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Who doesn't and tbh they have potential if they focus on their games. Dragon's Dogma was easily their best game last gen and I bet everyone who played the game would praise it, Asura's wrath was a nice surprise, Monster Hunter is still killing it and SF's always been good. Hopefully RE7 won't stop the train and turns out to be good. Their last real disappointing game that I recall is re6. Those are different games in different genres. if you think about it, you'll neve...

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This over any 2017 game or current gen game!

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Fantastique, I'm so glad it got delayed this game needs as much sales it can get.

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This is a great move by Capcom, demos/betas are always a good thing.

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Tomb Raider blows Uncharted out of the water for me. Tomb Raider is more of a 'game' and that's why I prefer it, there's more freedom, exploration and Interactivity. I don't care how Uncharted is high quality. This is because I'm more of an exploration guy than an action guy type of gamer, I prefer Mass Effect 2 to three by a landslide and I much prefer Dark Souls over Bloodborne...

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A December release is better tbh and I'm damn glad it's releasing this year atleast

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Okay I'm officially done with this site, good bye!

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For only $80! but tbh an extra $20 isn't that bad(it looks great BTW) especially for COD season pass buyers and diehards but I will say this, don't be surprised Activision if season pass sales aren't that high compared to previous games. Who'd want more than 32 maps (if I'm correct) and two games...And In all honesty let's be realistic this franchise has more replay value and content than all other fps franchises.

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That's why we need easier access to games whether it be demos or betas or hell even free trials. We're getting sh*t games like nms or sh*t games that are very successful because people are too lazy to do some research before purchase. If people weren't sloths we'd be back when (mostly)good games and drive good sales. Furthermore we're getting spoilers.

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Judging by this, CD project Red are greedy limited bastards.

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The Last Guardian is PS4's big fall game then? It must be good or else we riot!

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Because f you we need money, I honestly play f2p online especially now with neverwinter, PlanetSide 2 and paragon much more than regular aaa online. I still use my PS3 much more than my PS4 since I have a huge backlog and not that many games on PS4.

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Re7 and that's it folks though P.A.M.E.L.A looks interesting.

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I'm glad I didn't get the move controllers yet and hopefully the R2 button doesn't get loose on the new DS4 or the rubber isn't easily tearable.

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No mini games?! BLASPHEMY! 🔪

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Praise the mothaf*kin sun my brethrens!

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Holiday release I guess?

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This looks hella awesome!

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Great choice of teams

32d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment's unfortunate that I have to wait for Tekken 7 so that I decide what fighting game to go with this generation. Though I have to say that I've clocked more hrs in the demo than any others but what sucks is that it's difficult to perform climax supermoves on the ds4 D-pad.

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