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5 female fighters out of 15, that's how u do it MKX #10
True...but Dark Souls is a rarer and much more influential game, TLOU's story is extremely cliche but very well done and put together.The soul games are pretty much in a genre of their own and only fromsoftware are capable of nailing it and Demon Souls felt more like an experiment imo. #24.2.2
It's bizzare seeing a list with no Deus Ex, that's just BS! AThis list also includes Destiny ffs! The lack of RPGS is pretty absurd. Props for Dark Souls though that game kicks A$$
The Last of Us is no doubt the most overrated game of all time, I wouldn't even consider it in top 20. ND always gets a free pass, they know how to shape excellent games but if u look at the core gameplay they're just followers and it's uninspired. #24
Yes, thank God! I really hate huge file sizes...anything more than 27 is a definite no download for me #12
they need to add some challenges, daily challenges, xp boosts, more items because the game got dull. Something I noticed is that the player count dropped after the football games released... #4
My most anticipated game for the rest of the year, there's those Jap-games but they're second rate and Fallout 4 already has planned DLC...I need my FPS fix, it's been around 2 yrs and a half since I haven't bought an FPS I'm playing PlanetSide 2 now which is sadly empty #10
Really?! maybe it's in the US only but Fallout's hype pretty much took a huge dive after MGSV released, and PlayStation's not even hyping it up in its montage videos. It's safe to say COD will come up on top again #4
You forgot Dark Souls 3 unless you're not a fan
edit: nvm forgot it was April #1.3.2
Only oversensitive crybabies would believe the rumor, oh wait that's the whole gaming community! #12
Glad he enjoyed it, the game's frickin amazing! #5
score... isn't appearing? #8
F yes! #28
MGSV has by far the better gameplay = instant victory. MGSV is already GOTY everywhere. The Witcher needed more time imo... the game's lore, combat and gameplay are really weak and some of the textures and a lot of the faces were somewhat rushed. #17
wow what a bunch of over serious gamers, I meant it would be a failure if the game doesn't sell well since ubisoft is doing their best. Rainbow 6 Siege is my most anticipated fps btw #3.1.2
would be funny if the game doesn't sell well, excited for the beta though #3
YES a thousand YES! #22
WTF?!Random related stuff are appearing on the applications of my download list in the web store ( so far an anime called HAE from funimation, a game with Japanese text and the word Origin, Meatweep Madness, My Singing Monster, wrong Warframe placement...) #11
I really hope we get a first person PS home-esque game, It will be HUGE if it does happen. #8
Wow what a shame! damn filthy casuals, they cover the whole gaming medium, now people would think of us as morons. #19
I don't care about visuals, I'm worried about both games and might skip them easily if they're anything like their last iterations.
I found Uncharted 3 terrible compared to 2 and the Tomb Raider reboot didn't feel like a Tomb Raider game. Welp, more money saving for me, 2016's already booked for me. #10
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