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All hail Huniepot, and please release Huniepop on PS4 if possible #11
they'll easily outdo Treyarch...Advanced Warfare was a really different COD. It also got scores similar to Black Ops 3 and that was their first COD! new Infinity Ward needs to redeem itself, 3yarch is getting worse with every game and Sledgehammer is the only one left to raise the bar. Still haven't bought a COD since MW3 and only played a bit of the later ones but Sledgehammer's Advanced Warfare was a nice surprise! #6
Deep Silver will definitely show domething #15
I wished it had some RPG elements in it and the environments look bland as hell but the gameplay's there which is fortunate #4
sad that I'll have to wait atleast a year for this amazing game and 2016 is already full as f*! #2
Not trolling they're good but overrated imo, Uncharted 2 was really good and The Last of Us was great however U3 was horrible. If u look at the gameplay from U2 to U3, there;s nothing new except for throwing grenades while rolling and shooting while jumping I think. Now U4, look at the climbing tool, that's obviously ripped out from Tomb Raider. Their gameplay is just generic and not innovative. Played some Jak and it doesn't compare to Ratchet & Clank. I've never played C... #80.1.1
Only played the Heavy Rain demo & loved it! #3
Bold statement, SEGA's getting much better this gen #7
most overrated developer of all time, there u go! #80
I have still yet to play many games I've missed like Metro, The Evil Within. I'm playing Ni No Kuni right now which is an amazing game, add that to a backlog of 25+ unfinished games. I'll have no problem waiting for the GOTY edition...I would've bought it day 1 but had mixed feelings since its announcement but I'll definitely buy it someday since Fallout 3 was one of my favorite games. #9
Again with the repetition talk, everything is repetitve down the line especially open world games, I've played BloodBorne for around 250 hrs and 100% it; however, I took long breaks in between. Bloodborne is not the type of game u could just get back to. The game also felt lacking a lot of content compared to Dark Souls. The Witcher 3; however, is just too big and I felt that I'm barely making any progress and the combat completely me turned me off, gameplay should be first and every... #7.1.1
Batman...not to mention Fallout 4 played it very safe which explains some of the mixed reviews from fans. There's also Star Wars which well might end up like Destiny #2.3
MGSV has already won it, anyone hoping for any other winner is out of luck I'd say The Witcher 3 would be 2nd then Bloodborne. Fallout and Batman will also get a few. MGSV's gameplay stomps every game, there's just so many options u could take. This is the year Bethesda loses which is a good thing, Bethesda will have to step it up in their next game. #7
game's already out here for more than 5 days lol #17
Hopefully I won't regret my 43 arcane, I wanted Micolash's attack so bad lol. One thing I really hope they add is customize ur character whenever u can, I don't want to have my progress and stats reset just for the sake of appearance. I'm playing as a middle aged brunette with a fat face and am bored of that #16
My favorite dev of all time right now alongside platinum studios #32
I'm glad I've only played a bit of Mass Effect 3, will start the franchise with Mass Effect 2 soon probably in December. AND people calm ur tits! I'm pretty sure We'll get some AAA games in December or January like last year. The PS+ PS4 lineup is probably the worst and I think they should decrease the ps3 and vita games from 2 to 1 and get AAA ps4 games in return. I'm also excited to try Beyond Good and Evil #31
shame that I have to wait a year, would've bought it instantly since this holiday is the usual other than Fallout 4 #10
only played the demo of Heavy Rain and it was frikkin awesome! #6
f* yh! Platinum studios us one of my favorite devs #24
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