Don't forget to save your game before that door!


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Out of all the comments against this article... Harkins1721 I respect your opinion it is educated and unbiased.

However, the spotlight can be taken away from Sony with a retaliation by MS... even with a huge smoke and mirrors like show they did with Kinect...

I want all the consoles to do well... that way we can all keep on gaming... I just wish that I saw more than just a Share button and a track pad that is also on the PS Vita... yea the games look great....

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PS3 fangirl...!

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Ps1 e3 1995....Ps2 e3 2000... psp e3 2003...

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Wish there were more people in the world like you =D Have a good month of March my fellow gamer!

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Can't wait for Sim City, BioShock Infinite and o0o0o0o0o Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate... so many games!

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COD WHORES have a new meaning!!!

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Stupid Wallmasters...

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Any 7-11 cashiers want to comment?

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pretty good article... never knew they had the same acronym!

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PS Vita anyone... OUCH!

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I played Infection on MW3 the other day... the Juggernauts infected the regular players... it was F******** SIIIICCCCKKK!

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This would be awesome... >.< making your own game modes would be sick as well!!! Playing Micheal Myers or Border Patrol with an AC-130 <3 that would be sick!!!!

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...oh... wait somethings in my.... AHHHHHH!!!!

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Pretty sick event!!!

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Wish Japanese devs would rise from the ashes!

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^^ Someone got an eMachine instead... should've gotten a Dell...

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"Dude your getting a Dell!"

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Penny Pinch me!

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Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny...???

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Nicole Brennan FTW!

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