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Not the type of game I usually play, but I like the idea of playing them with multiple different kinds of players.

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I wonder if this will be the Cities: Skylines of the Rollercoaster Tycoon series.

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This trailer doesn't make the game look super great. Maybe it's the constant slo-mo.

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I can confirm you do not look up from your phone much when you're playing this game.

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Crow T. Robot! I approve.

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I can't help but compare it to the Xbox One Elite controller, which is around the same price. And I'm still not sure why that's worth as much as it costs, either.

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Hey, if they marketed Goosebumps to children...

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I had no idea this game was so popular. I was kinda blindsided when Nintendo made the SMB version.

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I should point out it wasn't the Persona 5 site that was hacked, it was Persona Channel.

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Don't forget Bowser's Inside Story, that's one of my favorite Nintendo games.

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It's about the whole series starting with Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Specifically it's in reference to Miyamoto's demand that the game severely minimize its story and not include any new characters, a demand that seems to have expanded to most Mario RPGs since then.

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"No one is asking for only objective reviews"

You would be surprised at the Twitter conversations I've had. I've spoken to people who think that if person A likes a game, and person B doesn't, one of them is wrong. I wish I was exaggerating.

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It feels like I'm seeing a lot of these games on the Vita. Monster Monpiece was there as well, Senran Kagura, etc.

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I love how whenever someone like Anita Sarkeesian gives advice to try and make games better and more inclusive, it's a "demand". Who wrote this crap?

...oh, Reaxxion. Well it's no wonder. Kind of depressed that the Breitbart of gaming is even allowed on N4G, but I guess it'd be censorship to ban them.

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Damn it all, I absolutely hate the song "Been Caught Stealing". It's awful and I despise it. "Jane Says" isn't much better. "Mountain Song" is awesome though.

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Hoping for Remedy, which is the only song of theirs I really like all that much. They just seem too generic post-grunge for me. They don't stand out.

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The timing on the Move is very bizarre, if that's the case. They got to watch the Wii's runaway success for four years before moving forward with their motion controller (which still looks very similar to the Wii Remote). They may not have gotten the idea from Nintendo, but they're still following Nintendo's lead.

With Remote Play, you may be right on that.

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I can picture them continuing to go into business together, with Nintendo games operating on the most powerful hardware, with the added backing of Sony funding.

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I usually watch LPs of games that I don't intend to play, personally. If there is a game I want to play I'll avoid watching things about it until I'm done.

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When they give an article an angry, inflammatory title (even if they believe it wholeheartedly), the opponents dismiss it because "nobody rude or inflammatory can be taken seriously/only biased people have strong opinions about things." If they gave a neutral or low-key title, the opponents would dismiss it by ignoring it entirely, because it's much easier to do. There's nothing this man could have done to make you actually consider what he had to ...

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