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Hmmm...? Not buying Ellie's ugly and has no goals that I'm interested in. I'd rather play as a no name grunt betraying her and hunting her down instead. I still don't understand why we have this sequel. What else is left? The plot is done, now they're shoehorning a love revenge story for sales instead of having new main characters.

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That's why it's one of the most disliked e3 vids. The actual gameplay was great and very smooth but the revenge plot feels stupid for a serious post apocalyptic world. Also, Ellie looks ugly and the kissing and sniffing scene was cringe. I just want to see Joel come back and smack this girl's senses back to normal, I don't want another grumpy Kratos character that kills out of revenge throughout the whole game.

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Oh my...have you watched the trailers my man? You don't need to play a game to know if it's different. Even the gameplay shown at e3 is different to everything present at E3. You can actually see the luggage that you carry which you can also lose. There seems to be a new twist when you die. You can see your character actually climbing the mountain not just akwardly walk over them like the Witcher 3 or Skyrim. Furthermore, stuff like rain, weird beings, advanced tech, covering your mou...

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Because you're a simpleton that prefers Micheal Bay trailers! But really, it's cool to have something totally different from the crowd. The people that hate the trailer are probably people who are narrow minded to new ideas. The game's still got a year away or something so it won't kill you to wait for more trailers/gameplay if you're still not convinced. The next one is heavily action packed if you're waiting for all the action. Others popular trailers like PUBG, The ...

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Oh wow, how is this flagged as inappropriate? N4G is really something lol.
as for realism well yes that sucks, it's a game yes but it's aiming for realism...The enemies in Naughty Dog games and a lot of other AAA games are pretty much filler and in excess to fill up gameplay time and people don't think about the gameplay as long as its smooth, quick and accessible. One thing I want to know is how does Ellie even got friends if she's public enemy no.1 and why does she ...

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He's being real guys, remember that demo when The Last of Us was announced? Heavily scripted and not all of it was reflected in the final release.

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anutha mastapiece!

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Decent. Better than Bethesda, devolver and EA but worse than Microsoft. Bethesda barely got any gameplay and the teasers weren't well made especially since we already know the games already. I was disappointed about no Left Alive in Square's conference though but they had 2 legit surprises in this leaked e3.

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ooof and here we have game of the conference ladies and gents. Love me some souls games but I played quite a lot ( all 5 of them) so this tops it for me.

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Best thing shown and I'm pretty sure nothing will top it in Xbox conference.

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Oh sh*t, MS is bringing dem guns! be a bit optimistic guys yeesh.

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I laughed out at this akward announcement atleast show art...or a tease

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The flying feels slow to me, and the game feels stiff hopefully this and Days Gone fix things up before release. I really want this game to succeed, it looks like the next step for AAA mp games. And Dark Souls already did kind of implemented this concept in its own way by having no spoonfed story just lore and good atmosphere that makes you not feel alone. I'm sick of quick one more go games and I expect most to be f2p now and big games like this and mmos to be the opposite.

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Renee made me watch some of the conference dammit! But tbh it was decent, I expected much worse. They've got 2 indies and 2 big games as well as sports stuff so that's some progression from EA! Saved the most likely disappointments like NFS and Star Wars for next year

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The best thing shown at the conference, sure BFV and Anthem were there but they were exactly what I expected and I'm sure we're going to get sequels and similar games. What is interesting is that there's already gameplay footage from over 2 yrs for SOS, it looks like the game has been in development for quite some time.

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I loved the part where he punched the thing, Dontnod games are a must buy for me.

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Cosplay is always fun and welcome.

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This will be the mother of all single player games.

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Damn, them visuals are fantastique!

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