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Different plug types for each kind of DS? But the DSi and 3DS use the exact same adapter. #1
So they basically wanted to see if Ezio would win in a fight against Soul Calibur characters. I guess there are a lot of AC fans at Namco. #1
I got to see this thing at E3, it looks very slick and easy to use. Nyko knows what they're doing. #1
The provided screenshot makes this seem like a pretty intricate title. #1
But will it let me whip around instantly? Or am I still bound by the limits of how far a control stick can tilt? #1
I can't help but get the sense that there's a "...for now" at the end of this. #3
Wait, is this Mario Party now? #1
A friend of mine told me BF3 was a lot more squad-focused, which sounds pretty awesome to me. #2
What genre of game is Hedone? #1
I can't get into many strategy RPGs, personally. I used to love them as a kid, but now I'm not so big on them. Not sure why. #1
My family's hooked on Mahjong on the computer. I wonder if a 3D version would break their minds. #1


Some would say so, yea. On the other hand, when Tetris DS came out, I still played the standard Marathon mode almost exclusively. #1.1
Only the best for our Professor! #1.1
The gameplay reminds me a lot of the LEGO games. #1
Holding out for Phoenix Wright, aww yeah. #2
Okay, Awesomenauts, your title has intrigued me. Now how do you play? #1
My entire family is addicted to Mahjong, and I'm addicted to Picross 3D. I might have to try this out. #1
Do game developers even have the option of not including trophies? #2
This is some really clever stuff. Looks very geared toward building up skill and learning as opposed to showing off. #1
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