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Demoralize might be the best attack ever:


Enemy: :( #1
You'd think they would follow the WoW model, and introduce new regions to explore with every expansion. Seems like a natural step. #1
My family loves pinball, maybe I should pick this title up. That looks like a pretty awesome table. #1
If you cross your eyes so the images overlap, you can see them in 3D. #1
A combination of a bunch of less substantial genres falling flat? Can't say I'm horribly surprised. #1
I think it's modeling clay but I'm not sure. #1.1
I'm a complete Layton fanatic. I can't wait to try this one out. #1.1
Interesting. How many ice characters do you see in fighters beside Sub-Zero? I have no idea. #1
This guy looks kind of overpowered compared to other characters. Maybe he's really slow. #1
Hm, now this guy has his moveset generally in English, which contrasts pretty sharply with some other fighters in this game. Interesting, and somewhat confusing. #1
I like the hand-drawn animation style of this game, very classy. #1
Man this game looks really Japanese-intensive. Will it receive any more localization before release? #1
I enjoyed it too. The 3D footage of E3 looked really cool, I had no idea they were bringing 3D cameras around there. #1.1
For some reason, Tekken is a series that I wasn't able to get into. I won a copy of Tekken 6 and played through some of that with the fighting stick, and it didn't really click. #1
I want to battle a giant mech suit. D: #1
I'm glad you don't have to remove the existing 3DS battery like Nyko's product. That makes me nervous for some reason. #1
No Kirby Super Star? I am disappoint. #1
I was never able to get into tower defense, myself. Seems like the perfect casual gaming genre, though. #1
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