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Volition are awesome Saints Row and The Punisher are one of my favorite games #5
Please be localized! #34
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Next month is an awesome month for psvita owners #4
I mean most but u got what I mean #4.1.3
I really hope there's a remaster with all dlc included for current gen #1
wow is this even a question?TLOU by far hands down
The Last of Us won GOTY in 2013 against Bioshock Infinite and GTAV also it's most probably the most awarded game in history nuff said
The Walking Dead is for dem hipster yo #4
For the love of God,release it outside of Japan! #10
P.T,Wild and Hellblade #17
DriveClub looks best #5
P.T is playable evidence
Stephanie,the beauty chick from MGSV has played it yesterday btw #5
Norman Reedus would be really cool to have as the protagonist,he looks quite unique aswell.I'm pretty sure he'll pull it off #16
or maybe Kojima and him are friends?I know because I stalk his food on twitter
edit:he mostly eats ramen #2.3
thanks all I appreciate it #5.3
I wish I could get it digitally but for over 40 GB that'll take me not weeks but months to download it! #9
man that's a lot!
edit:sorry for asking a naive question but does replacing ur hard drive wipe out ur game data?do I need to install everything over again?if so I'd rather replace it now than then #5
Hooray! #9
man I'm quite tempted to buy Bioshock 2 but I think they'll remaster the trilogy soon.It's the best fps franchise of last gen #7
oh mama! #18
as much as I love every game,2015 belong to Persona 5! #30
don't be surprised if Ubi wins this years GOTY #2
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