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My most anticipated game for the rest of the year!

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Tales from the borderlands is all I care about...I also might try The Wolf game sometime which sounds good.

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Man it's about time, the only thing missing from PS4 is a GT game and the library will feel complete.

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It's just that it looks modern unlike FFX and it seems to have a memorable story with great characters unlike FFXV. And the other games are either too old to be enjoyable anymore or just bad. Also can't play FFXIV because of crappy internet. Plus I really enjoyed DA which had somewhat mmo gameplay and I like working my way in games as I'm a huge souls fan.

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One of the things I like about Nintendo is that their games are super casual which attracts a lot of females.

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Damn it's got really high scores! tbh this ff game looked the most appealing since it's reveal. This will be my first ff game and I really want to play it soon.

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Lol at the drama from fans who are still mad, I am a consumer, I don't give a sh*t as long as the product is good. Remember this is a separate title like MGR RISING while retaining alot from MGSV. I just wish they did another stealth game since this is the worst thing to do after that fiasco. Sure it won't be as good but it's still better than doing a spin off that has no stealth. A "Quiet" standalone game would've been much much better.

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Oh sh*t, that would be killer!

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Yoahimitsu all the way! He sucks a$$ if played by an amateur but is deadly when played by someone who knows his sh*t and he's also a troll bastard.

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The score I think these games deserve, games like Ratchet and Clack completely destroy this and still hold up. I really don't get the love ;however, I have to say the kart ganes were awesome.

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Oh God protect thy sinner, but honestly this game looks amazing when it comes to gameplay, fun and openness.

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PASS PASS and definite pass, anything Star Wars related is a huge no for me. Star Wars feels like a serious cartoon but not really. Its so cheesy that I don't get emotional at all and just cringe while bursting out with laughter. Meanwhile something like beyond good and evil is something that works for me.

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Gravity Rush would be great...meanwhile KillZone SF I wouldn't bother to download even if it were free, lots of better shooters have already released not to mention its mediocre compared to the rest.

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Ughh fake release dates...just stop existing!

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Nopety nope, it shows that they're afraid and aren't interested in sp games. Instead of getting new games and sequels you're forcing people to play old stuff...

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Hopefully the price doesn't rise, a survival game is welcomed since the gamplay in mgsv is authentic af. The last mission with Quiet is a good taste of what an all out shooting mgs would be like and it's great but hopefully there are some good looking powerful enemies so that we use a bit of stealth to plan and recover our health.

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Damn would you look at that, I thought fall 2017 was empty af but then came e3.

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Best thing shown so far! Though best trailer would definitely go to The Evil Within 2.

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I'm lucky that I bought Life is Strange for an awesome deal $7.29.

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I fully praise this game and wish the devs success.

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