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This seems like the kind of game my sisters would love to play, though I bet I could get my dad in on it too. He likes playing Mario Party with us, but hates how he loses at every mini-game. #1
Wow, pretty impressive. WoW certainly doesn't update that often, at least not the major ones. #1.1.1
Quirky Kirby tends to work pretty well for me. See Canvas Curse. #1
I wonder how tough this game will be compared to NSMBWii, which is crazy hard in some spots. #1
Is that going to be the final box art for the game? It looks pretty sweet. #1
What I want to know is, why was everyone clamoring for Pit's return anyhow? I never understood the rage for Kid Icarus. #1
First in a series of summer updates? How often does Maple Story update? #1
My guess is we're more likely to see Windows 8 at CES. Microsoft's computer business is bigger than their console business, I imagine. Perhaps a Games for Windows reboot, though? #7
The FYE store I worked at was stricter on video game ratings than on music. I remember us letting a couple of twelve-year-old boys walk out with the unedited version of "Recovery" by Eminem. #1
That's just how some people talk, I suppose; they use some terms that are catch-alls, just in case they're not 100% true. I do that. Then again, I'm not asked for official statements very often. #1
I was a Sonic kid for sure, even though my favorite console was a Nintendo. I was playing Sonic 2 before there was a Sonic 3, and even got my hands on the comics. #2
I saw a large booth for this at E3, it was always pretty packed. If it's F2P I might have to check it out. #1
"Well, all the fans want it, and the development team wants it, and it'd be a big draw for the game, so it's not going to be in FIFA 12."

Never explains why, does he? #1
Boo Lightning, go Red Wings! #1
Blah, formulaic button masher games drive me nuts. What's frustrating is that Arkham Asylum proved that a simple battle system can be incredibly effective, yet people just do the same old crap. #1
I'm glad to hear that paying players won't receive gameplay advantages. #1
Standard mouse-like controls? So can I click and drag and stuff? #1
Yes, because any time a developer offers DLC, it's because they stole content out of the regular game just to screw us over. #1.1
What I'm wondering is how exactly the game mechanics are being refined this time around. The developers hinted at it, but it's still ab it of a mystery. #1
Because if the PS4 and Xbox 720 turn out to be way more powerful than the Wii U, then it's behind all over again. #2.1
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