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well in the end it's this game become one of if not the highest rated xbone exclusive and get average sales. I wish casuals would effin wake up and buy real games already. Who's that to blame? well, the marketing ofcourse. #52
The knife melee needs some work and I hate the old school camera, u can't see sh*t. Anyway the game looks decent enough, FUN and reminds me of Deadly premonition #20
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I am beyond ecstasy right now #3
Intruiging, localization is a must #4
weee, a litt;e more than 11 hrs left! #19
Awesome name #5
Would be mind blowing if they pull it off #7
Hype! #3
What would would really suck is if he'd use a new engine & not the the FOX engine that he worked on #16
I really hope it's on PS4, I'm sick of references and parodies of dragon quest on Gintama anime having not played any of the dragon quest games #8
Honestly western rpgs have terrible gameplay which is why I can't get into them except bethesda developed games so I don't think that's a good thing #15
onw of the rvery few do dlc right #5
Good lord, I'm so happy right now. This means that there's a high chance of a new game on ps4 #3
tri-ace? they made resonance of fate which is severely underrated #8
Holy sh*t this is gorgeous! #3
release with extra stuff or lower the price #94
Wizards I say, this game will be smooth as f*! First open world game ever to hit 60 fps on current gen #19
Just played it today after so long & died like 7 times in the first area(Boletaria)during my 15 min playthrough lol but it was new game plus though. It felt really slow compared to bloodborne & u die pretty easily without a shied #5
Holy sh*t, this looks incredible! This blows away that poor Silent Hills ripoff #2
Dark Souls 3!Dark Souls 3!Dark Souls 3! #4
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