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Glad it's coming!I adored Fahrenheit,will definately buy it
This is a unique game which will get mixed feelings so DON'T rely on reviews for this game #58
nothing is a must own,nothing
flower,towerfall ascension and tomb raider are must own but all are rereleases
I hope Watch Dogs,Daylight and Child of Light change that fact #6
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u can do that already in RE6 #11.1
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I don't think they'll reveal it at e3,RE is a huge franchise. They'll probably make an exclusive event maybe a teaser at e3. #12
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GZ was the best $30 I've ever spent
Not a single game can succeed triumphantly as MGS except GT and FF #6
It will for me
GTAV was really disappointing and boring,the series is getting really stale
I for one completely hated the characters,too generic with no substance which made me feel forced about completing the campaign
Glad I rented it
Watch Dogs will also be a genre of its own,never have a game granted u the ability to hack a full city to my knowledge #10
Lol Mitch is the author #15
Double dip 4 me #15
True nothing is a must have,Driveclub,The Crew,Halo,The Order,Evolve,AC unity,Batman Arkham Knight and maybe Watch Dogs,I have a feeling Devil's Third would be something really amazing aswell,all are must own games releasing this year imo

Oh & The Last of Us remastered especially for the people who never played it #22
Day 1 #9
anything Kojima praises is pure gold
TLOU and GTAV were masterpieces but my only grip with The Division is the damn persistent online thing #14
definately yes,it's better than every game releasing this year and one of the best games,I will buy this game happily again on ps4 #20
Hope AC unity turns out to be amazing #9
looks pretty interesting,insomaniac is awesome #11
Holy Christ if they unveil it now!it will skyrocket to my most anticipated game of current gen #24
Anything Mikami makes is an instant buy for me!
Kindof weird how a trailer popped up when I was suddenly looking at previews
Game looks ace,finally a AAA horror game!my blood is sure pumping #14
Playstation already is a sponsor of the UEFA football champions league,the hole for Xbox is getting wider & deeper.That sponsorship alone equates all Xbox's ads combined #14
Gr8 trailer!nicely done #11
Yakuza Ishun release outside of Japan for crying out loud! #6
Deus Ex HR was definately one of my favs I hope there's a sequel
btw I think it's called Human Divided #2
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