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This looks like a very impressive MMORPG for a free title. #1
An episodic MMO? Is the game telling one long story or something? #2
The game sounds very unengaging. Sounds like cycling meets the Oregon Trail. #1
I want to see a Berserker class that's really overpowered but also occasionally loses control. That'd be neat. #1
Given how Iwata also slashed his salary, I think Nintendo is desperately trying to please stockholders in the wake of a terrible first quarter. #1
The review makes the game sound fairly repetitive. I like the concept of the multiplayer, though, where people compete side-by-side in a mission. #1
This article makes me rage. It comes off as another example of the mind-blowing entitlement that is inherent in so many gamers. Most industries would do absolutely nothing if you bought something and then saw the price drop five months later. Here, Nintendo is giving us 20 free games, and the author manages to complain that they're missing one or two features. #1
Isn't the Kinect calibrated so it needs to be on top of your TV? Does this allow you to get closer or something? #2
Combining a timing-based game with the Kinect seems like a pretty terrible idea. #1
Huh, this clearly isn't a traditional fighter. Is this like an action/adventure title? Where you fly? #1
This game was a big hit at E3 as far as I could tell; if it's open beta I might have to give it a try. #1
Vikings always get a thumbs up from me. #1
I had my eye on this one since the first trailer was released. It looks like the game has a neat sense of humor, which I always enjoy. Pity it sold terribly. #1
They've made a couple good improvements, but really there wasn't a whole lot wrong with the Wii Wheel in the first place. It also let you point and aim at the screen. #1
They say that all the time, though. Makes me wonder if they even know what core gamers want anymore. #1
Unseen logistical issues? Perhaps that means they've got more copies to ship than they know how. #2
This article definitely raises good points. We'll be talking about the beautiful look of Okami long after Gears of War looks like total crap. #1
In my opinion, if you're going to base a game around wiping out waves and waves of enemies like insects, it's better to have individual enemies die quickly and have more of them. Then it's a more visceral pleasure. The game just looks tedious as is. #1
This is what I'm expecting Nintendo to say in response, really. Either way, if this executive misspoke, we're going to hear about it in very short order. If not, awesome. #9.1
It's good to see a company making analyses of technologies that do and don't work well. That charger looks really convenient, how you only need to slap the PS3 controller onto the charger. My Wii controllers could use something like that. #1
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