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I'm a bit torn on this one. On the one hand, this is the standard 3DS price; on the other hand, there are still other bundles out there with the same price that give you more. I can imagine people being disappointed buying this and then finding out they could have have a game too, for free. #1.1
I'm a bit unsure how NEAR would be as useful on PS4. Isn't it meant for someone who's traveling? #6
No, never. I've watched videos before, but never with my smartphone tilted up on my desk while I was sitting back. I held the thing in my hand. #1.2.1
I'm not sure who would "sit back" and watch a movie from their desk on that tiny screen, but I bet the stand would be useful for upright gaming while charging. #1
I'm a bit annoyed that the presence of Skyrim will basically prevent Dark Souls from ever receiving any of these awards from anyone. That game needs more recognition, darn it. #1
I've never even seen a Neo Geo with my own eyes, let alone played one. #2
I'm not really sold on QTEs improving a game. #10
The screen would probably tip the scales in favor of the Supaboy for me. #1.1
So are they limiting Kinect support to voice recognition? That's how it seems. #1
"Huh? Modestly proportioned women? Never heard of such a thing."

Still, it looks like a pretty interesting title. I might try it out if there's a demo. #1
I got my sisters hooked on this game as well, and they usually don't play 3D Mario games. #1
Multiplayer story modes are a tricky business. Just tell me you don't need to keep swapping out characters. #1
I want to see the game that Miyamoto would make entirely by himself. #20
I think that girl was a bit embarrassed to be caught on tape. #1
My question is, who would the buyer be? #1
"With an effective range of up to 33 Feet, the Air Keyboard Conqueror lets you pay the pizza guy without putting down the controller and risk getting pwned by your buddies."

I want to meet the man who can effectively play games one-handed. Also, that looks like it might not be the most comfortable. #1
You'd think there would be more WiiWare sports games by now. #1
After seeing how they treated Samus's character in Metroid: Other M, I'm a bit less than sold on that part. Still, they make a darn good fighting game. #2
Nintendo has it on their press site, so evidently they think this Justine Bieber is something else. #1.1
I'm not sure why the idea of online RPG free-for-all appeals to me as much as it does. #1
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