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February's merciless!

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Looks like it's time to buy especially now that there's a story mode and atleast 7 characters that I want to play as. I'm just worried about netcode, is it any good?

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I'm glad the hate has dwindled, game does not deserve the hate as it clearly looks better than all the COD games released on the current gen.

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I wish it would be decent enough now that RE7 is going back to its roots. I kinda enjoyed the mp part of RE5 tbh.

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SF launched barebones, netherrealm is not worth mentioning anymore and KOFIV looks decent enough so no worries about that. GG's too niche and an 84 at metacritic (base game) doesn't seem that hard of a score to beat since Tekken 7's has been getting upgraded for 16 months and up to 25 by the time it releases.Tekken 7 looks graphically the best, the cutscenes blending into gameplay and the fact that it's multiplatform and has a legacy over 20 years will no doubt make it the hi...

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What ever happened to NI No Kuni 2?same goes to Dreams. I also can't wait for Nioh and Nier 2.

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This will be the highest rated fighting game of the generation by the time it releases mark my words.

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Without a doubt the best new IP of the current gen

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It's just that if I were a girl I'd be very pissed off. Try playing a match where players are all women that'll feel strange and unwanted. I mean just look at the female gamers in media excluding those who play video games lightly (either on mobile or Nintendo devices or just MineCraft or LOL and I don't know) they're all tomboys or fake and I've only known one female gamer that doesn't play lightly and guess what she's also a tomboy. Female gamers are mostly...

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But this is a videogame and an mp heavy one. How would added different polygons affect you? no really what's wrong with having females here? Having them cover their skin or be independent, strong and whatever in videogames I understand is stupid but here I find nothing wrong. And if it's immersion and realism you say then sorry to break it to you but this game and others are light years away from being 100% real. Let me remind you this is a videogame, I guess people expect too much fr...

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And this is where video games start going downhill. That's good, keeping it real but in all honesty why not?! It's a frickin Video GAME and a multiplayer one! It's not story based so who gives a sh*t if you see some different polygons infront of you, this is a videogame not a documentary or movie. If it's immersion you say, we haven't lived ww1 so obviously we wouldn't care about having females especially since this is mp heavy. Pure realism is killing video games! And...

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I'm glad they don't care about the minority

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Holy sh*t, would never have thought anyone would mention Darkwatch. Many hotties over here

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Wish Rainbow Six Siege was better and had a campaign instead of having another coop far cry like game

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Same but I stopped in 2013 when I finished ACIII and completely lost faith in Ubisoft.

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If only Quiet would talk lol. She's probably the only new mega chick in the current generation besides maybe The Witcher 3. Her humming's better than all the words needed to be spewed over a mic tbh

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Another PS4 masterpiece

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Wow just wow , he's clearly clueless of the fighting genre. Can't wait to play a Tekken game again, it's been so long.

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Thank God it's only the mature story telling and not the generic gameplay that ND games suffer from. The camera can be controlled finally and I actually like that it's not a fast hack'n slash game anymore probably he's too old for that. It looks to have that Dark Souls roll movement which I barely used in past GOW games since you had a shield and that zoomed in camera that RE6?killswitch I don't know introduced. GOW 3 had a few rare moments when the camera would zoom in. A...

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People just love to hate, we're finally getting a aaa horror game, a full length VR compatible game, a scary re game and need to either adapt or go back to their roots or both like in this case. first person is what horror games are now just accept it, it's better and scarier since you don't have a character blocking your screen because you're that character and you can see more clearly nor can you can cheat by moving the camera and see if there's anything wh...

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