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Will recommend this game to my friend! It's about time we've got some news.

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Wow, biased people are biased. smh Infinity Warfare hasn't even been announced!

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Overall good month, 1/2 good games on each system. Looks they're keeping Watch Dogs for June.

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That would make me go back to COD instantly

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More money saving then, I'd be glad if this is true tbh. Too many games even though none's 100% releasing this year.

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As long as there aren't exclusive games and a drastic difference I'm fine.

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Awesome trailer, hardcore fanboys are just the worst.

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Fantastic game, one of my favorite FPS of all time. I wish the latter CODs would be a smidgen as good.

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Loved it, I've only played ps2 version though lol but still it felt somewhat revolutionary to me. The scale, classes, equipment available were mind boggling, that and you could use tanks plus helis which felt quite authentic. Yet MW is still better. More game modes, customization plus an epic campaign nuff said.

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Oh olease, I really don't get people who criticize their gameplay. I mean how else are you going to do it? Atleast there are choices with several different outcomes and interactivity with the environment in every game unlike your dull cover shooters or FPS I listed above. Try watching a let's play of any amateur gamer playing Uncharted and you'll cringe at the button mashing of the square button. It's basically button mashing, cutscene or action set-piece, some rare puzzle s...

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Frikkin glorious!

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I don't think Fromsoftware will let go of their formula, it's a massive success after all. A futuristic game with the Souls reknowned features and some thrown Armored Core stuff would be killer! they already made Demon Souls and Bloodborne so the possibilities are endless

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There's COD,BF, all naughty dog games, the order 1886, quantum break and Halo so far this gen. I can also add NBA 2K 16's horrible story aswell. Beat the story once and that's it unless you're forcing yourself. The gameplay's dull, generic and nothing special, I mean the same gameplay's been offered 10 years ago and some were even better from before! GTA, Quantic Dream games and MGS are also Hollywood like but atleast the gameplay makes up for it. Thankfully, there a...

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Nothing since I'll go with Paragon and that game's going to be huge plus it's free. And if something goes wrong I'll try Smite.

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Oh please don't let your blind bias hype fool you. The Evil Within sold atleast 3 mill by now and it's record got broken by Dying Light if I'm not wrong. Some Ips do a good or even better job with new devs and some do not, just look at Platinum Games. And what does the FF creator have to do with FFXV's develo...

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Glad it's $4, might have to consider this. I'd pay that price for Quiet alone

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Yay for free theme!

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As much as I loved Demon Souls, it felt more like an experiment to make the big game which is Dark Souls. And I have to say that the game hasn't aged at all.

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Thank God, I don't know why people buy them anymore tbh. There's Deus ex in August which I'm certain will be good and a rumoured Bioshock remaster. FPS games have gotten dull, hopefully vr gaming chnges that

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True, some stores already have copies of the game

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