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My entire family is addicted to Mahjong, and I'm addicted to Picross 3D. I might have to try this out. #1
Do game developers even have the option of not including trophies? #2
This is some really clever stuff. Looks very geared toward building up skill and learning as opposed to showing off. #1
I had been wondering what Nnooo was up to.

Looking at the trailer, I can't help but be reminded of Pac-Man. Is that just me? #1
Those mini-games look really clever. I can see myself playing Ducks until my fingers bleed. #1
I'd like to see what the company is doing to make this game stand out from the pack. #1.1
Now this looks really cool. I love when MMOs have events where the scope goes beyond a single player or party. #1
The explanation seems to me like "well people enjoy FPSs". Which is totally fair, but it's kind of inane to explain it that way. #2
So this is like a MMO, except battles are traditional 2D fighting? #1
The review makes it sound like the Tropico series is a bit of a satire of modern politics. #1
Apparently their research failed to turn up the fact that Nintendo's adding a second analog stick with that cradle of theirs. #1
I'm not sure how you can realistically make a game like this without Amtrak. #1
The scaling difficulty looks really cool here. #3
If there wasn't Google+ I'd say that everyone would get over this in a day or two, but now that Facebook has competition I'm intrigued by how this will turn out. #1
Reviews for this game have been all over the place. I think folks give varying importance to the presence of bugs. #1
I haven't played that yet, but Nintendo gave it to the 3DS Ambassadors free, so it's sitting on my Home menu waiting for me to give it a whirl. #1.1
The description makes it sound like a game I would get tired of very quickly. Run around, mash attack, etc. #1
Wasn't this originally a PS2 game? One that's already out? I might be missing something. #1
Please tell me you can play drunken tennis. #1
Wait, they announced the PS Suite ages ago, but they still haven't given any dev kits out? That seems kind of ridiculous to me. #2
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