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When they give an article an angry, inflammatory title (even if they believe it wholeheartedly), the opponents dismiss it because "nobody rude or inflammatory can be taken seriously/only biased people have strong opinions about things." If they gave a neutral or low-key title, the opponents would dismiss it by ignoring it entirely, because it's much easier to do. There's nothing this man could have done to make you actually consider what he had to ...

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I'm buying the next game Yacht Club makes day one, don't care what it is.

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I don't use gaming headsets much, but certain games like FPSs are definitely improved with surround sound.

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I think a lot of people read way too far into Nintendo's exclusion of gay couples in Tomodachi Life. Them not thinking about it is my guess. And also the sheer impossibility of changing something like that a month before street date. People do not understand video game development cycles.

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I didn't really know that there were dedicated adventure game companies besides Telltale.

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Boo, they nixed artillery? That's my favorite class.

Still, I'll probably pick this up. WoT is great on 360. I just hope the controls translate well, because that's really hard to do.

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I managed to get into the Alpha for this recently, I gotta give it a try.

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I doubt it will. It sold maybe half of what the DS did, and the DS went on to become the best-selling handheld in history. If anything, Sony showed Nintendo's absolute control over the market for dedicated gaming handhelds. Nintendo's challengers are going to be mobile devices, not other dedicated handhelds.

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This is so incredibly Japan.

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Well, that was unexpected. The representative seems like he has to deal with this from Harken all the time.

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I was going to ask about whether or not you can place statues directly on the Gamepad's NFC receiver, but now all I can think about is the name "Paiñata".

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I remember playing Road Rash a lot as a kid. Looking back, I can't remember if it was actually good, or if that's just nostalgia kicking in.

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If it's anywhere as good as The Walking Dead, good times lie ahead.

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Professional hockey is often dependent on the ability to make ridiculous shots on goal. I wonder how that will translate in-game. So long as that's done automatically, it feels a little like something vital is missing.

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I have not played Magic in maybe 15 years. I didn't know it was still going so strong.

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My family are huge hockey fans, maybe I should pick this one up. That screenshot is pretty great.

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Fingers crossed for a new Souls game.

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Wonderful 101 is made by Platinum, and Metroid has been made by third parties for nearly 15 years. I haven't played Pikmin 3 yet so I can't speak to that.

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Hi, article author here. I started playing video games when I was three years old, with Super Mario World. I currently have my TV hooked up to a PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Wii U, with a 3DS on my bedside table. Taking digital downloads into account there are probably between 250 and 300 video games in my apartment. I got into the Titanfall beta, and recently finished putting a full playthrough of Dark Souls 2 up on my Youtube channel. A couple years ago I wrote an article for Cracked about f...

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I used to play it a long time ago, but never got very hooked on it.

What exactly does "exile from the graveyard" mean? I feel like that's the kind of phrasing that led to fights at lunch over game rules.

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