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YES a thousand YES! #22
WTF?!Random related stuff are appearing on the applications of my download list in the web store ( so far an anime called HAE from funimation, a game with Japanese text and the word Origin, Meatweep Madness, My Singing Monster, wrong Warframe placement...) #11
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I really hope we get a first person PS home-esque game, It will be HUGE if it does happen. #8
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Wow what a shame! damn filthy casuals, they cover the whole gaming medium, now people would think of us as morons. #19
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I don't care about visuals, I'm worried about both games and might skip them easily if they're anything like their last iterations.
I found Uncharted 3 terrible compared to 2 and the Tomb Raider reboot didn't feel like a Tomb Raider game. Welp, more money saving for me, 2016's already booked for me. #10
Woah, this is f*kin happening & if it turns out to be an imposter, we riot! #11
Thank God, a good CE is finally announced, the other two today were just pathetic. Stickers and gameplay related pre-order bonuses like really? the costumes look really good btw #12
Well there's new Contra, PES & many other Ips so that's decent #15
silly typos, don't know how they do that. #3
Excited, love me some cyberpunk! #5
Calm down, I'll be ignoring it from now on. The game's just been announced so isn't it good to voice my opinion? Funny thing is I'll most probably be playing it just for some variety since I don't buy FPS games anymore, last fps game I bought was back in 2012.
I thought the Assassin class would be cool but those voices are cringeworthy #7.2.1
lol thought it was our almighty father Shuhei Yoshida, & is it me or does the game well generic and lame as hell? I'm not sure why some people are excited about this game, it looks like your typical f2p game but with a bugger budget. #7
favorite developer of all time, I know this will be good will thumbs up and quickly close the page #4
Dark Souls> every game on last gen except a few less than my 5 fingers #4
Easily the best game on current gen, I can't find a single upcoming "action" game in 2015, 2016 and beyond that can top MGSV #8
All because of them filthy casuals, may they rot in hell! tbh there aren't many innovative games out there... notice how the highest rated games are barely innovative unless it's a new Ip.
I'm glad there are some rare franchises that change there game like MGS, each game's pretty different from the other. Gaming's getting pretty much boring imo, I barely buy any games anymore cuz they mostly play the same #20
Morpheus is getting along well, so far there's Riggs and some cool indie games that would make me buy it. But if Gran Trusimo, Quantic Dream or some AAA horror game support it then I'd be set #15
What a coincidence lol, I'm downloading Ni No Kuni overnight. I spent most of the summer mostly with Rocket League, MGS4, Bloodborne and I hope Ni No Kuni will be part of it but F* there's MGS TPP right now and then there's that huge backlog of over 25 games which I haven't finished and some I didn't even touch. #9
the game's one of the very best on PS4 #12
Show GAMELAY in you announcement trailers because you know this
is a game right? this game has now gone from my radar just because of that. Dude's a d*ck #15
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