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smh people, already whining you're all just full of sh*t. Nothing to whine or be happy about here...other than the game will be supported for atleast a year which is good news? If the game gets the 9s and 8s then I'm paying full price which I rarely do since games are expensive in my country and re is one of my favorite franchises so a good main game and return to form is an instant purchase.

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RE7's the first big hitter in terms of sales and 2017's one of the best years indeed especially for PS4 owners with Gravity Rush 2 at the start, Yakuza Zero, Nioh and after that Berserk, Horizon then Nier Automata, Persona 5 not to mention some PSVITA games that'll be ported like danganronpa and Zero escape and 2 Kh releases... Damn that's atleast 10 games, PS4's killing it!

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Good, Sucker Punch makes the best superhero games gameplay wise and are very underrated. I just hope they nail character this time like the first Infamous. I don't care if the story is generic as long as the characters and events are great and exciting. I'm hyped! Sucker Punch much like Guerrilla Games have huge potential.

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Wish them best. If only the dumb mass audience would play their games. Rigs for example is PSVR's most repayable game and one of the best VR games period yet I don't see much fuss about it ffs!

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No but plenty of games and almost every game has had more footage prior to 2 months from release meanwhile we've had the same exact 2 demos if I'm not mistaken, weapons and dinosaurs...hopefully it offers much more. Meanwhile when a sequel or any other game does that it would be yelled at, being a new Ip it makes a lot of sense but I really hope it delivers because GG's track record isn't promising tbh.

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I don't feel it will well so far... New AAA IPs mostly get 8s you know and this is Guerilla Games, they've only done one 9 game. First games in a franchise almost always play it safe. And I'm sorry to disappoint you but it's the big AAA RPG that when compared to Persona 5, Mass Effect Andromeda, Nier Automata and Nioh is the one to most likely disappoint.

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I'm sorry but that is same old Guerilla in terms of story... And it reminds me a lot of Far Cry Primal. Not one genuine epic moment in that trailer. Lots of uninteresting talking because it's been the same thing in all trailers , I want some blood or something new and exciting instead.The human enemies are still a secret even with few seconds of footage in trailers and if I'm not mistaken still haven't been shown in any gameplay footage. Second thing is that either they've...

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I can't wait to get my hands on this game, it's been long since I've played a full on horror game. And I'm really glad it's releasing in January with not much competition so those ignorant fools would reconsider their decision of buying this game when the good scores come up. Game looks exceptionally good and honestly I can't criticize one thing whereas No Man's Sky, Mafia 3 and Mirror's Edge 2 looked disappointing from the beginning. And hopefully PS VR will b...

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First good AAA PS4 game of 2017, off to a great start!

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F* yh! I'm always down with good games.

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OH GAWD NO...but that means more care and a bit more sales for Nier right?

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Wow the game looks amazing!

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Would you look at that *gulp*

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This is more opinion... this isn't adding anything news. To me it's highly likely that "dark" game is a new King's Field game with PSVR compatibility. I strongly believe that would be it. The video they presented has shown past present and future and King's Field is the only choice for PSVR and past.

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My favourite game of all time.

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Dammit, Alienation would be worth downloading atleast. Too many games and barely enough space so I only download the best. Frickin PS4 og model and their 500 Gb space...

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Meh this game is no doubt there best but I hate ND a lot why you ask? because they're trying to be like movies. Skip all the cutscenes in The Last of Us or Uncharted and you'll see how flawed and generic there games really are or simply play the dumb and godawful mp mode which reeks of f2p in taunts (remove that sh*t seriously), microtransactions, playable story characters for whatever reason and so on. But hopefully this will encourage more linear games and less dull open world ones....

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Only 20 days!

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My favorite developers by far! They're making a new armored core, a new IP and something dark. They're consistent and brilliant. The 2017 game is probably the new IP though that has PS VR compatibility.

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Funny how SH the new studio now makes the best CODs...

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