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I haven't played that yet, but Nintendo gave it to the 3DS Ambassadors free, so it's sitting on my Home menu waiting for me to give it a whirl. #1.1
The description makes it sound like a game I would get tired of very quickly. Run around, mash attack, etc. #1
Wasn't this originally a PS2 game? One that's already out? I might be missing something. #1
Please tell me you can play drunken tennis. #1
Wait, they announced the PS Suite ages ago, but they still haven't given any dev kits out? That seems kind of ridiculous to me. #2
That's the media for you. Write sensationalist story now, check facts later. #1
Clearly I don't know enough about this game, I had no idea it was partly tower defense. I thought it was another Brutal Legend. #1
I've never played the series, myself. #1.1
Demoralize might be the best attack ever:


Enemy: :( #1
You'd think they would follow the WoW model, and introduce new regions to explore with every expansion. Seems like a natural step. #1
My family loves pinball, maybe I should pick this title up. That looks like a pretty awesome table. #1
If you cross your eyes so the images overlap, you can see them in 3D. #1
A combination of a bunch of less substantial genres falling flat? Can't say I'm horribly surprised. #1
I think it's modeling clay but I'm not sure. #1.1
I'm a complete Layton fanatic. I can't wait to try this one out. #1.1
Interesting. How many ice characters do you see in fighters beside Sub-Zero? I have no idea. #1
This guy looks kind of overpowered compared to other characters. Maybe he's really slow. #1
Hm, now this guy has his moveset generally in English, which contrasts pretty sharply with some other fighters in this game. Interesting, and somewhat confusing. #1
I like the hand-drawn animation style of this game, very classy. #1
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