though given the overall game situation, I'm more likely to get a PS4 first.

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I think the Ouya proves that being there first isn't always the best strategy.

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The lightning decal in the center bugs me. It feels like it should have been centered around a button or the stick.

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It might just be me but I'm glad to see a franchise not get rehashed every single year. Release one game with constant roster updates for each season.

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If you sell 10 million consoles at a $100 profit, that is indeed a billion dollars. But I'm willing to bet that if you drop the price by $50 and make a $50 profit off each console, you're going to accrue more than 20 million sales in return, which is a billion dollars right there. In any case, it will be very hard for Microsoft to make as much money as they could when Sony is sitting right there, with most of the same games, at $100 less.

Price drop by Christmas? I gu...

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I can't help but be amused at how the Wii U doesn't get a Madden game in its second year, yet they were releasing the things for the PlayStation 2 forever.

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I'm not too thrilled about the Gild/Silver arrangement. It's annoying enough that we have to pay for online multiplayer, but now you have to be Gold to even have the game work beyond the first week? I can only think of one other example of this happening.

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I wonder if maybe they want Madden to be superior so they can continue posting these huge numbers about how it sells.

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It looks pretty cool in the screenshots, but a bad game could be made to look good as well. Depends on the controls, I suppose.

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I like how they mention the number of buttons without listing their actual function. "Look how many buttons we have! WE HAVE SO MANY!"

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I'm not sure how well this would work. I've played Doodle Jump and it strikes me as a game that moves a bit too fast for motion control.

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See, when I think "innovative", my mind imagines completely changing the way the game is played, which you just can't do with football. Of course, EA will probably say they're doing that exact thing, but they're full of it. You're improving the controls, just stick with that.

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I get the sense that the Oculus Rift is going to be highly dependent on how many games are made that really make good use of it. It's almost like a console in that sense.

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I want one myself, but I don't actually have any retro cartridges, so it wouldn't be much use.

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Wait, they're introducing jumping? You couldn't jump in a SPYRO game?

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I'm still not really clear how Beyblades do battle. You'd think as soon as the tops collided they'd both be compromised.

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The big step forward mostly sounds like it has to do with the use of the Fox Engine. The soccer itself seems pretty similar to before.

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It'd be pretty cool to have a high-end gaming laptop, but man, that's expensive.

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