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Wait, episodes 190 through 193 are four episodes. But we're entitled to three? Is there a missing episode, or do we get to choose the ones we want? This clarification could use some clarification of its own. #2
Who the hell are these guys? They had one game called Urban Chaos back in 2005 or so, and then they bust out with this astonishing video game take on Batman that puts everything before it to shame. How exactly did this come to pass? #1.1
The great procedurally-generated collision system from Backbreaker has spoiled me. Unless Madden is doing the same thing, not very interested. #1
I'm surprised it took so long to offer this number of characters to play as. I wonder if this game also will be a "first-person spellcaster" like Deathly Hallows Part 1. #1
Whenever I think of smithing/crafting, my mind goes back to the picture-combining system that Dark Cloud 2 had, and I rage. The other updates look good, though, this looks like a pretty big package. #1
Looks like they're going to have pretty much the same lineup as they had at their E3 booth. Is anyone expecting any new announcements? #2
I'm looking toward Catherine and El Shaddai, myself. Both of them look quite interesting, and El Shaddai was a lot of fun at E3, though a little repetitive. #1
What percent of that is sleep mode? Is that with not turning the unit off at all? #1.1
This seems like the kind of game my sisters would love to play, though I bet I could get my dad in on it too. He likes playing Mario Party with us, but hates how he loses at every mini-game. #1
Wow, pretty impressive. WoW certainly doesn't update that often, at least not the major ones. #1.1.1
Quirky Kirby tends to work pretty well for me. See Canvas Curse. #1
I wonder how tough this game will be compared to NSMBWii, which is crazy hard in some spots. #1
Is that going to be the final box art for the game? It looks pretty sweet. #1
What I want to know is, why was everyone clamoring for Pit's return anyhow? I never understood the rage for Kid Icarus. #1
First in a series of summer updates? How often does Maple Story update? #1
My guess is we're more likely to see Windows 8 at CES. Microsoft's computer business is bigger than their console business, I imagine. Perhaps a Games for Windows reboot, though? #7
The FYE store I worked at was stricter on video game ratings than on music. I remember us letting a couple of twelve-year-old boys walk out with the unedited version of "Recovery" by Eminem. #1
That's just how some people talk, I suppose; they use some terms that are catch-alls, just in case they're not 100% true. I do that. Then again, I'm not asked for official statements very often. #1
I was a Sonic kid for sure, even though my favorite console was a Nintendo. I was playing Sonic 2 before there was a Sonic 3, and even got my hands on the comics. #2
I saw a large booth for this at E3, it was always pretty packed. If it's F2P I might have to check it out. #1
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