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Beating the game in five hours seems really extreme. I don't think that you can really achieve that without ignoring a bunch of the non-puzzle gameplay that Catherine has to offer. #1.1.5
I'm glad to see Harmonix is doing well for itself. I knew the situation couldn't be that bad; they've got a pretty impressive DLC-based business model for Rock Band, and it brings in the bucks. Plus, Dance Central is huge. #2
This is a game I've been watching for quite a while, and I really need to get my hands on it and try. The block puzzle demo is a lot of fun, though quite tough sometimes.

Also, I think the in-game volume in the review might be a bit too high. It sounds distorted, like it's pushing the limit or something. #1
6waves Lolapps? That's their real name? What do they make exactly? #1
Spiral Knights looks a lot like Bomberman at first glance. I should look into how it plays, it looks neat. #1
I would think that EA would be all over small pieces of DLC for The Sims. Guess they could get more money out of expansions. #1
The game looks pretty good from the video, but I'm still annoyed with overly-easy children's games. Kids are more skilled than you think. #1
I wonder if these have notches for 3DS games as well. Since they don't say 3DS on them anywhere, though, I'm guessing not. #1
This looks like a very impressive MMORPG for a free title. #1
An episodic MMO? Is the game telling one long story or something? #2
The game sounds very unengaging. Sounds like cycling meets the Oregon Trail. #1
I want to see a Berserker class that's really overpowered but also occasionally loses control. That'd be neat. #1
Given how Iwata also slashed his salary, I think Nintendo is desperately trying to please stockholders in the wake of a terrible first quarter. #1
The review makes the game sound fairly repetitive. I like the concept of the multiplayer, though, where people compete side-by-side in a mission. #1
This article makes me rage. It comes off as another example of the mind-blowing entitlement that is inherent in so many gamers. Most industries would do absolutely nothing if you bought something and then saw the price drop five months later. Here, Nintendo is giving us 20 free games, and the author manages to complain that they're missing one or two features. #1
Isn't the Kinect calibrated so it needs to be on top of your TV? Does this allow you to get closer or something? #2
Combining a timing-based game with the Kinect seems like a pretty terrible idea. #1
Huh, this clearly isn't a traditional fighter. Is this like an action/adventure title? Where you fly? #1
This game was a big hit at E3 as far as I could tell; if it's open beta I might have to give it a try. #1
Vikings always get a thumbs up from me. #1
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