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Go home CDPR you're drunk... They're not even on the same level of Ubisoft, Square Enix and Capcom or heck even SEGA who despite having many backlash still managed to release more than 3 good games. last gen. CDPR are on the same level as say Eidoes Montreal, Crystal Dynamics, Atlus or something. I'd put FromSoftware, Nintendo or hell I'd put NoodleCake studios, a mobile developer who've made some of the best mobile games instead

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The age of furries has begun!

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Every Naughty Dog game since last gen, The Witcher 3 too many examples....if games were judged on gameplay then MGSV is no doubt the best game so far,I'd put Rocket League in there aswell. Sadly nowadays if a AAA game doesn't have online or the game has a weak narrative and no history with famous people then the game's pretty much dead

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Honestly they should go mobile and software only imo. Handheld gaming devices are dead but mobile gaming is booming...It's a great opportunity. A lot right now have heard of Nintendo but have not actually played their exclusives

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Decent enough, they're showing the characters' traits and it's different than the usual but tbh it would've been better as Noctis alone, his render being more enlarged and the sky used like 3/4 in the background.

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Haha well I'll be glad, hopefully if its true then they offer the season pass for free for owners of the game or something

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Bethesda needs to get its shit together. Meanwhile people are still on the Konami and COD hate wagon...Those people stuck should get off (maybe not Konami till they announce a big budget AAA game that's not PES) and criticize folks that don't get nowhere as near much hate like Bethesda. I feel really bad for the people who payed $50 for the season pass. At this point, I'm not even considering purchasing Fallout 4 till it's dirt cheap even though I dig the last 2 games.

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From worst to best, Demon Souls yes demon Souls don't let that nostalgia fool you. I still play that game from time to time aiming for the platinum. Only people who rank it very high are people who started with it. Dark Souls 2, then Bloodborne. Bloodborne's the easiest, most accessible and lacks content and build variety then comes Dark Souls 3 and Dark Souls for me.

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Well I don't completely hate their games. The stories, characters and sequences are memorable but what I hate is the average gameplay and that I don't find myself playing their games more than twice maximum

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Not my cup of tea and stop asking subjective questions. I don't plan on buying it till it's $30 or less. Not much replay value for me and I hate Naughty Dogs' dull and mediocre gameplay If only they'd offer gameplay on par with the narrative. The main problem is that they focus too much on the story but this is a game just to remind you. 15 hrs of sp with a forced platinum playthrough and some mp here and there isn't worth my $60. Naughty Dog games are aimed at the casual...

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I was surprised to see it having like half the amount of ratings numbers of Smite on PSN store, that's mighty impressive for a game not in open beta yet. This game is much more suitable for console play in every way than Smite and doesn't have as much huge update sizes, I got hit with a 9 Gb update after downloading Smite! This game is also MOBAs last and biggest chance on ps4 and has potential to be as big as Rocket League

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I...this isn't gaming related but good read nonetheless

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I'm a big fan of Saints Row but never got to try the fourth one so congrats PS, I'm finally renewing my PS+ suscription. That aswell as Siren blood curse, Paragon early access and SFV...GOD i's like I can't not refuse it this month!

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Nah it looked bad before release so not much to be disappointed about whereas most EA games...

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60 my a$$, 60 bullets in your head 2k...these hd collections should be $40 max bunch of greedy b*s. A 2007 game which you could find for less than $10 which doesn't look that improved, I mean really what a crappy gaming community we live in but hey atleast it's not as sacrilegious as Skyrim or God of War 3 and others.

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RIP my genitilia!

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MGSV is a steal!

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It was already on PS+...

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It's summer, so...a really good repayable game should be included like Rocket League last year

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February's merciless!

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