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Seeing a digital TCG makes me wonder about the nature of traditional TCGs. Was Magic: the Gathering the first game with DLC? (Well, not downloadable, but you know.) #1
Do all dungeon crawlers move like that? I thought Soul Hackers did it because the game was so old, but I feel like Etrian Odyssey does it too. #1
Sounds interesting, but the uninspiring combat is a turn-off for a JRPG, considering how much of it I imagine there's going to be. I hope the Bravely Default system becomes more of an industry standard. #1
Doesn't say anywhere that Microsoft is going under, just that they might hand off Xbox to another company. #3.2
Huh, I didn't realize John Carmack had influence in this project. I wonder what he thinks of the Facebook acquisition. #1
Very curious to see how they'll make World of Tanks work on an iPad. It's not a game that's light on controls. #1
A Person of Interest video game would be FREAKING AMAZING. #1.1
It's misleading for the reason I state literally right above you, Captain Reading Comprehension. Even if people do read more deeply and understand what Microsoft is actually trying to say, psychology dictates that our first impression is the strongest one in our brain. #5.1.2
It's misleading. They know people will read "sold out everywhere". That's intentional PR speak. #5.1
Last night, and earlier today, I saw Amazon having them in stock for periods of at least 20 minutes. #4
What, do you think the import tool is broken just as a snub to EU players? You think that is a thing that game developers do? #1.1
Man, I remember playing MechWarrior II as a kid and being terrible at it. It was still a lot of fun. #1
Is there any reason why NCAA Football needs to lag behind Madden? Aren't they essentially using the same engine? #1
You'd think by this point in time we'd have learned how to do cross-platform play. Some games (like Rock Band) have been screaming for it for years. #1
This is the game that has me most interested in a Wii U, at this point. Though given the overall game situation, I'm more likely to get a PS4 first. #1
I think the Ouya proves that being there first isn't always the best strategy. #1.1.1
The lightning decal in the center bugs me. It feels like it should have been centered around a button or the stick. #1
It might just be me but I'm glad to see a franchise not get rehashed every single year. Release one game with constant roster updates for each season. #1
If you sell 10 million consoles at a $100 profit, that is indeed a billion dollars. But I'm willing to bet that if you drop the price by $50 and make a $50 profit off each console, you're going to accrue more than 20 million sales in return, which is a billion dollars right there. In any case, it will be very hard for Microsoft to make as much money as they could when Sony is sitting right there, with most of the same games, at $100 less.

Price drop by Christmas? I gu... #3
I can't help but be amused at how the Wii U doesn't get a Madden game in its second year, yet they were releasing the things for the PlayStation 2 forever. #1
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